Chapter 523: Powerful Suppression

Chapter 523: Powerful Suppression
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The twelve of them were immensely powerful, this girl looked as brittle as a flower, but her moves were deadly.

Her palm carried the force of the laws, it wasn't meant to just scare Xu Xiao Xian, it was meant to destroy her.

Normal beings couldn't even see traces of her attacks.

But Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian could do so easily.

A light flashed across Xu Xiao Xian's eyes as she stepped off lightly.

Several bolts of light lit up on the ground and all pointed towards a singularity, as if they were spears of light!


The girl's hand was pierced by the light.

Her reaction was rapid, she immediately took her hand back after being struck.

But there was still blood!

She sealed the wound quickly, the rays of light disappeared.

The onlookers did not see much, only those with relatively high levels of cultivation could tell that something had happened.

Even then, they did not know what exactly happened, because the broadcast did not capture the full intensity of the fight.

They all could see the blood however.

The hall was dead silent, time froze.

Xu Xiao Xian's facial expression did not change, they were ready for this.

They would not let the 12 of them shame them like this.

What shocked many was the fact that Xu Xiao Xian had already laid down several magical formations.

Two rays of blinding light fired at Xu Xiao Xian from the girl's eyes.

The other 11 of them all looked at her menacingly.

They began giving her some respect, she was not easy.

"You dare to hurt me?" the girl snapped.

"Of course," Xu Xiao Xian replied.

"I'm gonna kill you!" the girl raged as Saintly aura burst forth from her body.

The host was having difficulties breathing under the Saintly aura.

Lin Shi waved her hands a light shrouded the host, allowing her to recover.

Following this, a divine sense descended upon the hall.

"Don't seek death!".

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi's faces lit up.

Chu Yu was here!

"I want to kill her!" the girl raged as she made her move again.

Xu Xiao Xian looked at her as another magical formation rose, this was a trapping formation!

She could not move!

The other 11 surrounded her in protection as the girl looked around in fear.

Xu Xiao Xian sniggered, "You think you're really invincible? Just because we aren't willing to make our move doesn't mean we don't have the abilities to deal with you.".

In a flash, the heavenly demonic harp appeared in her hands.

The 11 others looked on coldly as they brandished their magical equipment to counter the melody.

Both parties were still exercising control, they limited their attacks to a certain radius.

Otherwise, the entire all would have been flattened into a barren land.


Chu Yu descended from the skies and landed in the middle of the hall.

He stood in between Xu Xiao Xian and the 12.

"You're Chu Yu?" the man from before asked as he looked at him.

Chu Yu ignored him and turned around, "Are you guys alright?".

"Yea," Xu Xiao Xian smiled.

"You've come out of seclusion?" Lin Shi asked.

The others from the floating city all greeted Chu Yu.

"Another breakthrough?" Ji Jian Jia asked with a smile.

Chu Yu nodded his head and looked at Da Jia Zei.

"Do I look like a divine phoenix now?" Da Jia Zei gloated.

"You look more like a chicken," Chu Yu replied.

"I'm talking to you, are you deaf?" the young man looked at Chu Yu and asked.

Chu Yu turned around and looked at him.

The internet went crazy.

"Wow! Is that the Son of the earth? He's so cool!".

"That's great! Teach these dogs a good lesson!".

Chu Yu opened his mouth, "Let's go, to battle!".

As he said this, his body flickered.

The young man and his group looked at each other and followed suit.

The girl broke free of Xu Xiao Xian's magical formation and looked at her coldly, "Wait till we suppress Chu Yu, then we'll teach you a lesson!".

Her body flickered as she vanished as well.

Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian followed her.

Far away from earth, in the distant galaxy.

Chu Yu had already begun fighting against the young man.

They wanted to suppress Chu Yu!

After finding out who they were, Chu Yu's desire to teach them a lesson only increased.

Who cared about who they were?

They wanted to cause trouble? They were asking for it then!


A loud bang resounded as the two energy waves from each party clashed against one another.

This was the basic form of cultivation.

Whoever possessed greater cultivation would be the victor!

Sacred Art, techniques, illusions… they were all more complex.

Chu Yu stood at his original position without moving, the young man had taken several steps back.

That one attack was telling.

The young man looked surprised, but his confidence did not waver.

He gave off a divine sense, "I was just testing the waters.".

Between his words, he unleashed a sacred art and fired it at Chu Yu.

It was immensely powerful.

Chu Yu huffed as a terrifying energy erupted from his body.

The energy that was given off morphed into several weapons.

They were all made of energy, but their powers were undeniable!

The two powers clashed as a terrifying boom resounded, the entire universe seemed to be shaking.

Magical formations of the solar system began lighting up, the sacred art that was plunging towards Chu Yu vanished.

There were still several thousands of weapons on Chu Yu's side, he fired all of them at the young man.

The young man waved his palm as a Yin Yang diagram appeared before him, blocking all of the attacks.


After another resounding wave of bangs, the yin yang diagram disappeared together with the weapons.

The young man looked pale, a trail of blood dripped down his lips.

At that moment, another yin yang diagram appeared beneath Chu Yu's feet and flew towards the young man.

The young man gave a battlecry as he brandished a pitch black spear, slashing down on the diagram that was flying towards him.

The spear crumbled into pieces!

The young man's body was sent flying.

He spat out a mouthful of blood as a look of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

He did not dare to believe that Chu Yu was that powerful.

At that kind of level of cultivation, he thought that he had seen the world.

The difference between the two of them was vast!

His injuries were severe, but he knew that Chu Yu had held himself back!

Otherwise, in that last moment, the attack could have crippled him for the next year.

The young man flew to several thousand miles away, he stopped and looked at Chu Yu from afar.

The other 11 were just as shocked as he was.

They did not choose to attack Chu Yu all at once.

They only looked at him.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi all had faces of joy.

Far away, many people were spectating this battle.

Apart from the earthlings watching from their highly advanced technological devices, there were other worldly beings watching on as well.

The entire galaxy was silent.
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