Chapter 530: The Three Pronged Magical Formation

Chapter 530: The Three Pronged Magical Formation
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This net was enormous beyond measure, with no borders so far as the eye could see. It was almost as if it could enwrap an entire planet, emanating an aura of power.

Ming Hui and the other Elders were stunned momentarily, and an expression of shock crept across their faces.

"The Luo Skynet... I can't believe it's appeared again!"

Ming Hui attacked with a sacred art, striking this enormous net.

"Childish!" The Ancient Saint who summoned the Skynet snorted in contempt, completely disregarding Ming Hui.


Ming Hui's sacred art struck the huge Skynet, yet all its powers simply passed through the mesh of the Skynet.

The void tremored violently, but this enormous net was completely unscathed, hurtling towards the group of them.

Holding an ink holder in one hand and a brush in the other, Song Qing wrote the word 'fire' in the void in front of them.


The word 'fire' erupted into a monstrous Heavenly Flame as it struck the Skynet. It was going to burn this net into ashes!

The Ancient Saint's pupils constricted. However, a great power beside him unleashed a spell of sacred art.

A Sky River fell from the heavens!

It descended upon the burning Heavenly Flame, instantly extinguishing the flames.

A somber look spread across the faces of the people of the Floating city.

At this moment, Xu Xiao Xian summoned her Heavenly Demonic Harp and began stroking her fingers across its strings.

As the melodious sounds of the instrument rang out, a series of sharp soundwaves rumbled in the direction of the Skynet.

As the soundwaves clashed against the Skynet, there was a series of deafening booms.

The Skynet was slashed open by the soundwaves, and a huge gash was left behind.

The Ancient Saint who summoned the Skynet was taken aback. He glared vehemently at Xu Xiao Xian's ancient instrument, gritting his teeth, "Heavenly Demonic Instrument!"

This Ancient Saint was well versed with melody, and he knew that the Heavenly demonic harp was an artifact of treasure. Hurriedly, he warned his companions to be cautious.

However, the soundwaves of the Heavenly demonic harp had permeated the huge net and was traveling towards the group of Ancient Saints.

At the same time, Xu Xiao Xian activated a second magical formation!

If these intruding enemies knew to create bastions of war from asteroids for experimental attacks, how was it possible that Xu Xiao Xian could not have thought of this?

Once the second magical formation was activated, the void seemed to simmer, and majestically powerful energy waves started to emanate endlessly.

The magical formation unleashed lethal rays of light, hurtling towards the group of Ancient Saints!

"Retreat!" An Ancient Saint from Earth shouted, his physical form disappearing into the void.

However, he was entrapped by the magical formation, unable to escape momentarily.

This group of Ancient Saints had formidable powers, they could easily suppress a large void of space!

If they were able to unite like the people of the Floating city, they would definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Within this human world, they would be unquestionably invincible.

It was a pity that they each had their own ulterior motives.

It would be more difficult to unite these people than to kill them altogether.

Hence, in the instant that Xu Xiao Xian activated the second magical formation, this group of people had scrambled hastily.

Just like a motley crowd!

Some wanted to retreat, others wanted to attack, while others wanted to break formation...

It was an instant mess!

Luckily, they were beings of high cultivation, and they were not to be annihilated so easily.

The enormous Skynet had been entrapped by the light rays from Xu Xiao Xian's second magical formation. Even the Ancient Saint who had summoned it could not retrieve it.

"We need to group up!" The Ancient Saint from Earth exclaimed angrily, "If we fight alone, we'll end up nowhere!"

Until now, there were many who still harbored the idea of unleashing magical formations and attacking the wounded Chu Yu by themselves.

It was hard to say if this was a trap, but Chu Yu was certainly gravely wounded!

No one seemed to doubt this.

Under these circumstances, it was too difficult to gather this group of people.

Ming Hui and the others stood at the boundaries of the magical formation and started to unleash vicious attacks inward.

Ming Hui had his eye on an escaping Ancient Saint, swiftly dealing him a series of attacks.

Veterans are still more powerful than newbies. Each time Ming Hui dealt an attack, the opposing Ancient Saint would have an urge to vomit blood.

Too precise, too vicious!

The Ancient Saint roared, "Ming Hui, you junior, your Ming family once owed me a great favor, is this how you treat your benefactors?"

Ming Hui said with an air of indifference, "I don't know you."

"I'm from the Three Suns Dao Sect!" Entrapped within the magical formation and under Ming Hui's pursuit, this Ancient Saint was infuriated beyond measure.

Ming Hui replied coldly, "I've never heard of it!"

"This is too much!" the Ancient Saint from the Three Suns Dao Sect was incensed.

Ming Hui did not recognize him?

How was that possible?

"I held you once when you were young, I've given you guidance before!" the Ancient Saint ranted.

Ming Hui's attacks were too vicious!

Ming Hui was no longer the child he held years ago, but a terrifying Ancient Saint who had already existed for tens of millions of years!

Ming Hui was relentless, attacking the Three Suns Ancient Saint until he was across the magical formation. Then, Ming Hui slashed at him through his waist, saying plainly, "I vaguely remember now..."

The Three Suns Ancient Saint's body parts were pieced back together, but he had suffered a grievous injury. Furiously, he said, "You little animal..."

Before he finished his sentence, he was interrupted coldly by Ming Hui, "You were that ingrate, coming into our household to eat, drink and claim guidance from my ancestors! Where were you when my household was in trouble?"

The Three Suns Ancient Saint was speechless.

Ming Hui decapitated him once again.

The other Ancient Saints rescued the Three Suns Ancient Saints and took him away. If not, he would have undoubtedly perished.

"Simply an ingrate with no regard for family!" The Three Suns Ancient Saint bellowed in rage.

At this moment, the group of Ancient Saints finally managed to break free of this second magical formation which Xu Xiao Xian had summoned.

However, they had already lost four lives!

Excluding a heavily injured Ancient Saint from the Three Suns Dao Sect.

"Kill them all!" One of the demons let out a blood-curdling screech.

Then, Xu Xiao Xian summoned a third magical formation!

Her cultivation in the realm of magical formations was already that of a Grand Master!

A normal master of magical formations could only summon such a powerful formation twice.

This was different from other protective magical formations which could be summoned repeatedly with ease. This was a properly potent offensive and defensive magical formation!

Any intruding Saints could not leave unscathed.

Summoning the magical formation twice was considered to be quite an impressive feat.

Xu Xiao Xian, however, was able to summon it thrice.

In the moment that Xu Xiao Xian activated the third magical formation, the intruding group of Ancient Saints were stunned. They almost had the urge to break down.

It had been too long since they had met a Grand Master in magical formations. Long ago in the Village of Dao, there had been many Grand Masters with the ability to summon this magical formation thrice, but since the Great War, many had passed on and vanished. Presently, there should be no more Grand Masters left in the Solar System!

This wretched girl... how old was she? How did she come to have such a high cultivation in magical formations?

What was more terrifying... was the Ancient Instrument in her possession!

How could Chu Yu have such a demonic being by his side?

Xu Xiao Xian's white hair floated in the wind, expressionlessly strumming the Heavenly demonic harp. At the same time, she could relentlessly dispatch resources to the weaker areas of the magical formation.

This was simply lethal.

This group of tyrannical Ancient Saints had never dreamt of ending up in such circumstances.

They came aggressively with only one goal in mind – to kill Chu Yu.

Since Yi was no longer present, there was no one else in the Solar System whom they could have regard for.

Who would have thought that not only would they be unable to catch a single glimpse of Chu Yu, but also be devastated viciously by a stunningly beautiful lady?

They were just like a pack of lions and tigers, locked up in a cage!

The feeling of indignance almost gave them the urge to vomit blood!

The third magical formation was too vicious.

It instantly destroyed four Ancient Saints.

All kinds of protective armor, powerful battle garments, and shields... were completely useless against the third magical formation!

The multitude of resources which Xu Xiao Xian expended to summon this third magical formation could rattle a powerful Saintly being!

It was a staggering amount. Even Ming Hui, Song Qing, and Yue Yin felt that Xu Xiao Xian had been a little too imprudent.

She had prepared to summon such a magical formation without knowing if there would be enemies knocking at their doorsteps. Such a magical formation had time limits – at most, it could last for two years!

For such a time-limited magical formation, its powers were even more terrifying.

But what if they encountered no enemies within the next two years? Would that mean that valuable resources would have been wasted?

It was proven that Chu Yu could anticipate events in an almost godly manner.

Someplace within the Solar System, lay a species of scum still hidden in the shadows.

Chu Yu had been trying to lure his enemies out, but he did not expect to receive such a bountiful catch!

This was simply infuriating.

If only these Ancient Saints could devote their energy and resources to safeguarding their homeland instead of plotting against Chu Yu, how great would that be?

The people of the Floating city knew well, that this was just a pipe dream.

They directed their attacks viciously towards the Ancient Saints entrapped within the magical formation.

In the freezing cold depths of the universe above the Floating city, there appeared once again a violent wave of energy and... a kaleidoscope of colors!

From Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and the satellites of Jupiter, came a large group of Ancient Practitioners, swiftly and directly attacking the intruders in the Floating city.

Without hesitation, without communication, they came here to attack at once.

"You scum, it wasn't easy for the Village of Dao to produce an outstanding Heaven's Pride. We hoped that he would protect this world, letting us shed less blood and live longer, but you bastards came at him relentlessly to kill him. This is outrageous, I'll kill every last one of you!"

An Ancient Saint from the satellites of Jupiter bellowed. He had once suffered at the hands of the Mu Dynasty, but now that the Mu Dynasty had been overthrown, he, more than many others, was grateful to Chu Yu.

Today, he was here to help without any qualms.

The intruding Ancient Saints were extremely powerful. They were mostly those who could almost reach a higher level of cultivation. They just need a little more practice.

If not for the present laws of the world prohibiting one from becoming a Great Sage, at least a large half of these Ancient Saints could have already become one.

In normal circumstances, even with the help of the Ancient Powers from the different planets, they would not have been able to withstand an aggressive attack from these Ancient Saints.

However today with Xu Xiao Xian's third magical formation, the circumstances were completely different!

The fate of these Ancient Saints had been completely changed.

When the third magical formation was finally destroyed, there were only over ten Ancient Saints remaining out of the original thirty-odd.

Such a price was too heavy to pay. They could not accept this.

"Attack!" The Three Suns Ancient Saint had momentarily recovered with the help of medication. His eyes were red.

He paid no heed to Ming Hui, all he wanted to do was to kill Chu Yu as fast as he could!
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