Chapter 531: Extinguish

Chapter 531: Extinguish
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The energy that erupted from the dozen of ancient Saints was terrifying, it formed an unimaginable field of power.

Even regular Saints could not go close to it.

They travelled down at extreme speed.

They formed a combined force and charged at the floating city.


A fearsome tremor suddenly erupted from the space.

A rainbow appeared above the floating city.

It looked radiant and flamboyant.

The ancient Saints stood rooted to the ground at the sight of this.

They stopped abruptly.

At that moment, the rainbow suddenly shattered!

It disintegrated into a vibrant mix of colourful shards and fired straight at these ancient Saints.

The light was blinding and razor sharp like a sword!

It encompassed a terrifying radiation.

Beings apart from Saints would never be able to deal with this.

The Three Suns Daoist was going crazy as he yelled, "How could this be, the 4th kind of magical formation?!".

"That girl is a saint-level grandmaster!" a demonic creature shrieked.


The seven colored shards penetrated their defences and pierced their bodies.

Screams could be heard.

A demonic Saint was bleeding all over.

They could not believe that there was someone who could lay down 4 different kinds of magical formations.

Moreover, this 4th one was clearly a killing formation!

They were ambushed!

The opponent had used Chu Yu's injuries as bait to trap them.

The thirty of them were ancient Saints at the peak of cultivation.

The had already gotten a gauge of the floating city's powers long before.

Apart from Chu Yu, the strongest ones were Ming Hui, Song Qing, Yue Yin.

Those who had recently entered the Saint Realm such as Little Moon and Xu Xiao Xian were less than 20 in number!

All together with their allies, there were less than 50 Saints in total.

Those who could match the ancient Saints' cultivation levels were less than 10.

They did not attack the city blindly.

It was with reason.

This was why this sight infuriated them.

Xu Xiao Xian!

That demonic witch beside Chu Yu!

The information that they had obtained all pointed to her entering Sainthood via musical sound…

Who would've thought that their information would be so wrong?

Her abilities in laying magical formations were unparalleled!

"I won't have it!" the demonic Saint whose body was bleeding rapidly shouted.

Even though he was not dead, his soul was quickly dissipating.

He knew that he had lost his chance to claim Chu Yu's treasures.

Among the dozen of ancient Saints from before, under the assault of the 4th magical formation, 4 of them had lost their abilities to fight.

The howled into the air and desperately chucked down medicinal pills, attempting to recover as soon as possible.

The other 8 remaining Saints managed to break free of the magical formation as they continued charging forward.

Ming Hui and the rest descended upon them, giving off mental waves to warn them off.

This affirmed the ancient Saints' belief that Chu Yu was injured and had lost his ability to fight!

Whoever could kill Chu Yu would get the greatest prize!

The Three Suns Daoist took out a pill and swallowed it as a thick power surrounded him instantly.

At the same time, he took out a metal ring and threw it at the floating city!

This metal ring was forged from the core of a small star, it was incomparably heavy.

In terms of cost, it was far more expensive than anything of its stature.


A terrifying bang resounded in the direction of the floating city.

The air was stifled by the energy waves.

The metal ring was broken into pieces!

It exploded!

A figure appeared from the smoke!

With sword arts like rainbows, the figure slashed towards the three suns Daoist.


The three suns Daoist let out a gasp of disbelief as a look of fear overcame his eyes.

That figure, it was Chu Yu!

He had sliced through the metal ring!

"Impossible!" the three suns Daoist gasped.

He tried to dodge Chu Yu's slash, but he realised that the laws surrounding this place had changed greatly!

His body froze in time!

His body was split into two by Chu Yu's blade!

"Oh my god…" said a great demon who was nearby, he turned and fled!

Chu Yu was not injured!

This was unforeseen!

The backers of the ancient Saints all disappeared with his appearance!

They could not believe it, but here Chu Yu was, unscathed.

Was the cauldron really that powerful?


The Nascent God of the three suns Daoist exploded.

He did not want to die, but Chu Yu's three realms technique destroyed him!

The screams that ensued before his death could give one nightmares.

It was too terrifying!

In the galaxy, countless eyes were on this battle.

Even those who were not Saints were paying close attention.

The moment when they saw Chu Yu appear, they knew it was over.

Over on mars, the Butterfly Saint looked on coldly.

He sighed and gave off a divine sense.

"Chu Yu, your highness, I am the Butterfly Saint, we've hard our misunderstandings before, I seek your pardon.".

Chu Yu did not reply.

A demonic Saint shrieked and revealed its true form- a great dinosaur.

It ran away in a frenzy, but Chu Yu was right on its heel.

With a slash, its wings and skull were cut down.

"He's invincible isn't he," Ming Hui looked on with relief as he stood in mid-air.

Chu Yu had finally grown up.

No one would dare to loosely say they could kill Chu Yu now.

"The solar system has hope now!".

This was the sentiment of many of the people.

Over on earth, a Saint made the same judgement on one of the broadcasts.

"After this battle, our Son of the Emperor will become one of the major contenders of the universe. Our future will be bright if he protects us!".

Regardless of cultivation, this description moved many.

The feeling of doomsday had haunted them for the longest time.

No one wanted to experience that again.

Now that there was a protector, they were overjoyed.

The people of the floating city cleaned up the battle.

Chu Yu finally looked at Mars.

He nodded his head, "If you don't cause trouble out of nothing, I won't cause trouble either.".

The Butterfly Saint heaved a sigh of relief and bowed.

Within the floating city.

Everyone was gathered around as they picked apart the treasures from the bodies of the ancient Saints.

Some were beyond their imagination!

All of the magical equipment were at least 100 years old and were at Saint level.

There were legacy techniques, sacred divine gold, great medicine and other books related to cultivation.

Many of them were complicated, and most of them did not belong to the ancient Saints.

"This should be their war trophies over these years," Song Qing said.

He gave a wry smile, "This weapon, one of my ancestors wielded the exact same one, if it has his name…".

He picked it up as everyone gathered around.

Indeed, there was a 'Song' character engraved into the spear.

Fatty said, "Wow, they're more vicious than me.".

Song Qing glared at him, "Cut the grave robbing! If you have time, go and do some research on your Fu Xi Trigram Compass.".

Fatty said softly, "I pillage the graves of my enemies… there's nothing wrong with that right?".

Song Qing had a soft spot for Fatty. Fatty knew his limits as Chu Yu's brother, he had his own bottom line.

Moreover, he had come from the thief Sect, if he did not pillage graves, he would not be able to face his masters.  

Of course, Fatty had always been burdened by this, he always felt that he was a kind hearted youth.
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