Chapter 532: The Jing Po Glaciers

Chapter 532: The Jing Po Glaciers
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"It's been so many years, I finally can get a good night's sleep.".

Song Yu, Chu Yu's mother, said emotionally.

Ever since the world was unsealed, she had been through many things.

Some people say that ignorance is bliss.

This was reality.

There was also the saying that with great power comes great responsibility.

If Chu Yu did not obtain the golden metal ball back then, his life would have taken a different path.

Perhaps he would have been happier.

He would have been managing the family's company and making sure that there were people to take over.

As for doomsday… it did not really have much to do with normal beings.

No matter what, they did not have the power to change things.

They could only accept it as it was.

When Chu Yu chose to walk on the path of cultivation, his fate changed.

His destiny became intertwined with this world's.

At the celebratory feast, many people had drunk too much.

Everyone was happy.

After that battle, the uncertain factors within the solar system were gone.

Even if there still were some of them, they would not pose much of a threat.

The solar system's shell was still intact, it would not have been easy for other worldly beings to enter.

As for those creatures within the solar system, as long as they were not great Saints, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Chu Yu was ready for war.

Into the night.

Chu Yu was chatting with Xu Xiao Xian in his room.

"When we have the time, we should return to earth and take a look at the old glaciers," Xu Xiao Xian said as she smiled at him. "You still remember Jing Po Glacier don't you?".

"Of course I do, that's where we met," replied Chu Yu as he held her hand.

She placed her other hand on his as she said softly, "No, that's where I ambushed you, now that I think about it, it's really interesting.".

"I don't think that it's interesting at all! At that moment I just wanted to beat you up," Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

"Hmph! Could you beat me at that time?" she teased.

"…" Chu Yu did not know what to say.

At that time, he was no match for her.

"Let's go with Lin Shi tomorrow, we can go and ease our minds. Oh and San Xing Dui as well, that's where you obtained Confucius' legacy," Xu Xiao Xian said with a smile.

Chu Yu nodded, "Yea, there are many mysteries that have yet to be unravelled at San Xing Dui. I remember that there's a legendary beast there, a beast of mythology.".

A look of nostalgia appeared on Chu Yu's face as he said softly, "Speaking of which, back at the Mirror Dimension, there was a pack of hallucination wolves, there was also a black king kong.".

Xu Xiao Xian replied, "If there's fate, maybe we'll see them again.".

Chu Yu nodded.

The following morning, Xu Xiao Xian went looking for Lin Shi.

Lin Shi decided to tag along.

There were no rests all these years through the battles.

Especially for Lin Shi, she had gone through some things that others could never have imagined themselves going through.

Even though her age was young, she felt rather old. She often would forget how a normal human's life was like.

Now that she had a chance like this, and with Chu Yu to accompany her at that, her inner teenager was calling.

The three of them quietly left the floating city and appeared on earth.

In North Eastern China.

The earth had gone through several changes over the past few years.

Many of the famous mountains and valleys had become taller and deeper.

The ancient forests were still teeming with life, some creatures of cultivation had begun appearing in these places.

A powerful spiritual aura surrounded this planet.

At their level of cultivation, Chu Yu, Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi could clearly feel the Daoist traces of the planet.

These Daoist traces were never felt anywhere else.

The earth was mysterious indeed.

Lin Shi looked at Xu Xiao Xian and asked, "Back then, you already wanted to go to the Jing Po Glaciers, what's over there that's so attractive?".  

Xu Xiao Xian replied, "I'm telling you that there is bound to be something good there!".

Lin Shi rolled her eyes, "And I'm asking you what it is exactly!".

Xu Xiao Xian teased, "You'll know when we get there.".

Lin Shi pouted as Chu Yu laughed.

After becoming a Saint, Xu Xiao Xian had not been this mischievous in a while.

She and Lin Shi had to put up strong fronts in the floating city.

It was a good thing that they had experience.

Lin Shi once commanded an organisation, and Xu Xiao Xian was once the leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect.

If it were anyone else, things would not have been easy.

Jing Po Lake no longer attracted the hoards of visitors it used to.

This place was now the playground of many powerful spiritual beings.  

Winged beasts, fearsome canines and cats, these creatures had all attained cultivation with the earth's spiritual energy.

And they were not weak.

Normal humans would never have dared to come here.

The three of them had masked the energy surrounding their bodies, otherwise, the Saintly aura would create tremors in the entire north west.

They walked peacefully on the surface of the lake as Xu Xiao Xian led the way.

Some creatures below the surface went near them out of curiosity, but they quickly vanished after feeling their Saintly powers.

Saintly auras could still be felt even if they were hidden.

Soon, they reached the entrance of the Jing Po Glaciers.

Amidst the Glaciers was a volcano.

The three of them opened their eyes and saw that there was a stone door masked beneath the water, shrouded by a thick energy.

There were many bones and corpses in front of the door.

They looked very alive, there was no sign of decay.

Xu Xiao Xian used her divine sense to speak, "There were many who had come here in greed, but they could never enter without the glacial key.".

She looked at Lin Shi and Chu Yu, "Even if one had the glacial key… Not anyone can enter! I have a map, without it, there's no way that one can escape alive."

Lin Shi looked surprised, "What you mean to say is that these glaciers are not normal at all?".

Xu Xiao Xian smiled as she brandished the glacial key, she then turned to Chu Yu and said, "I want that one too!".

"How do you know that there's another one? Chu Yu asked.

"Hmph, back then, that little lion dog wanted to trick me, who does he think I am? I let it pass knowingly," she bragged with pride.

Chu Yu took out his key and passed it to her.

She put them together and recited an incantation.

The two keys morphed together!

Many runes and symbols began appearing in a flash.

Chu Yu looked shocked- these were the laws of Saints!

It was no wonder the green lion king could not enter even if he had the key.

The difference in cultivation levels was vast!

Xu Xiao Xian smiled and walked towards the stone door with the key in her hand.

A terrifying energy rushed towards her as she got near it.

Following this, the three of them each experienced a different hallucination!

"Scram!" Xu Xiao Xian bellowed as her body erupted with a Saintly force.

The hallucinations disappeared instantly.

Xu Xiao Xian turned to the other two and explained, "This is a hallucination formation. Each individual will see a unique illusion. However, many of them will be falsely led into thinking that they have entered the Jing Po Glaciers- all the way to their deaths.".

Chu Yu took in a deep breath. That formation was one that was cast at the level of a Saint!

Lin Shi and Chu Yu were not well versed in magical formations, they would have taken some time to break through it.

Xu Xiao Xian placed the key on the door. A heavy sound echoed as the door began opening.

A grandeur energy emerged from the inside.

This all happened underwater, but there seemed to be an invisible barrier separating the door from the surrounding water.

The three of them all felt an unexplained nervousness.

"I'm a little scared…" Lin Shi whispered.

Chu Yu held her hand, "It's fine.".

Xu Xiao Xian pouted, "I'm scared as well!".

Without a second word, Chu Yu picked her hand up as well.
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