Chapter 534: Demonic Beast

Chapter 534: Demonic Beast
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This thought was unbelievable, this is earth, the emperor star!

How could there be a gateway to the Nether World?

But the results of inspection all pointed towards that ominous fact.

Could it be that an ancient passageway was opened?

When the three realms still existed, such passageways did exist.

But the problem was that all connections between the three realms were destroyed back then.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi both had faces of shock, this was hard to accept.

There were many myths on earth about the Nether World such as the 18 floors of hell and the 10 temples.

But in the world of cultivation, all there really was were the three realms.

When one died, it was not the necessary destination.

The normal Nether realm was not that easy to enter!

It was a place of darkness and evil, but it was just as hard to enter as the Immortal Realm.

There were rumours that upon death, the good would ascend to Immortality while the bad would be thrown to the Nether realm.

But that was not reality!

Whichever realm one ended up in, the only certainty after death was the six paths of reincarnation!

Karma was a real concept.

It was manifested in reincarnation, one would be punished by the laws of the heavens.

They would be destined to live a life of misery or even sent to hell.

Hell and ghosts, although there was no way to be sure, the view point of cultivation differs greatly from that of the secular world.

But they both agree that these two entities belong to the Nether World.

Only such an evil place could withstand the existence of such entities.

This was almost certainly a fact.

But the six paths of reincarnation is a whole separate entity.

No one could overcome it!

Even the Great Emperor could not escape its clutches!

This was the cycle that controlled all life.

Every single creature in existence walked a slow path to death, one could never escape the six paths of reincarnation.

The three realms may have collapsed, but the six paths of reincarnation certainly has not.

It superseded the three realms!  

Back when the three realms collapsed, many beings from the Immortal and Mortal realms were trapped in the Nether World after death.

This was due to the collapse itself and not reincarnation.

This gave birth to the saying: If hell is empty, there would be no nirvana.

Did that mean that Buddhism sought to restore the balance in reincarnation?

Some of these things were written down in the ancient chronicles.

But if there was a passage here, did that mean that…

Chu Yu's head was full of thoughts.

He voiced out his guesses to the other two.

The two girls felt the same sense of shock.

Lin Shi was trained in the Bodhi Scripture, she had a better understanding of these things, "Doesn't that mean that this place is the famed gateway to hell?".

"If my inspection is about right, this seems to be the case," Chu Yu smiled.

This was supposed to be a vacation, but now things had come to this.

They did not know if this was for better or worse.

The six paths of reincarnation was the secret of all living beings.

"Lets walk in, if we can't go further, we'll head back," Xu Xiao Xian said with some hesitation.

She was curious, but there were many uncertain factors here.

All of them threaded with caution.

The three of them proceeded slowly.

Following Xu Xiao Xian's map, about thirty miles ahead was a giant Daoist field.

This was a pocket dimension!

Up till now, all three of them had the feeling that they were walking towards hell.  

The air grew colder as they went deeper.

This chill was no ordinary chill, this chill sent shivers down their soul.

There were no ordinary cultivators, they were three Saints!

The chill in here made them a little uncomfortable.

What would it have done to regular cultivators?

Even Legendary Emperors would have stumbled.

"How can it be like this?" Xu Xiao Xian muttered in disbelief.

She continued, "The Heavenly Demonic Cult once recorded that the ghosts and beings of hell belonged to the Nether World, but they often sought to leave that world, regretting the sins and evil they committed during their lives. Perhaps this regret was bred from the pain of torture?".

Lin Shi nodded, "Those who were sent there were often people who committed grave atrocities. Some even have their hatred and rage aggravated through the suffering.".

Chu Yu added, "We don't know how much of our past lives we can retain in memories after the six paths of reincarnation.".

Lin Shi replied, "The stronger the being, the less memories one would lose. One's cultivation would be more or less lost. Don't forget, those who retain their memories would definitely want to escape hell and explore the other places of the Nether World.".

The Nether realm was just like the Immortal Realm, there were many divine objects, medicine, and gold.

If a powerful being could really escape from there, he would become a great demon king.

If the three realms did not collapse, it would not have been easy to escape!

After all, no matter how powerful one was, they would lose all of their powers after going through the six paths of reincarnation.

The problem was that the three realms were now gone, they had been gone for many years!

In all these years, how many creatures were sent to hell or the Nether World? How many creatures managed to escape?

The three of them all thought about this as they looked at one another and said in unison, "Bodhisattva!".

Lin Shi said softly, "The earth hides the Bodhisattva, his powers are endless!".

They finally understood what this all meant now.

The great Buddha went to hell to suppress the great demon kings!

Only then did he connect the Nether World to the Mortal realm.

Xu Xiao Xian gasped in disbelief, "What kind of courage would one need to do that?".

At that moment, a spine chilling laughter could be heard.


It numbed their skin, but all these three felt were rage.

"Who's that? Show yourself!".

Xu Xiao Xian took out her Heavenly Demonic Harp and began playing soundwaves towards the direction of the laughter.

This was once the Immortal estate of a powerful being, Saintly powers would never damage it.


An explosion resounded in the area in front of them, there was a blood curling scream!

Even at their cultivation levels, the three of them felt a sense of discomfort.

Then, Chu Yu made his move.

He opened his vertical eye and saw a figure in the air.

He brandished his Heavenly immortal sword and flew towards it.

The figure that let out the scream quickly retreated, its speed was incredible!

But the blade still landed on it as it let out another scream.

It quickly vanished into the depths of the cavern and disappeared.

There was a thick aura of venom and anger in the air.

If they were not Saints, they would have been deeply influenced by the aura, their minds might even have been controlled!

"What the hell is this?" Xu Xiao Xian said with a face of shock.

Lin Shi was surprised as well.

The two of them did not expect the figure to escape after sustaining a blow from Chu Yu.

After all, Chu Yu possessed the powers of a great Saint in battle, it wasn't easy for someone to escape death under his blade.

Moreover, that figure was only slightly injured, it was almost impossible!

Chu Yu was not surprised, however. He looked at the other two and said, "Be careful, that magical formation was laid down by that thing. It isn't just any creature of the darkness, it's an extremely powerful demonic beast!".
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