Chapter 539: Returning to San Xing Dui

Chapter 539: Returning to San Xing Dui
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The old beggar had so many questions on his mind! There was so much he wanted to learn about cultivation.

He directed his questions to Ming Hui, Song Qing, and Yue Yin.

He regarded them as the main powers anchoring the Floating city!

As for Chu Yu…

The old beggar had not made clear of the situation yet, in his opinion, Ming Hui and the rest looked far more reliable than Chu Yu.

Chu Yu didn't bother to correct him and excused himself along with Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian.

They had somewhere else to go.

The Ruins of the San Xing Dui!

That place piqued his interest even more so than the Jing Po Glaciers Location!

Although he had an unexpected find at the Jing Po Glaciers, the San Xing Dui was a special place to him. It was where he began his climb up.

It meant something else to Lin Shi too!

She got the approval from a Buddha there and began her Buddhist practices from there as well.

It had been a tough and arduous journey for them both and hence, their humble beginnings meant a lot to them. They were grateful to this starting point in their journeys.

They were too weak previously to fully explore the place.

Going back there as a saint now would be different, they might find new things there.

This old planet held countless secrets.

The Legendary Emperor Star's foundation was truly unpredictable.

The three of them found the entrance easily after arriving at the San Xing Dui.

To their surprise, they found the place to be colonized by a clan.

The landscape of the place had changed drastically.

It was obviously a good-sized clan.

They had occupied hundreds of acres of land!

The three of them concealed themselves and walked around invisible to the eyes of the people there.

Chu Yu was running a background check. He found out that the most powerful member of the clan was a practitioner at the level of a Divine Lord.

The practitioner had also discovered the entrance to the relics beneath the site and constructed the main building of the clan directly above the entrance.

In other words, one had to pass through the main building to access the entrance.

"Haha, interesting," Xu Xiao Xian remarked.

"Pretty clever," Lin Shi agreed.

Chu Yu scanned the entire clan with his divine will and shook his head, "No ill intentions, not really, come on, let's check it out. They might not be able to get anything from the relics even if they have the place occupied.".

Chu Yu and Lin Shi had taken all the accessible legacies back then, all they left behind were the spirit pond and the Zheng the magical beast.

The three of them stealthily avoided all members of the household as they coursed through the main building.

The entrance was hidden in a secret chamber in the basement of the building.

Without causing any alarm, they slipped into the basement quietly as entered the ancient relic.

There wasn't anyone in there.

The site posed a level of risk for intruders, it probably warded people off.

Especially the river…

It was extremely dangerous for a young practitioner.

When they approached the bay of the river, a large houseboat had sailed towards them from downstream!

Melodic tunes were drifting from the vessel!

As if they were welcoming esteemed guests.

"How intelligent! Is there artificial intelligence around here somewhere?" Xu Xiao Xian marveled.

"Haha, true, perhaps you're right. But I doubt they called it artificial intelligence when they built it."

"Art of contraption!"

"Mm, makes sense," Lin Shi nodded.

It was marvelous, the contraption was masterful. It could determine the identity of the visitors, pretty high tech for an ancient relic.

Even for someone like the Hong Luo Lady, her Dao arena was left in ruins after her passing away.

The houseboat had sailed and parked itself next to the three of them, a bridge in the form of a rainbow was cast down to the shore.

Chu Yu led the way and boarded the boat first, followed by Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian.

The boat sailed downstream again after picking up its passengers.

Suddenly, there was a yelp from the shores.

"There's a boat!"

The person hadn't seen the three of them as they were still invisible.

No one below their cultivation level would be able to see them with their naked eyes.

They could see a couple of men rushing to the bay and waving at the boat frantically.

"They're from the clan," Xu Xiao Xian took a quick glance at them.

She looked disinterested.

They didn't seem like trouble to her. It wasn't ridiculous to build a house above a relic after occupying the area.

It wasn't a dishonorable act.

If they don't cross her, she would gladly leave them alone.

Lin Shi had a mild temperament, her practices deepened her characteristics.

As for Chu Yu…

He was a lazy set of bones.

So, the three of them didn't show themselves to the people waving at them on shore as they slowly drifted out of their sight.

The men looked disappointed.

"Oh god, that was a heavenly opportunity, how… how did we miss that?"

One of the young men sighed regretfully, he was dressed in branded athletic wear.

He was very fetching but his face was indignant, "Chu Yu was from a small family with no background to him at all… why does he get to have all the luck and fortune, climbing his way up to success? Why didn't I manage to grasp this opportunity in front of me today? Damn it, how am I worse than Chu Yu?"

His company was regretful as well.

Their family had occupied the land for quite some time now.

You could tell by the architecture and establishments.

They had spent a great deal of time figuring the conditions of this relic.

They knew that there was a boat that would appear for no reason!

And there were different versions of the boat.

The master of their clan was a practitioner of the Supreme Realm who gained some luck from this place to cross into the Divine Lord Realm.

He was a respectable figure.

Of course, he cannot be compared to Chu Yu, but he was still the chief in the territory.

He himself held a high statue as the son of the master.

There were many small communities of practitioners on earth now.

Chu Yu and the Floating city reigned above them all as the tip of the pyramid!

They were like gods revered by all of humanity.

On this vast land, people had their own small circles.

They lived in their own communities as they tried to emulate what Chu Yu had accomplished.

The young man was spiteful as he watched the boat sail away.

"This vessel is the most precious looking one that appeared to date! I suspect… someone must be on board!"

His proclamation surprised his company, "Young master, that can't be right! The entrance is heavily guarded with our men and there are security cameras all around, how could anyone sneak in?".

This young man had insightful ideas even though his cultivation was only in the King's realm.

"What do you guys know? Even though my dad is a man of high status now, there are so many practitioners out there who surpasses him!"

He muttered to himself as the boat sailed further away, "If a saint or even a Legendary Emperor practitioner came here, they could surely slip past us without us realizing!".


His men took in a sharp breath.

One of his subordinates suggested, "Young master if you're right, we shouldn't mess with them!".

That was the hard truth.

If someone like that snuck into their territories, they couldn't afford to offend them.

If they persisted on crossing their paths, they would only be at a disadvantage.

But the young man didn't think the same.

He was clouded by jealousy, an envious fever.

"We can't afford to offend someone like that, but… doesn't seem right for anyone to barge into our territories, does it? We must find someone capable to deal with him!"

"You mustn't, Young Master! Master instructed us to protect this relic!"

"Shut up! What do you know? That treasure boat had fetched someone over, do you know what kind of opportunity that poses? You really have no idea, don't you?"

The young master was surrounded by the trusted advisors of the clan.

"How can we watch someone else steal that opportunity from us?" the young man announced vehemently.

"Even so… we need to re-evaluate our situation. At the very least, we should inform the master! If not…"

The young man looked hesitant.

He had originally planned to look for the powerful figure he came to acquaint himself with.

He was someone who kept a low profile.

In this young man's mind, he stood a great deal of chance even against Chu Yu!

His father didn't know about this.

In his social circle, one of his pals had brought him to meet this great man. His friend had told him that an ordinary saint held no weight in the eyes of this great power.

That day, he was convinced when he witnessed the great man's divine sense.

He didn't know anything about saints of course, but he was sure that his father wouldn't be a worthy opponent to the man. His own father would be as small as a cricket.

The young master had wanted to improve his cultivation for a long while now.

His friend had told him that it would be no trouble to reach the Divine Lord realm with the help of this senior.

Right now, it seemed that he wouldn't be enjoying the perks of the treasure boat.

Perhaps he would be favored by this senior if he shared the news of the treasure boat with him.

Then he might really get a shot at furthering his practice!

Maybe I could become a Divine Lord instantly, then make my way to the Legendary Emperor Realm, or maybe… even attain sainthood!

His eyes were twinkling, he had come to a decision.

He commanded his subordinates, "You all, you are either my trusted guards or my loyal advisors. This is a great opportunity for me, if I achieve my goals, you all will enjoy the perks of it together with me! But you must all keep this secret for me.".

One of them stepped forward, "We are your men, young master! We are at your bidding.".

An elder looked hesitant, "We have your interests at heart, young master, but how would we account to the master?".

The young man looked firm, "I'll be held accountable for everything, you all will be left out of it!".

"Even so, I believe you young master, but I cannot promise you my word. We must inform the master…"

Someone attacked him from the back before he could finish his sentence.

Another practitioner of the supreme realm.

He had stabbed the elder from the back and the blade had pierced through his Dantian and landed right on his nascent soul.

He gave a forceful twist!

The elder's nascent soul was shattered!

He let out a blood-curdling shriek before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

He was dead.

His eyes were left wide open.
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