Chapter 540: The Lower Half of the Superclass

Chapter 540: The Lower Half of the Superclass
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The backstabber looked venomous and cold-blooded, he cleaned his tainted dagger before keeping it.

"Load of bullsh*t! Don't anyone dare to compromise our interests!"

He picked the old man up and threw him into the river without any hesitation.

The old man was gone, down the river flow.

The same young man continued, "A pity that he fell into the river, young master, you must take care of his remaining family members well.".

The young master was speechless for a good minute, then he broke the silence into a string of laughter, "Good, you will be my most loyal guard from now on!".

He was patting the young man on the back, full of praise and approval.

Although the rest of the company were still left in shock, they agreed that the old man was a bit of a hassle.

If they had notified the master of the household, they would be left out from this picture entirely.

They could predict that the master would forbid his son to meddle with the foreign intruders.

Whatever benefits that came after, would be enjoyed by the master first of course.

That same guard spoke deliberately to the crowd, "On the path of cultivation, our common interests unite us, to hell with friendship, camaraderie, and compassion… we don't need the extra baggage on this journey!".

Everyone nodded in unison.

They had raised their wariness around this extreme man.

What's with being a practitioner?

Aren't they all human still?

What's wrong with having all these emotions?

This was the age of practice!

All citizens could become a practitioner.

It was different from the Dharma-ending age, it didn't mean that they had to cut away from all worldly affairs.

No one was going to raise it up to the guard now though.

The deed was done.

They would all be compromised if the truth was revealed.

They were in the same boat now.

The young master led them out from the relics.

He was busy searching for his contact on his communication device. He pondered for a while before deciding against a video call, he sent a text message instead.

Then, he began his anxious wait for a reply.

His device buzzed, the man had replied.

He opened the message with trembling hands, the short message had left him in smiles.

"Good! I'll be there."

"Yes!" the young man raised his fist in excitement.

The treasure boat had reached the eye of the sea quickly.

They were back at the ancient town Chu Yu had once been at.

Chu Yu recounted in nostalgia, "I met the Confucius here and made him my teacher then.".

He continued with a light chuckle, "Ah yes, this was where I eliminated my first competitor.".

Lin Shi rolled her eyes at him.

Xu Fairy looked at them curiously, "You had a rival in love? Tell me about it!".

"There's nothing to talk about," Lin Shi wasn't about to give anything away.

"Of course, I had a rival in love, there was a fella named Qi Heng…"

Xu Fairy was engrossed listening to the story, she was tickled when the story ended, "I didn't know you had such a history, sister!".

Lin Shi looked at her helplessly, "Of course, it's nothing compared to yours, Qi Heng didn't come close to the Great Saint of the Stars.".

Xu Fairy's heart lurched thinking about Zhou Xun.

Before she met Chu Yu, Zhou Xun had an incredible influence on her life.

She did, after all, marry that man.

It was difficult to pull away from a domineering man like him.

Lin Shi saw her expression and regretted her words immediately, she took Xu Fairy's hand and said, "Alright, let bygones be bygones, we won't speak of them again.".

Xu Fairy's face was pale but she managed, "Don't make us sound like damsels in distress…".

Lin Shi laughed and shook her head.

Who hadn't met scum in their lives before?

This little girl, she was too sensitive.

She could also tell that Xu Fairy was deeply in love with Chu Yu.

This was just a small hiccup, they don't usually go at each other.

However, a couple of harmless snide remarks were unavoidable.

Chu Yu was used to it.

He didn't mind them nor did he try to correct them.

He thought it'll be the best if he left them alone.

He was confident that his girls could manage themselves.

The three of them walked leisurely in the empty town.

"I always felt like there was a part two to the Superclass…"

"My thoughts too," Lin Shi agreed.

Xu Fairy and Lin Shi had both read the Superclass before, although they both managed to attain sainthood, they had a nagging feeling that there was a part two.

It was a serene and tranquil setting, the old buildings stood majestically in the still air.

Chu Yu brought them to the Divine Palace.

It felt different this time.

He had a low cultivation back then and he couldn't sense much.

Now, he had come back with an upgraded status.

But standing in the hall, he felt a subtle oppressive force.

To be precise, it was a force that commanded fear and respect!

What was the problem?

Raising his head, he looked at the Confucius statue.

Suddenly, the statue came alive in his eyes!

The statue had a majestic aura but its gaze was filled with benevolence.

It wasn't an illusion!

It was a Divine sight!

Chu Yu's cultivation level was too high to have visions cast upon him.

His teacher was definitely still alive!

"Your disciple is here to pay his respects, teacher!"

He knelt in front of the statue.

The eyes of the statue were glimmering.

Lin Shi and Xu Fairy were still looking at a lifeless statue.

They thought it was natural for Chu Yu to pay his respects to the statue of his teacher.

So, they knelt alongside him and bowed. Then they left Chu Yu in the hall.

"Is there anything you want to tell me, teacher?"

Chu Yu spoke to the statue using telepathy.

The statue didn't speak a word but he conjured a written line of words with his eyes.

Chu Yu looked at it and felt his head tremor and ache.

His Superclass mental cultivation skills had been morphed together with the Three World Dao technique. Now, his Superclass realizations felt even more complete than before!

It was part two!

He was right!

Chu Yu felt his enlightenment reach another peak!

He felt like he had surpassed the sainthood!

Was this the enlightenment of a Great Saint?

Chu Yu was overwhelmed.

All his postulations had been manifested.

There was a part two!

And it was enough to push him into a higher state!

What state was his teacher at?

He used to think that sainthood was the epitome of all existences.

Now he knew better.

What about Confucius teacher?

What level was he at?

According to his mastery of part two of the Superclass techniques, his teacher must at least be a Great Saint…

Could he be… could he be an ancestral Heavenly Deity?

Chu Yu was excited.

A voice rang in his head.

"Enter my sect, learn my techniques, pass on my ways and manifest my will!"

Chu Yu bowed again and promised earnestly, "Your disciple will remember your lessons dutifully!'.

The majestic air had retreated suddenly.

It was just a lifeless statue now.

Without that magical spirit.

Chu Yu stood in the halls for a moment and took it all in before leaving.

Lin Shi and Xu Fairy were exploring the city by themselves.

Chu Yu found them easily and asked them if they found anything interesting.

They shook their heads, "The doors won't open, it's really peculiar. We didn't want to damage the old structures so we refrained from using magical powers, but I wasn't going to give up so I used a few magical powers…".

Chu Yu pursed his lips, he knew that Xu Fairy was spouting nonsense. She probably used more than a few magical powers to get her way.

Xu Fairy pouted, "The point is… I still couldn't open the doors!".

Lin Shi was fighting back her laughter, "She was just curious about what was in there, give it a go, I'm curious too.".

"Exactly how much strength did you girls put into it?"

"A little bit… only a little bit, we aren't relic raiders, are we?" Xu Fairy emphasized.

Lin Shi was more honest, she replied bashfully, "We… we used all our cultivation and we still couldn't open a single door.".


Chu Yu burst out laughing.

Xu Fairy shot a side glance at Lin Shi, "Why did you have to tell him, so embarrassing!".

"He's our man, what are you so shy about?"

"It's still embarrassing!"

Chu Yu walked to an attic and looked at the delicately engraved wooden doors. It hadn't been tarnished at all and it was still new and fresh.

It was a piece of art.

He pushed lightly.

It opened.

The two women were flabbergasted.

For a good minute.

"Why! You think you can do anything in your teacher's territory? We are your wives! Why don't we get any privileges around here?" Xu Fairy was extremely triggered.

She barged in with a huff and puff.

Then, she let out a shriek.
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