Chapter 541: The Strange Inn

Chapter 541: The Strange Inn
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Chu Yu was also surprised himself, his brows were furrowed and his expression was hard to pinpoint.

Lin Shi walked over and gasped as well, "This is…".

She retreated again and looked at the building. It was adorned with a plaque.

It read Heavenly Pleasure Restaurant.

They didn't notice the name of the building when they approached it.

They were going about trying every door.

This must have been a business district; the sides of the road were lined with inns and restaurants.

That's no surprise, all towns would have a street alike to this one.

The point was that the restaurant was filled to the brim when Chu Yu pushed it open.

Filled with patrons!

Everyone was lively and animated.

But they were still!

They looked like they were frozen in time, stopped in their tracks.

The table in front of them was surrounded by a bunch of people playing rock paper scissors.

Some of them looked gleeful, some of them looked dismayed.

There were all kinds of people seated in there, the old and the young, women, men, girls and boys.

It looked like a restaurant in business.

Frozen in business.

The waiters were frozen on the spot with the tables that they were running.

A middle-aged man sat behind the counter. He was dressed in a luxurious set of garments, he must be the owner of this establishment. An accounting book laid open in front of him.

It was a peculiar sight!

"Are these… wax figures?"

Lin Shi couldn't help but ask.

Xu Fairy went forward and pinched the cheeks of a girl sitting at a table.

She stumbled backward soon after.

She was pale and fearful, "It seems to be… alive!".

The little girl was pretty, clear features and bright complexion. She looked like a porcelain doll, she was the center of attention in the restaurant.

Dressed in a beautiful skirt, her long hair was smooth and her eyes were dark as coal.

Xi Fairy had goosebumps all over, her soft cheeks and body temperature had spooked her.

Chu Yu enveloped the area with his divine sense and opened his vertical eye to examine this crowd.


They didn't even exist in his divine sense!

Chu Yu scratched his head in frustration.

They look like a bunch of people who were sealed here, both his divine sense and vertical eye were of no help.

"Alive?" Lin Shi went forward and stroked the girl's cheeks as well and she gasped and stumbled backward when she made eye contact with her.

"She, she seems to be alive! She's looking at me!" Lin Shi was taking deep breaths.

"What is this place?" Xu Fairy was looking around after regaining her cool.

"Are they all sealed here?"

All of them looked like real people.

Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu, "This is your teacher's Dao arena, what's is going on here?".

Chu Yu shrugged, he couldn't explain this as well.

Confucius might be his teacher, but he had never disclosed anything like this to him before.

Chu Yu was also sure that his teacher didn't leave any mental spirit here.

"Confucius was a true sage, he wouldn't do something like this. This city had been around for centuries, right?" Lin Shi whispered softly.

Chu Yu nodded his head, judging by his teacher's values and character, he would never seal a bunch of people for no good reason.

These people had been around for centuries!

If they were alive… if they still retained they sentience, how much suffering did they have to go through?

His teacher would never do something like this!

As a powerful practitioner, he could just slay his enemies with his skill and power.

Why would he do this?

Xu Fairy went upstairs and made another round, she was pale when she came back down, "It's filled upstairs as well, by the looks of it, they are all live people!".

It suddenly struck Lin Shi, "Do you think perhaps, that they don't have any sentience when the door is closed?".

"What do you mean?" Chu Yu didn't follow.

"What I meant to suggest is that they were in deep sleep when they were sealed. We were the ones who awakened them by opening the door."

"Not sure…" Chu Yu placed his hand on the forehead of the little girl, he was practicing foreplay.

He was trying to figure out her identity!

Who was these bunch of people?

His heart was fluttering the moment his hand landed on her skin.

It was no different from touching a live person.

"Hey, you can't just go around touching a girl's head! Enough with the couple of you, pinching, touching and patting… perverted!"

A crisp voice came from the little girl.

Chu Yu jumped.

Lin Shi and Xu Fairy were shocked speechless.

"Hello, brothers! I wish you good fortune…"

"Come on, you lost! Drink up!"

"F*ck you, you cheated!"

"What the f*ck? I'm no cheater!"

The entire restaurant burst into lively conversations and chatter at this moment.

"Excuse me…" a waiter bustled past them to serve a table.

The tables were full of smiles and laughter.

Another waiter came up to them, "Come on in guests!".

"You can't leave! They pinched my cheeks and patted my head! They are bad guys!" the small girl called them out as she examined them with her dark eyes.

An elder and a teenage boy sat on her table.

The young boy shot Chu Yu an angry look, "You better apologize!".

The elder laughed, "I've always wanted to pinch your cheeks.".

"Shut up old man!" the girl rolled her eyes at the elder and turned to the youth, "Mu brother, go beat them up!".

"Hey hey hey, peace breeds prosperity, peace breeds prosperity!" the owner clamored out from the back of the counter.

What the f*ck?

What is going on here?

The whole restaurant just came alive?

It was unsettling that these bunch of people still didn't exist in his divine sense!

There's no telling of their cultivation levels.

They didn't exist in his divine sense!

As good as air.

But there they were, going about before his eyes. He could see them and he could touch them.

Was this a dream?

Chu Yu was still dazed.

The little girl pointed at Chu Yu, "Look at this disrespectful man, aren't you going to teach him a lesson, Mu brother?".

The youth glared at Chu Yu, "I told you to apologize…".

Chu Yu regained his composure and released his domineering aura and looked at the teenager.


The youth gasped and turned pale.

The elder behind him conjured an invisible shield and protected him.

He looked at Chu Yu, "That's a little bit too much, don't you think?".

All eyes were on Chu Yu now.

They looked like they despised him.

They must have thought that he was disrespectful too.

A scholar stood up and said, "You guys look like decent folks, how could you do something like that? Bullying the old and the young! Bu Cai must stand up against you tyrants!".

He stood up and walked to the entrance of the building and stepped out.

But the leg that crossed the building was turned into ashes!

He let out a yelp and crawled back to the halls frantically.

The leg grew back miraculously again.

He looked confused and bewildered.

Everyone else was shocked, exchanging glances between the scholar and Chu Yu's party.

Even the girl had shut up, she looked terrified.

A drunk bloke had stood up and muttered, "There can't be ghosts in broad daylight, I don't believe in such supernatural events!".

He staggered his way to the entrance and stepped outside.

He had disappeared into nothingness in front of everyone.

The restaurant was deadly silent.

Everyone was petrified.

The owner shuffled to the entrance nervously, he looked out of his restaurant, "Did it finally happen? Has it finally happened?".

The elder sighed, "Why?".

The little girl burst out into sobs, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die!".

The teenager was comforting her, "Don't worry, we'll be alright!".

"Old mister, pardon our manners earlier, can you please tell us what is happening around here?" Chu Yu went forward.

"Don't ask, young man, you guys are from outside, aren't you? Leave, leave, as far as possible. This is a cursed town! Run away from here!" the elder sighed again.

The restaurant was in chaos.
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