Chapter 545: Saving the Ancient City

Chapter 545: Saving the Ancient City
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The man laughed heartily, "Brother, so you're not one to hide your feelings too!"

"A person like that deserves death!" The elder spoke from where he was at the door.

"Indeed he should die!"

"He's a man, yet he has no sense of responsibility, how could he even bear to continue living on?"

"In fact, the poor girl is the one to be pitied. She was so brave and forthcoming with her feelings, yet she wasted them on the wrong person."

The hall was filled with the chatter of discussion.

Now it was the person who had exposed the affair that felt uneasy. The looks many directed at him carried traces of blame.

He probably had not thought that his words would have caused such a commotion and driven a woman to her suicide.

However, the people just thought he had been a bit mouthy at most; no one really blamed him for anything.

In any case, it had been the truth that the young woman had been meeting a lover here.

This incident seemed like a mere interlude, but it stirred a feeling of poignancy in Chu Yu's heart.

This was an incident from another era that should have played out hundreds of millions of years ago. Yet it had been forcibly dragged out till today.

One could not help but marvel at the great power of the higher being. At the same time, one also was in awe of how everything in this world was predetermined by heaven.

What should happen would be fated to happen.

The machinery of fate wouldn't be stopped just because one had travelled through millions of years.

Afterwards, Chu Yu began to cast the spell from the three realms technique on the people one by one.

These people, who understood that they had arrived in a whole new era in just a blink of an eye, were now able to walk out the doors of the building normally after the spell had been casted on them.

To their senses, it was as if time had never stopped.

It was just like the passing of one second to the next.

But when they came outside and looked at the empty street, all of them had the strange feeling of having been transported to a whole new world.

Other than the people who had been in the room and these buildings, everything that had once stood on the street had vanished with the passing of time.

Chu Yu and the elder began to open door after door along the street.

Almost each one had humans or other living beings within.

They even discovered a big yellow dog which had been sealed away!

The moment it had been unsealed, it had even attempted to charge up and bite.

The pretty little girl followed Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi. This little girl who had traversed eons of time only had a hazy understanding of the events unfolding before her eyes. Tagging along as the others continuously opened the doors of strangers, she even found the whole affair quite interesting.

So, she ran in front of Chu Yu, intending to push open a door before he did.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi watched her, amused. They were all secretly waiting for her to fail.

As expected, the little girl pushed with all her might, yet she could not get the door to open.

She was annoyed then, and barked at the eighteen or nineteen year old young man, "Little Qin Chuan, open this door for me!"

The young man's brow creased slightly, "Call me brother!"

"Yeah sure little Qin Chuan, open this door for me!" The little girl huffed and glared at the door before her, not even bothering to look at him as she spoke.

"If you're going to call me by my name, just call me Qin Chuan, don't add a "little" before it!" Looking resigned, the young man walked to the door and reached up to push at the door.


He was slightly taken aback and his brows furrowed, "What is going on?"

In no way was he low-ranked. Young as he may have been, he was already at the preparatory stages of the Saint Realm!

In their era, they had these preparatory stages of the Saint Realm!

This was a realm that was far more powerful than the Legendary Emperor Realm and cultivators of this realm could vanquish a Legendary Emperor in an instant.

Yet they were still no match for those of the Saint Realm.

In that era of complete laws within heaven and earth, the laws of the human realm were not that different from the Immortal realm and the nether world.

So it was possible to differentiate many smaller realms in between the larger realms.

As such, it would be a joke if Qin Chuan could not even open a door given his realm.

There really weren't that many doors in this world that a cultivator in the preparatory stages of the Saint Realm could not open.

Furrowing his brows, Qin Chuan pushed at the door with great force again.

The door remained shut still.

At this, the elder spoke blandly, "This is a seal created by an unmatched higher being, do you think someone who is just in the preparatory stages of the Saint Realm can open it? Why don't you stand aside and let our benefactor open the door instead?"

The elder spoke calmly and had absolutely no intention to direct the focus of discussion to Chu Yu, though it may have appeared that way.

The stares of the large crowd that had followed behind began to show some degree of surprised nervousness.

No one at the scene had been able to break through the seal of the unmatched higher being.

Earlier, when the little girl was pushing at the door, many of them had secretly tried their luck with the tightly-shut doors on both sides.

But no one had been able to open them.

So why was this man from the future able to do so?

All of a sudden, the little girl asked the question everyone was puzzling over as her large watery eyes shimmered.

"Evil older brother, why can you open the door?"

Still extremely doting, the elder told the little girl, "Qing'er, don't be rude."

Chu Yu smiled and shook his head, "It's alright, she's just an innocent child, it's fine."

"Humph, aren't I supposed to be an old granny? You three, evil older brother and sisters, I'm an elder to all of you!" The little girl put on the airs of an old person.

Many people could not help but laugh at this.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi were also left speechless.

At a bit of a loss, Chu Yu walked forward and effortlessly pushed open the door. Looking at the little girl's troubled and confused expression, he told her, "I don't know what's going on either, I just know that all I have to do is to push at the door and it'll open."

"That's not fair!"

The little girl grumbled even as she covertly peeked into the interior of the building.

It was the elder and a few people standing behind her that stared at Chu Yu contemplatively.

Opening these doors with just a gentle push?

That sounded nonsensical!

How could these doors just open with a gentle push of his hand?

If a seal left behind by the matchless higher being could be so easily broken, how could it have endured eons of time?

This handsome young man was simply too suspicious!

He had appeared mysteriously. He could open all the doors here. And even if the doors could be opened by a hand other than his, everyone inside would still be in a sealed state.

With a gentle touch of his hand, every living being in the room had returned to normal.

It was simply amazing!

He even was able to let living beings that were trapped in the room leave, and reappear in the world of today after having been sealed away for countless years.

All this pointed to the conclusion that if this young man had been speaking nothing but the truth all along, then he must have some mysterious connection to the unmatched higher being that had sealed away this place during that time!

But no one said it out loud.

They all understood that this was a taboo topic.

Furthermore, even if they did mention it, the young man probably would not be able to give them an explanation.

Looking at him, he didn't seem like he had come especially to do all this.

Everyone needed some time to adapt after being unsealed.

This was because to them, it was as if time had never stopped.

It felt like a blink of an eye and had been as quick as a fleeting thought.

Someone had suddenly appeared before them, and then there was a brief second where they couldn't move...

So some people had even reacted immediately by lashing out at Chu Yu.

An evil presence that had appeared without invitation!

Why should they hold back?

But they had been immediately yelled at to stop.

The task of explaining everything would be left to those who already understood the situation.

Chu Yu now faced a gargantuan task.

It was not that easy to get everyone in such a big city like this back to normal.

Chu Yu glanced at the people and figured that with things already this way, it wouldn't hurt to just reveal more of his skills.

He began to activate the three realms technique and cast a cloning spell.

In a blink of an eye, there were millions of Chu Yu clones appearing in the city!

They were appearing across all parts of the city!

These people stared at Chu Yu, their faces written with shock.

They were all so shocked to the extent that they couldn't quite speak.

A powerful cultivator could split themselves into many clones. But realistically, even the most powerful cultivator would not actually go ahead with it.

Doing that would be taxing on the cultivator's original energy.

As such, even higher beings would only split themselves into a few clones at most.

And every clone would be created with a definite intention and purpose.

It would barely scratch the cultivator's own energy, with the clones only having a strand of the cultivator's divine sense attached to them.

People like Chu Yu who dared to do what he did were rare.

If the clone was damaged in any way, the cultivator would be affected greatly as well.

But to Chu Yu, this wasn't that difficult at all.

It wasn't as dangerous either.

As he had trained further, he had gradually realised the mightiness of the three realms technique.

Even though he hadn't really encountered any living beings that were of a higher level, he still felt that the three realms technique could very well be the most powerful technique in the world.

He had over a million clones, and that looked dangerous to the crowd. But in reality, with the support of the three realms technique, retracting the clones was but a matter of seconds.

Facing the shocked stares of these people, Chu Yu's expression remained unchanged.

He knew very well that this group of people would definitely be suspicious of a possible connection between him and the unmatched higher being of their era.

This he had no way to explain.

Before, there had been the various guesses by the Monkey and Chi You about his identity. Now there was this string of events even he could not explain clearly.

All this was enough to show that there really was some sort of unclear connection between him and the people of this era.

So he might as well not bother explaining, he didn't give a damn anyway.

This was the reality they were facing and all this had already happened, so he was definitely going to help them since he had the power to.

This was the first time Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian had seen Chu Yu cast this sort of spell. The two stared a bit dumbly at the multiple familiar figures flitting about in the sky.

Chu Yu glanced at them. Seeing their expressions, he told them, "Don't worry, I definitely won't be looking for as many wives..."

This crooked fellow, try looking if you even can!

The two girls simultaneously rolled their eyes at him.

Countless people were walking out their doors again, having been returned to normal after so many years.

To them, it all seemed like a blink of an eye, how could it be that so many years had already passed?

Many people found it hard to accept this explanation.

Even if many others helped to explain it to them, there were still plenty of people who expressed their disbelief.

Chu Yu did not expect everyone to be able to immediately accept this truth either. There was still plenty of time anyway, even if they couldn't come to terms with it now, one day they would understand.

What he had to do right now was to unseal everyone so that they could live normally in this city.

Even if he came from a different era, he was still human like them, with the same blood that flowed through his veins, and the same yellow skin and dark eyes. They were of the same kind!

There were some accidents that occurred during the process though.

There were many living spirits from the nether world that had hidden within the city. Once the seal was broken, they regained consciousness as well.

These living spirits were more perceptive than the people in the city. They had seemed to realise the difference between "this moment" and "that moment", and they had attacked in an instant.

It was fortunate that these living spirits from the nether world were not particularly strong, with the most powerful of them all being merely at the Saint Realm.

Plus, Chu Yu had his guard up against them and was constantly on the lookout.

So even if these living spirits from the nether world raised a ruckus, they did not actually cause much injury.

Despite his numerous clones, it still took Chu Yu three full days to awaken all the living beings within the city completely.

He had gone three full days without sleep or rest.

He may have been a cultivator at the peak of the Saint Realm with energy reserves vast like the skies and oceans. But even someone like him would feel the fatigue.

During these three days, Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi had followed him closely.

They had personally witnessed a desolate ghost town come back to life through Chu Yu's efforts.

Xu Xiao Xian could not help but secretly ask Lin Shi, "Could he really be…...related to that Great Emperor from years ago?"

Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu's back and replied, "Related? I think he might just be that Great Emperor himself!"
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