Chapter 546: The Recovering Ancient City

Chapter 546: The Recovering Ancient City
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"You guessed it too?" Xu Xiao Xian looked at Lin Shi with some surprise.

Lin Shi couldn't help but roll her eyes at her, "What, so you thought you were the smartest of us all?"

"Yeah, that's what I've always believed." Xu Xiao Xian answered honestly.

"..." Lin Shi was rendered speechless.

She may have been in charge of a large organisation in the secular world, but if they were competing based on linguistic prowess, she was definitely no match for Xiao Xian.

The two of them were the people closest to Chu Yu, and they knew many things about him.

But they didn't know about Chi You and the Monkey's claims that Chu Yu was the Great Emperor.

In the past, Chi You had been obscure with his words and said that he was unable to see Chu Yu's fate. In reality, Chi You must have discovered something at that time, just that he had not pointed it out.

Afterwards, as Chu Yu's teacher, the Monkey had spoken more directly and had said that Chu Yu was the Great Emperor himself!

In hindsight, when Chu Yu remembered the time when he and Chi You met, he felt that the implications of Chi You's words had been the same as the monkey!

Yi had almost always been treating Chu Yu differently from the rest.

It had to be understood that Chu Yu was still weak and insignificant when he had first met Yi.

These were the things that the two women did not know about.

But both of them were smart, extremely intelligent even!

With just a few clues, they had come to this conclusion.

If not, how could Chu Yu be that person who had control over the energies of this world?

On what basis could he have had so many opportunities?

Things like energy were beyond mysterious, but one could always find traces of it.

The two women both felt bad for Chu Yu, and they talked in private without him knowing. But on the surface everything seemed normal.

If Chu Yu really was related to that Great Emperor from eons ago, then in this life…...he definitely must not be allowed to suffer so much again!

Facing everything by himself.

Everyone in this city had lived during that era. From them, the two women had heard too much about the Great Emperor.

This included the two close female companions that had been by the Great Emperor's side.

The two women hadn't sensed anything intuitively, yet they still had a feeling as though that was them.

Reincarnation and destiny.

Those really were age-old riddles that would remain that way.

On the fourth day, the city had regained its liveliness and energy after millions of years.

And the majority of the people had already believed the explanation that they were now living in an age millions of years after their own.

The reason was simple.

There were no longer blue skies above their heads!

There were no longer mountain ranges around them!

The sky was now a sea of grey without the sun to rise in the east and set in the west.

Everything was different from what they had known in their previous moments.

Even if there were a thousand and one questions that remained unanswered, they could only accept this explanation for now.

This was a giant city with a population of millions.

A city far larger than Earth's Yan Jing.

Looking down from above, the city emanated a mighty energy.

The last time Chu Yu had come here, it was dead quiet. Only the mighty energy remained.

But now everything had become completely different.

That mighty energy now carried within it a strong vitality!

Only a place with many living beings could give off such strong vitality.

Chu Yu was pleased.

Afterwards, he had been invited to the biggest restaurant in the city.

This restaurant was at least ten times bigger than the one he, Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi had first entered!

Just the hall alone had had Chu Yu changing the way he thought about the restaurants of the ancient people.

So huge!

This was the first impression that Chu Yu had gotten after entering.

Such opulence!

This was a feeling that had followed closely after.

The hall was about five stories high, and the ceiling was embedded with precious stones that glittered with a soft but bright shine. It was as though a starry sky hung over the hall.

Surrounded by the glittering stones, one felt as though they were in a dream.

The tables and chairs in the hall were all crafted from top quality wood, and the chairs even had seat coverings made of the furs of a kind of big cat.

All the chairs were covered with these furs!

If animal rights activists were to come across this sight, they'd probably go nuts, wouldn't they?

Chu Yu thought silently to himself.

The trio, the elder, the large man who had been by Chu Yu's side since the beginning of this incident, along with the little girl Qin Qing and her older brother Qin Chuan were all invited to the largest room on the top floor of the building.

The owner of this land was an elder too.

Just from his manner alone, one could sense that he was not a mere common man.

It had been a clone of Chu Yu who had released his seal.

The moment that elder had seen Chu Yu, his reaction had been surprising.

He had fallen to his knees immediately without a word and prostrated himself before Chu Yu.

There were many other people around him, and they too had knelt down quietly when they saw the elder on his knees.

The elder did not speak, and the people did not utter a word either.

It had been strange and embarrassing at one point.

The clone, being as good as Chu Yu himself, shared his consciousness.

Chu Yu had thought: Even if you realised what was going on in an instant and wanted to thank me, there really is no need to go to such great lengths, right?

So at that moment, he had told them very politely that they did not have to do so much to show their courtesy and that he still had to continue unsealing the rest. About what had happened, he would leave it to the others to explain to them, he had said.

After speaking, Chu Yu's clone cast the spell of the three realms technique on these people and left hurriedly.

Now, they had met once again.

The elder had sent someone just to invite Chu Yu over.

At this time, he probably had already found out about many things, hadn't he?

Chu Yu thought to himself.

No one would have thought that the elder would not say a single word but fall to his knees before Chu Yu again.

"Your Majesty, your subject Li Hong Ru, a cultivator from Ming Kong City, pays his respects!"

At his words, the hall fell silent.

The people who had been following Chu Yu over the past few days - the elder Qin Chen, his grandchildren Qin Chuan and Qin Qing, and the large man of the Saint Realm Tang Ping were all stunned beyond measure.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi's eyes met. They too saw a touch of shock in each other's eyes.

Everything they had guessed so far had ultimately still been guesses that were not to be treated as the truth.

So at this very moment, the hearts of the two women were filled with surprise.

At the same time, a strange emotion was born deep within them.

If Chu Yu really was the one and only Great Emperor from that era, then what about the two of them?

Could they really be those two companions that had stood by the Great Emperor's side according to legend?

In other words…...empresses?

However, the elder Li Hong Ru had not indicated anything to them. He was kneeling before Chu Yu with an expression of utter reverence, as though…...he was a pilgrim worshipping and praying on his pilgrimage!

"Sir, please rise quickly, you…...must have gotten the wrong person?" Chu Yu gave a troubled laugh.

"There is no way I will recognise the wrong person!" The elder had a look of conviction as he raised his head. That elegant face had long lost its calmness and his eyes had even reddened, as if he could start weeping at any moment.

One could tell that he was forcibly keeping his emotions in check, not wanting to break down before Chu Yu.

"These few days, your humble subject has been making all sorts of deductions and compiling all available information. The conclusion is that this era… now a thing of the past!"

The elder's face looked weathered, "One would not have thought that millions of years have already passed in the blink of an eye."

"In the past Your Majesty had said before: 'If one day someone was to seal the people away, then one day, sooner or later, I will return and release the city from the seal!'"

In the end, the elder failed to hold back his tears, and they rolled down his face. "Your Majesty always acts on his word without fail and is beyond compare in the hearts of the people! We just didn't think that this day would only come after millions of years, and even Your Majesty..."

At this, more tears coursed down Li Hong Ru's face and his voice became choked with emotion.

There was silence in the room that had been secured with several magical formations of a great saint, and everyone felt as though they were unable to breathe.

Those who had been born in this era - even mischievous children like the little girl - all knew how mighty the Emperor was.

The little girl may have called Chu Yu an "evil older brother" before, but at this very moment, her tiny face was filled with nervousness and agitation.

Those who had not experienced life in this era would find it hard to imagine the intensity with which the people loved and worshipped the Emperor.

Qin Chuan, the eighteen or nineteen year old young man, was also gazing at Chu Yu in fanatical reverence.

Li Hong Ru did his best to recompose himself. After a moment, he spoke slowly, "Your humble subject did not think that Your Majesty would have already been through reincarnation when he returned again... It really is hard to imagine just what kinds of pressure Your Majesty have had to endure all this while. You have given too much for your subjects of this human realm! Actually, even if Your Majesty had given everything up and left, there…...wouldn't have been a single soul in this human realm that would have blamed Your Majesty!"

Chu Yu gave another troubled laugh, "Sir, I can understand where you are coming from through your words... But, this doesn't seem to have anything to do with me? My surname is Chu, and my given name is Yu..."

Chu Yu earnestly introduced himself and spoke about his life story, then with a face of honest sincerity, looked to Li Hong Ru and the other revered elders of the city who were gazing at him respectfully.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Chu Yu spoke, "So, while I might look similar to that Great Emperor and coincidentally happened to break the seal of this city and awaken you all, but I…...really am not that Great Emperor whom you all revere like a god."

Li Hong Ru waited for Chu Yu to finish speaking before he replied softly, "Having once been a member of the Heavenly Army in his younger days, your humble subject has had the honour of seeing Your Majesty in person. Your Majesty's appearance has been burned into your humble subject's heart ever since."

Li Hong Ru looked at Chu Yu, "The Great Emperor's mighty name is well known across the three realms, yet Your Majesty remained extremely low-key, never allowing anyone to carve statues of him…...As such, even if there have been statues of the Great Emperor, they are far from the true likeness of Your Majesty in reality!"

"But Your…...Your Majesty's appearance!"

Li Hong Ru gazed at Chu Yu and said slowly, "It is…...exactly that of the Great Emperor!"

As he spoke, he glanced at Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian as well, "There were two Empresses by the Great Emperor's side. Your humble subject has not been fated to meet them in person, but there is one person in this city that…...recognises one of them! Your humble subject has invited her over today as well. With Your Majesty's permission, your humble subject will have her enter."

Li Hong Ru, who had once been a Heavenly Soldier, was trying his utmost best to prove that Chu Yu was indeed that Great Emperor.

There was no ill intention on his part; he only wanted to let everyone of Ming Kong City know that the Great Emperor had returned!

After millions of years and reincarnating into various lives, he had re-appeared before them once again.

Chu Yu glanced at Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian.

Pretending not to care, Xu Xiao Xian commented, "This is absolutely ridiculous, let's just drop this..."

However, her true thoughts were given away by the excited gleam deep within her eyes.

And looking at Lin Shi, while her delicate face was very tense, her expression spelled her thoughts out clearly - 'Quick, let that person come in!'
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