Chapter 547: The Unsolvable Riddle

Chapter 547: The Unsolvable Riddle
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Reincarnation was too profound a phenomenon.

Even a practitioner who had entered the advanced realms would have difficulty seeing through its wonderfully mysterious processes.

Every living being in this world inevitably begins to contemplate this one question once they attain a certain level of wisdom.

How did I come to this world?

Was I created out of nowhere?

And where would I go after I die?

From existence to nothingness... Is the end oblivion?

This was the huge eternal riddle!

And those higher beings from the advanced realms were always obscure if not silent about this question.

Was it that they did not want to speak about it?

That might not be the case.

It could be that they had no idea either!

Beings like the Monkey who could be sure that Chu Yu was the Great Emperor were few and far between.

So it was impossible that Chu Yu himself was not curious about this.

But there was some resistance deep within his heart.

Did that Great Emperor, who had looked upon the three realms once upon a time, really have some relation to him?

Besides looking similar, his own journey of growth had had many links to that Great Emperor as well...

Li Hong Ru looked hopefully at Chu Yu, his eyes burning with an intense passion.

To the people of their era, as long as the Great Emperor existed, everything else did as well!

It didn't matter if millions of years had flown by, or if life was no longer anything like what they knew before.

These all didn't matter.

Chu Yu nodded his head in the end, "Then invite her in. Also, please get up, sir."

With a forced smile he said, "Even if I am your Great Emperor, there is no need for all this."

Li Hong Ru got off the ground and whispered to the people around him to invite that person over.

Even as he spoke, he never once turned his back to Chu Yu.

After a while, an unremarkable old woman walked in accompanied by Li Hong Ru's people.

The old woman looked at least eighty or ninety years old, but she still appeared hale and hearty. Though her features were aged, there was still an unmistakable aura of elegance about her.

When the old woman had first seen Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian after entering the room, a look of doubt had crossed her face.

Both Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian felt their hearts sink at the same time.

Is it not either of us?

Chu Yu was that Great Emperor, yet the two of us...aren't the people who had once been by his side?

The thoughts of the two women grew complicated all of a sudden.

Actually, they both knew that even if Chu Yu was indeed the reincarnation of that Great Emperor, he was just Chu Yu in this life.

It didn't matter if one day Chu Yu did have the opportunity to rise up among the starry skies and take control of the three realms.

That would be the doing of Chu Yu and not that Great Emperor.

Yet they couldn't help but feel a twinge of unhappiness.

At this time, the old woman's brows were furrowed lightly as though she was recalling something.

On her way here, she had already known what had happened.

She was naturally very excited.

Actually, as Chu Yu's clone was helping her, she had already recognised Chu Yu for who he was.

She too had thought that Chu Yu was the Great Emperor himself!

So when the old woman had heard that Chu Yu was accompanied by two female companions of incomparable beauty and talent, she had instantly become excited.

That sort of feeling was hard to imagine from the perspective of an outsider.

The old woman had once served as a maidservant to an empress, from the beginning of the empress' girlhood!

And she had cared for that empress for more than ten years!

Afterwards, the empress had followed the Great Emperor, and the old woman had also found the love of her life.

They had parted then, never to meet again.

But if either Xu Xiao Xian or Lin Shi was the empress reincarnated, the old woman would definitely be able to recognise her at a glance.

The Great Emperor had not changed at all; his features had remained the same!

Although there were differences in his aura, his face was unchanged still!

If this face were to be seen by the powerful figures of the Immortal realm and nether world, they would definitely go for his head at the first opportunity.

They would definitely not let Chu Yu off.

With these emotions, the old woman had arrived here excitedly. In the end, these two women had her feeling confused.

After a beat, she slowly said, "This old woman's eyesight is a little blurry with age now..."


Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian glanced at each other and could not help but sigh in their hearts.

Though they were somewhat disappointed, there was some degree of relief as well.

It wasn't that easy to live up to the standards of being an empress.

The title was but a word, yet this was a title that required incomparable courage, responsibility and faith to uphold.

Brilliant women who were incomparable in beauty and talent they may have been, but the two women still felt that they were not truly prepared to uphold this sort of thing in their lives.

Li Hong Ru was also slightly disappointed.

If it could not be proved that either one of the two women was an empress, then there was no way to convince the young man before him.

That was right, his desire to make Chu Yu admit that he was the Great Emperor was even stronger now.

He could tell that there was some resistance within the heart of this young man.

It had been said that in his youth, the Great Emperor had been a man who was humble and low-key on the surface, yet had a bone-deep pride within him.

Could the young man before him be the same?

What one displayed on the surface was just for show. Humility and modesty was a product of being well-mannered.

But the pride deep within one's bones was one's true nature!

It was human nature!

Which person with great ability would not be proud?

The Great Emperor may be treated with god-like reverence within their community, but Li Hong Ru could sense that the emperor did not cut as great a figure in the heart of the young man before him.

To the young man, it wasn't much.

He had found this old woman who had once been by the empress' side, but the outcome had been disappointing for him, a little depressing even.

It was at this very moment that the old woman slowly began to speak again, "These two women both have traces of the young lady. Looking at their appearances, their lips, noses, face shapes and even figures…...are all very much like the young lady!"

The young lady that the old woman spoke of naturally was one of the two empresses that had accompanied the Great Emperor.

The old woman looked at Lin Shi and said softly, "There is at least a ninety percent similarity here!"

Everyone was taken aback.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi were also frozen in shock.

They thought to themselves, just what did this mean?

The old woman looked towards Xu Xiao Xian, "But your eyes, your gaze even…...a few behavioural quirks, those are exactly the same as the young lady!"

The old woman sighed, "So I really don't know which of these two young ladies is the young lady I served back in the day."


Everyone at the scene was stunned.

Even Chu Yu was looking at the old woman in surprised confusion.

If they were to meticulously turn over the meaning of her words in their minds, their thoughts would lead them down frightening avenues.

According to her words, Chu Yu was the Great Emperor, that was indisputable.

And then...

Both Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi unexpectedly had similarities with the empress she had once taken care of!

Could it be that there really was reincarnation in this world?

For myth to become reality, that was not really that difficult to accept.

Even towards the end of the era of no magic when the civilisation of cultivation had not yet been unsealed yet, there had been many people focusing their research on this concept.

They had come up with various hypotheses.

The most recognised and acceptable one was that many of those people who were thought to be gods were actually aliens.

Now that the civilisation of cultivation had begun again and was slowly reviving, and people were attaining higher levels of cultivation and broadening their perspectives, this explanation was more or less proven.

These so-called aliens did not necessarily have to come from those extremely high-tech worlds.

Large battleships released countless smaller flying saucers.

And weren't those flying saucers from the world of cultivation the UFOs that people on earth during the era of no magic knew?

So in contrast, it was still easier to accept that myths had become reality.

But reincarnation...

This was something that everyone had thought existed since time immemorial, yet was difficult to prove even by higher beings.

Today it was hard to say who exactly had come up with the concept of reincarnation first.

After a living thing passed on, its true spirit remained intact and was reincarnated into one of the six realms of existence.

Even living things that had been reduced to ashes and smoke would still have their true spirit remaining and be reincarnated.

Ancient schools had all expounded on this concept.

Whether in Buddhism or Taoism, much has been said about reincarnation.

But who actually knew someone who had been through reincarnation?

A living being who had retained their existing knowledge even in their next life.

Actually, to practitioners of advanced realms, that was as good as never having been dead!

Even living beings of the Supreme Realm could renew their lifespan by taking over a new body, let alone practitioners of even more advanced realms

They had many tricks up their sleeve.

As such, it was not totally absurd to say that living beings of the Saint Realm were undying.

It was just that even if those living beings managed to live an additional life through these methods, many of them might not be able to reenter the realms they were once in again.

The majority of such beings would become increasingly unremarkable throughout this process.

In the end, they would also disappear quietly in the river of time.

But beings of this sort all had one thing in common.

They were never reincarnated!

That was why people like Chu Yu who had traversed millions of years to reappear before the people of this era were…...absolutely unique!

If Chu Yu really was a future incarnation of that Great Emperor, then that was truly frightening!

Could it really be that that Great Emperor could traverse the river of time from upstream to downstream and see through the future with a glance?

This was too unbelievable.

At this, a huge look of pleasant surprise broke out on Li Hong Ru's face, and looking at Chu Yu, he kneeled once again, "We humbly welcome Your Majesty's return!"

Without hesitation, Qin Chen pulled his grandson and granddaughter to kneel together with him too. His voice quivering slightly, he echoed, "We humbly welcome Your Majesty's return!"

Qin Chen was extremely excited.

He knew very well just what kind of person Li Hong Ru was.

It would not be far-fetched to say that he was the overlord of this city.

He had once been in the heavenly courts, and had seen the Great Emperor in person!

He had also been a man of upright stature all his life and he was warm hearted and always happy to lend a helping hand.

Was there anyone in this city who did not respect him?

If even he was so sure that this young man was the Great Emperor that had returned.

Could there be any other truth?

Thinking of the fact that he had had the fortune of accompanying the returned Great Emperor over the past few days, Qin Chen felt a sort of giddiness.

He did not even dare to believe that he could have had this sort of opportunity!

The young Great Emperor seemed as though he wasn't very willing to accept this fact though.

But that was no matter. With time, once the Great Emperor had fully awakened through his own efforts, things would be better.

At this moment, Chu Yu felt a sense of helplessness.

How should he say it?

Even though these people showed him nothing but utmost respect, he still felt as if he was being forced into something.

He was full of curiosity about that powerful figure who had ruled over the three realms eons ago.

But his feelings towards that Emperor ended at curiosity and nothing else!

Be it that every boss-level being he had encountered had been considerably full of praise towards this unparalleled Emperor who had ruled over the three realms.

Be it that these people before him who had lived during the age of the Emperor all had a sort of fanatical reverence towards him.

He still didn't feel much for him.

It wasn't really his issue if that Emperor had done the right or wrong thing, or if he was a good or bad person.

And also time had passed.

They were now in a time that was long past that era.

"Please rise, all of you, I would like some time to myself."

Chu Yu said rather helplessly, looking at the passionate faces before him.
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