Chapter 554: Intelligence

Chapter 554: Intelligence
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"Senior, please stay!"

Chu Yu rushed in the direction where the Elder disappeared, shouting.

Unfortunately, he never reappeared.

The Elder, dressed in linen was almost like a spectre, appearing just momentarily before vanishing. No matter how Chu Yu called for him to stay, he never reappeared.

At this time, Chu Yu and Xu Xiao Xian walked down from the tower ship.

A look of terror and astonishment had overcome their expressions.

They were spooked by what had just happened.

They had sensed, hidden within the young man's body an aura of unparalleled strength.

The two of them were at least Saints in cultivation. Under the influence of the aura, there was not the slightest room for a struggle.

A Great Sage!

The true form of the aura, must have been at least a Great Sage in cultivation.

If the Elder dressed in linen had not appeared timely enough, Chu Yu might have been compelled to use other more powerful means to defeat the young man.

The Elder had appeared too suddenly.

From what he said, Chu Yu could tell that he was a thinking person with intellect, and not just another being who only knew battle.

But why would he not meet with Chu Yu and his companions?

It was fine if he did not want to meet with the two women, but Chu Yu was different!

Chu Yu was the true master of the region!

He was not an heir, nor was he a successor.

He was the master!

Be it Ming Kong City, or Jing Shui City, he was the master.

When Chu Yu had freed the entire City, he had countless visitors seeking an audience, seeking to meet with the Great Emperor.

Chu Yu's efforts to explain himself and remain a low profile proved futile.

Even Li Hong Ru of Ming Kong City... was better off.

The two women accompanying the Great Emperor, naturally became his Empresses.

In this mysterious realm were two hidden worlds, which held two cities.

Their attitudes towards Chu Yu, were exactly the same.

Respect and worship.

Extremely fanatical!

A pity, hat the Elder in linen clothing did not seem to acknowledge any of this.

Chu Yu, Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian waited, but there was not a stir.

The giant tower ship however, remained docked, almost as if it were awaiting commands from its owner.

Chu Yu had originally wanted to visit the opposite shore to take a look at the creature which looked like a mystical beast, but he was no longer in the mood to do so.

With a slight wave of his hand, the enormous tower ship sailed along the river swiftly but silently, soon disappearing from sight.

This had been anticipated.

The Floating city had also received news which corroborated this.

News which reported that there had been an infiltration of external forces on Earth.

In response to this, Chu Yu and the others had recommended not to act rashly and alert the enemy. Instead, they would first observe for a period of time.

They did not expect to have an encounter here!

The young man was proficient in battle. If he had not met Chu Yu and encountered another opponent instead, it would be hard to predict the outcome of the battle.

In the other Universe Planes beyond this region, how many more of such beings still remained hidden?



Building his clan atop this relic had always been Wan Da Yong's greatest pride.

After being picked up in a vessel, he had received a book of ancient heritage, helping him become a truly great practitioner.

Ultimately however, fate is not without a sense of irony. The relic which had aided him... was also the same relic that brought his downfall!

After suffering the cold glance of the Elder, Wan Da Yong had fallen into a deep coma.

Only awaking today.

When he awoke, he found that he had been completely stripped of his cultivation.

It is not a tragedy for one to be unable to obtain his wants. It is however, a tragedy to lose what one has obtained. Forever.

Wan Da Yong was the master of his own household. It was easy to fathom what he was feeling.

However, he did not descend into mania or fly into a rage.

In such circumstances, as the master of his household, there were more important things to consider than his own personal losses.

He had to think about the future of his household.

Where could they go from here?

His most beloved son, the heir to the household, had secretly colluded with a practitioner who was an outsider.

He had colluded with the enemy!

Wan Da Yong's son was still young, he had not been through hardship or adversity.

He was naturally stranger to worldly hardships and the wickedness of others.

Previously, he had disagreed with Wan Da Yong over this, resulting in a huge argument.

He expressed no remorse over his actions in colluding with the enemy.

Moreover, he tried to raise the examples of other powerful heirs who had pledged loyalty to little lords in their youth and eventually became courtiers to Emperors!


One had to be powerful to stay by the side of an Emperor. Someone of little value would never ascend the ranks even at the side of a god like Erlang.

Wan Da Yong had just thought his son's ideas to be radical.

He was young! After all, everyone has their moments of hot-headedness.

Thus, Wan Da Yong did not think much of the matter.

However now that he realised that something was amiss, it was already too late.

Flustered and in exasperation, he brought his men down. Then, the Elder had glanced at him, making him feel as if the world had gone dark.

His survival... was in part thanks to his worrisome son.

Had he not felt his son to be the least bit useful, the entire household might have already been nothing but ashes and dust.

Upon awakening, Wan Da Yong swiftly made a few arrangements.

He knew that catastrophic disaster was inevitable. Under these circumstances, preserving the family's legacy and ensuring their survival was a matter of urgency.

At this moment however, his good-for-nothing son had come back!

His face was fraught with worry.

Seeing Wan Da Yong awaken, he knelt down immediately, tearfully admitting his mistakes.

"Dad, I know I was wrong this time. I will never do this again."

"Son, no matter what, just listen to my teachings and follow my arrangements. Never be this presumptuous in the future."

Wan Da Yong's rage towards his son dissipated the moment they met.

Blood is thicker than water. The relationship between the father and son can never be broken.

"Ah, the past is the past. As long as we can survive, there is hope. Hurry, pack your things. I will transfer a billion to your account. It should be enough for all the food and clothing you need in this world."

Wan Da Yong said weakly, "We don't lack finances. We have tens of billions, but if I give you that much money, I may bring harm unto you instead. From today, we have to live incognito..."

"No, Dad, listen, the situation may not be as bad as you think," the young Wan Feng whispered.

"Not as bad?"

Wan Da Yong chuckled spiritlessly and said, "How bad do you want it to be? Must our family be extinguished?"

"No, no, Dad, it's like this, I... I've done something important!"

Wan Feng said earnestly, an expression of excitement creeping across his face, "I gave the Young Master a huge slap!"

"Ah?" Wan Da Yong sat up straight from his bed, his expression completely changed.

In a daze, he collapsed back onto his bed.

Wan Feng's mother rushed over and slapped Wan Feng across the face, before sprawling herself across Wan Da Yong's body, crying.

Wan Da Yong stirred awake and groaned, "I may... not have died of anger at our son, but... I may be crushed to death by you!"

Wan Feng's mother immediately stopped crying, looking at Wan Da Yong, "You are alive?"

"Scram!" Wan Da Yong exclaimed, "Do you want me to be dead?"

Wan Feng's mother was joyous beyond measure.

Even if he was completely wasted, Wan Da Yong was still the master of the household.

Their bastion of support.

If he were to collapse, the Wan family would collapse along with him.

Wan Da Yong seemed to be in endless despair. After sending his wife away, he looked at Wan Feng with an expression of serenity and said, "Tell me what happened."

After calming down, Wan Da Yong thought to himself, his own son should not have had the courage to do that.

Furthermore, what cultivation and status did the Young Master hold?

An Elder by his side, a mere follower, had almost taken his life with a single glance.

Given Wan Feng's poor techniques and lowly cultivation, how could he have escaped with his life after giving the Young Master a slap?

He must have been dreaming!

Seeing how earnest and sincere Wan Feng was, this must have really happened. Wan Da Yong was truly curious to hear how it happened.

After Wan Feng recounted the event to Wan Da Yong, Wan Da Yong was in a daze for a long while.

After a while, he looked at his son dazedly, "You speak the truth? You're saying, the person who was picked up the enormous and luxurious tower ship... was the Son of the Emperor?"

"I have always remained unconvinced by the Royal Highness and felt that his departure was good fortune, but deep in my heart, I still respect him. He did not grow up in a family of power, nor did he have immense support. Everything he has achieved today has been by his own hand."

"Get to the point." Wan Da Yong's eyebrows furrowed.

He was getting impatient at his son's inability to discern what was important and what was not.

"My point is, I've come to have a good understanding of the Son of the Emperor, I'm sure that the people on the tower ship, were the Son of the Emperor and his two soulmates!" Wan Feng said.

"There's hope... there's hope! You brat, you nearly destroyed our household, but this time... you've done something right, finally... you did something right!"

What did this mean?

Wan Feng felt a tinge of dissatisfaction. At the same time however, he was puzzled.

"Dad, you think so highly of the Son of the Emperor?" he asked.

"You know nothing!" Wan Da Yong looked at Wan Feng, chuckling coldly, "You still dare compare yourself with the Son of the Emperor? You aren't even worthy of carrying his shoes! Really, if you can have a hundredth of the power the Son of the Emperor has, I'll be laughing in my grave!"


Wan Feng was embarrassed. At the same time, he felt slightly wronged.

Which father would speak of his own son like that?

Incomparable to the Son of the Emperor...

The Son of the Emperor may be formidable, powerful, terrifying.

But to say that I am completely incomparable...

At this moment, a voice enveloped the place.

More accurately, the voice enveloped the entire Wan household built upon the relics.

"I am Chu Yu, send someone out to talk with me."


Wan Da Yong, who had looked almost close to death suddenly sprang from his bed, shouting, "Son of the Emperor, your Highness, my Son of the Emperor... you have come! You have no idea how much I've hoped for this, I have waited a long while!"

Without even putting on his shoes, Wan Da Yong rushed out, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Wan Feng was stunned. He remained in the room, his mouth agape.
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