Chapter 558: Good and Evil

Chapter 558: Good and Evil
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Zhao Guang Ping had been in recluse here for nearly two years!

No matter how much he hated to admit it, the legacies here in the solar system were too powerful!

He hated the ancient solar system, the earth, and his Zhao ancestors.

In his clan, he was once at the forefront, one of the more outstanding youths in his family. But he was never at the pinnacle.

In his generation, there were ten other youths that matched or even surpassed his abilities.

His overall performance was lackluster compared to some of them.

But now, after training with the Zhao legacy, he had mustered the confidence to challenge his peers!

"When I return, I shall return as a king!"

He had an awkward nature, but now he seemed to exude a commanding aura.

He shouted determinedly in this inhabited pocket dimension.

Then, he got a cold reply.

"Animal, you shall return to your dirty family as a… ghost!"

Zhao Guang Ping was taken aback.

He had wiped out all the residents here! A hundred thousand of them, the seniors, the infants, he hadn't spared anyone.

Wiped out cleanly!

He made sure to be thorough.

With a violent explosion.

All dead.

He had gone around scouting for days just to be sure.

He made sure not to miss out any areas, to cover all grounds. He even went deep down into the ground before he went into a recluse in the sacred temple.

Who could this be?

"Who are you?"

He added on, "Are you human or ghost?".

He was greeted with a tight slap.


He was sent flying.

His skull was nearly shattered by Chu Yu's palm!

"You animal!"

Chu Yu's eyes were filled with grief.

He knew something was wrong the moment he walked in.

The pocket dimension had originally been lively and bustling. Now, the air was heavy and filled with resent!

The negative aura was so strong it was forming a nasty force field!

It wasn't enough to hurt a spirit of the saint realm of course.

But anything below the level of saints could be critically damaged.

The magnetic field could cause hallucinations to set in and cause people to lose themselves.

Chu Yu had figured out what happened after practicing foreplay.

He was horrified by the heinous acts this foreign man had committed.

He had murdered so many of his own kind!

To rob them of their legacy!

Why did he have to kill all of them?

Where was his humanity?


Chu Yu knew about this pocket dimension a long time ago, he held the coordinates of over ninety percent of the smaller worlds from the ancient times.

He left them alone.

On one hand, he didn't really need the legacies to further his martial techniques anymore, on the other, many of these dimensions were still habited, and the residents were all seriously devolved. They could be compared to earthlings of the Dharma-ending Age.

Some of the dimensions had their descendants scattered all over the universe.

Perhaps one day they will all return to their roots.

When their return to their roots, and find their ancestral Dao arena empty.

In their times of confusion and resettlement, Chu Yu might be able to search and explore their relics freely.

But if he ravaged their relics now, stealing and robbing someone else's, it would be dishonorable and cheap.

He never imagined this Zhao descendant to be so cold-blooded and ruthless.

He didn't think he would do anything too extreme.

At most rob all their legacies.

Who knew he would carry out a great massacre like this.

Chu Yu was guilt-ridden, he hated Zhao Guang Ping to his core.

He wasn't going to spare him.

In less than two rounds, he had Zhao completely stunned.

After his recluse, Zhao had foolishly thought that he had reached the pinnacle of practice.

He thought he could be considered a top practitioner in today's day and age.

If he returned home, he could easily overcome his opponents.

Even his elders in the saint realm.

As for Chu Yu…

Who the hell was he?

Zhao never pictured Chu Yu in the equation!

Whatever about that brazen talk of the Yellow Emperor.

He didn't think much of Chu Yu at all.

In fact, he despised him and thought of him as an inferior counterpart.

In the end, he was humiliated by this man.

Chu Yu had beat him up like a haggard rag doll.

He was thrown viciously into the depths of the ground!

A pocket dimension like this one would be fortified by charms and spells of the ancestors.

It was sturdy and it could withstand the forces of an intense battle.

Chu Yu had pounded a large trench into the soil.

"Who… are you?"

Zhao Guang Ping was groaning as he lay sprawled in the hole.

His eyes were dim and he couldn't muster up any energy and powers.

As for his core… it was shattered.

Chu Yu had beaten him into pulp.

How could it be?

This was a ruined planet, how could there be such a powerful practitioner here?

Weren't all the Dao arenas around here tarnished?

If there were anyone left, they would be reduced to an ordinary man, wouldn't they?

But this man was so powerful!

Maybe… he is from another dimensional plane like me.

A hunter?

Does he hunt my kind?

The figure was approaching him rapidly as his image grew larger in his pupils.

Chu Yu was directly above him now.

"Who on earth are you? Are you a hitman? I am Zhao…"


That was the sound of his crush skulled as Chu Yu stomped on his head.


Chu Yu spat on his lifeless body and cursed at him.

It has been a while since he had been so emotionally affected by anyone. His rage was unparalleled.

In the vast universe, he had accumulated numerous enemies. Spies, challengers, assassins.

They all had their own tactics and schemes.

Chu Yu had firmed up and learned to deal with them with a steady heart.

He stopped his emotions from getting out of hand.

But Zhao had driven him mad today.

Flower chu followed behind him, her expression as dull as always.

She asked him naively, "You seem to be upset?".

Chu Yu retorted in her face, "It's all your people's fault!".

She looked at him innocently.

"Sigh… never mind, let's go!" he waved her off grudgingly.

The chase was still on!

There were many people like Zhao in the pocket dimensions.

They have part earthling blood in them that granted them access back to their ancestral roots.

But for them, their identity was too distant and foreign.

They had no attachments to where they came from.

They treated the place like forts of their enemies.

They wrecked havoc in these pocket dimensions as they did as they pleased and hid in the masses.

There wasn't anyone as cold-blooded as Zhao Guang Ping though.

So he had to be killed and punished.

The rest of them were still out there.

A small minority of them chose to fight Chu Yu and Flower chu head on.

There's nothing much to be said about them.

Chu Yu had taken care of them easily.

A piece of cake!

Their eyes were filled with disbelief and desperation right before they died.

There was such a powerful young practitioner from earth?

Are there plenty like him?

If so, won't there be a terrible defeat if a great war started, like 60,000,000 ago?

Too bad they couldn't relay the intel.


The ones who survived didn't choose to fight Chu Yu directly.

They managed to exchange a few blows but they didn't stake in everything.

Some of them accused Chu Yu of barging into their ancestral territory.

They were trying to sway the crowds and overwhelm Chu Yu with the numbers.

The people living in these pocket dimensions had no clue as to who Chu Yu was, they had never stepped out of their homes before.

They couldn't tell the difference between a battle and a series of thunderclaps.

Even after Chu Yu had captured the instigators, the civilians were pointing fingers at him.

He had to command all his patience and explain his narrative from the top.

Of course, the crowd didn't believe his incredulous tale. It didn't help that the perpetrator was a good talker.

He had been doing favors and garnering support since the first day he arrived, the hearts of the people were with him!

He activated the sacred temple and carried with him various pills and magical objects.

He helped the young practitioners here further their cultivation.

He prolonged their mortality and healed the sick.

He was their god!

That's why he dared to accuse Chu Yu of meddling with their business.

He wasn't about to give up his years of effort.

"So according to your logic, whoever who return from foreign galaxies are evil? Must we all die? Aren't you a little unreasonable?" the man had questioned Chu Yu.

The crowd of practitioners around them was also hollering, demanding for the man to be released.

Let their teacher go!

The only thing stopping them from taking Chu Yu down was their fear of his powers.

"Who the hell are you to meddle with our affairs? Since the arrival of our teacher, this dimension had regained life again! Are you trying to destroy all of it now? You thug!"

"You are a bad guy!" a small child yelled as he stood behind an adult.

"Hey, hey, young man, is there some kind of misunderstanding here?"

An elder stepped out and said, "He is from a foreign galaxy, he had already explained himself to us, the sacred temple verified his bloodline, he is from our clan. He had never done anything bad to us, only good deeds. If he didn't refuse, I would have offered my seat as the leader of the clan!".

"What misunderstanding is there? The real bad thug is him! The teacher has been so kind and giving, how could he be humiliated like this? Boo… this is too much!" a young girl was sobbing away.
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