Chapter 559: Their Mission

Chapter 559: Their Mission
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Flower chu looked at Chu Yu incredulously, she was surprised that he wasn't getting angry.

He was so angry just a minute ago as he beaten that man into pulp.

That was invigorating!

Why wasn't he starting any fights here?

How frustrating!

He should just beat up all of them!

Flower chu had her brows furrowed, the annoyance was clear.

She preferred a straightforward combat to solve issues, not long drawn debates.

Chu Yu was speechless.

This bunch of people who crawled their way back here held no good intentions.

It was clear as day to him.

They malicious intents were obvious.

They were only going to stop when one party drops dead.

Under these circumstances, this group of people that their enemies sent must carry a purpose.

They must have found their ancestor's Dao arenas with the help of ancient maps and accurate coordinates.

It would be impossible otherwise!

But this man was clever, extremely clever. He weaved an intricate network of relations that guaranteed his safety and protection.

He was scheming enough to conjure a more sophisticated infiltrated strategy.

He charmed the civilians with his upright morals.

It was hard not to like him.

Chu Yu had to give it to him.

His doings here were godly and wholesome.

Even if his mission was to help his backing powers attack the earth, to the people here, he was the best guy out there!

Chu Yu could tell that he was going to protect his own clan.

Even when it comes the day when the earth would come under siege.

The people here would be kept safe.

He would keep them safe!

It was his own blood after all.

It was hard to evaluate him as black or white.

Chu Yu's analysis of this guy's mentality didn't detect any traces of shame or guilt.

He was impeccable!

"Baddie! Release my teacher!" a rash young man was about to act.

The lady beside him held him back fiercely.

"Crook! Let uncle go!"

"Release the man!"

The crowd was getting out of hand.

Flower chu was growing impatient.

A powerful aura erupted from her body


The bystanders were blasted far away.

Many people were thrown to the ground.

The scene was quiet now.

People were looking at Flower chu, horrified.

They were looking at her like she was a monster.

There was some truth in that.

The Butterfly Dance was a monster to many people.

"So annoying!" she whined.

The civilians kept their distance.

Their opponents were too strong!

Should we evacuate?

People were weighing their options.

Bad guys?



Chu Yu chuckled helplessly.

He was held back by his status.

What was he doing now?

He was protecting the world!

How many people were there in the world?

The total population comes up to about eighty billion on earth.

Including the pocket dimensions, there would be about a hundred billion!

A hundred billion spirits!

How could that amount of spirits be compared to the small world here?

He couldn't be bothered about explaining himself to the people here!

He didn't take a second glance at the furious group of people.

He threw the man into his own pocket dimension where he kept his prisoners and locked him in there.

He told the man quietly, "If one day I was proven wrong, I'll apologize to you; if not…".

With a cold laugh, he didn't say anything else.

"Good job, Flower chu," he praised her and quickly left afterward.

After this experience, he stopped his hesitations. He would take care of matters in the most efficient way possible.

Whoever who caused serious damage or casualties will be given a death penalty.

Everybody else would be captured as prisoners.

He was rounding all of them up.

20 killed, 70 captured!

All by himself!

His team was also carrying out their duty.

After taking care of the bunch of them on earth, Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian had successfully cleaned up about thirty pocket dimensions.

Their experience was like Chu Yu's.

Scum like Zhao Guang Ping was rare.

A couple of them did pretend that they were saints.

The women had the same epiphanies as Chu Yu.

Thank goodness for Xu Xiao Xian, she could handle tricky situations with her wits.

They killed about ten and captured forty.

But they both acquired injuries.

Da Jia Zei suffered the most, perhaps he was the most eye-catching because of his pretty feathers.

When they all met up again, he had been reduced to the looks of a sparrow.

A large sparrow.

His feathers were ruffled and discolored, he looked battered.

"F*ck! What the hell are they? Why are they only chasing after me?"

Da Jia Zei was indignant when he met Chu Yu again.

Old Huang replied, "Maybe they all wanted a feather duster.".

"Go away!"

Most of the party had returned to the Floating city.

Most foreign practitioners had been infiltrating earth.

There weren't many of them on other planets.

The older warriors were merciless.

They didn't capture any.

Seeing Chu Yu bring back so many prisoners, Yue Yin was perplexed.

"What good would they do?"

The old beggar blinked his eyes, "Are you going to hold them as ransom?".

Da Jia Zei morphed into his original form, he purposely left a bandage on his left wing, parading evidence of his battle efforts.

"Good on you, old man, you know about ransom?"

"I knew a long time ago!"

Ming Hui chipped in, "There's no need for mercy for these bunch of people. They lost sight of their beginnings a long time ago, what good will they do? Do you realize their intentions here?".

Chu Yu raised his head, "Either as forefront soldiers or as scouts to collect intel I presume?".

That was his postulation.

The intel at the Floating city, the big data was obtained this way too.

Chu Yu didn't think they served another purpose.

"Ay, it's normal that you don't know. If I didn't use the soul-searching technique on one of then, I wouldn't have found out either," he sighed deeply, "we always thought that they came from different planes and weren't connected with one another.".

"Even if they had relations, it was amongst the higher superiors, wasn't it?" Chu Yu asked.

"Yes, that is true. They didn't know one another," Ming Hui nodded his head, "but they all had the same mission.".


"We are lucky to discover their schemes early, but it would be a complicated matter to deal with."

"Every one of them had set up bases at the coordinates they were given. They had accomplished their mission the moment they entered the solar system, it was fast and stealthy."

"Once these establishments are activated, they would form a giant wormhole!"

Ming Hui was serious, "The wormhole will create a passage, bringing in our enemies.".
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