Chapter 560: The Last Protector

Chapter 560: The Last Protector
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"Really? There will be tens of thousands of saint warriors charging through the wormhole?"

"You are saying that these infiltrators had already accomplished their mission, they were just waiting for the great invasion to happen?" Chu Yu's eyes were twinkling.

Ming Hui looked confused. He thought that this piece of news would spell worry and anxiety but Chu Yu looked excited.

Even if you had enough time to set up formations, the enemy was powerful. It wouldn't be possible to trap tens of thousands of saints.

Where was the excitement coming from?

Ming Hui said, "This shouldn't be fake news, it wasn't possible for the man to hide his thoughts from him, just to be safe, I could practice the technique on the prisoners you've captured.".

Xu Xiao Xian looked at Chu Yu, "Zhao.".

Chu Yu fished him out from the pocket dimension.

In foreign surroundings, Zhao Guang Ping looked calm and collected, "So this is the Floating city?".

Chu Yu gestured for Ming Hui to start.

Ming Hui nodded his head and started swiftly.


Zhao Guang Ping let out a blood-curdling scream.

He couldn't even speak, all there was left was his writhing expression.

The soul-searching technique was a part of the Great Sacred art, it was a rare art form.

Only someone of the Great Saint realm could practice it with ease.

If a saint practitioner attempted it on a subject of equal standing, it would be easy for the subject to erode their minds.

They might end up being controlled themselves!

When you are trying to probe into someone else's mind, the subject could probe into yours too, it's a two-way channel.

Hence, this technique was rarely practiced and rightfully so.

Ming Hui was trying to confirm the fidelity of the information he had received.

Zhao Guang Ping didn't see it coming at all and had left himself defenseless.

In addition, he was suppressed by Chu Yu.

He couldn't use any of his powers or muster and strength to counter the attack on his mind.

His divine sense was left open for Ming Hui to explore and probe.

After a while, he tossed Zhao Guang Ping aside and said gravely to Chu Yu, "The information is verified.".

He glanced coldly at Zhao Guang Ping, "This bastard has a strong sense of hatred towards you… his mind is a mess, but the information is true.".

"The same?" Chu Yu was growingly excited.

Zhao Guang Ping's hatred didn't bother him at all.

Of course, he hated him!

He had been waiting for the invasion of the solar system.

He was going to be rewarded for his efforts.

If they succeeded, his name would be known throughout the universe!

He was going to be historical.

But he was fleshed out by Chu Yu, captured, now tortured. He had completely lost this fight.

Ming Hui couldn't help himself, "Damn it, son, this is no joke! We're dead meat if tens of thousands of warriors step into our system!".

"Don't fret, we've got a plan," Chu Yu smirked.

Zhao Guang Ping had heard the entire conversation as he laid writhing on the floor.

After being tortured, his entire divine sense was on fire and it caused a splitting headache. He was miserable.

After hearing what Chu Yu said, he stopped his groaning and spat at him, "A plan? Dream on! Even if you start strategizing now, you wouldn't make it in time! Ahaha… AHHHh… it hurts so bad... this is not the old glorious Village of Dao anymore! You are all just waiting for death!".

Xu Xiao Xian walked over with a blank face, she raised her foot and stepped on Zhao Guang Ping's calf.


Zhao Guang Ping let out a shriek, Xu Xiao Xian had broken his calf, shattering his bones.

She had used a great deal of force, after all, Zhao Guang Pin was a saint with a strong physical body, but her rage was destructive.

"Keep on talking your big talk! Why did you stop?"

Xu Xiao Xian went on to mock him.

The pain was killing him, he couldn't form a coherent sentence.

Xu Xiao Xian had released a force to disassemble the structures in his body, she was vicious.

It was excruciating.

"B*tch…, die… all!"

His features were extremely distorted as he gritted down his teeth and glared at Xu Xiao Xian.

"Haha," she went on to break his other leg.

Zhao Guang Ping was close to fainting from the pain.

No one thought that Xu Xiao Xian was being cruel, based on what he had committed, he deserved all these and much worse.

If they really succeeded, all the life here in the solar system would be wiped out.

The foreign practitioners would never spare an inch of grass here.

There would be no mercy.

Ming Hui stared at Chu Yu, "Tell me clearly, what is the plan?".

Xu Xiao Xian bent down and picked Zhao Guang Ping up like a sack of flour and dragged him out of the room. She knew about the plan and she figured that Chu Yu was going to activate other relics soon.

Those places had sealed cities!

A formidable force from the previous era.

Suddenly a thought crossed her mind, then she shook it off as it creeped her out thinking about it.

The plan from ancient times?

Were things so incredible?

In the room, Ming Hui was still questioning Chu Yu.

"Are you saying that there are undiscovered forces form the past? Have you found them?"

The others were also looking at Chu Yu curiously, they were anxious to know what Chu Yu's plan was.

All the saints on Earth added together wouldn't make a hundred.

They were severely outnumbered.

How could they face a large number of enemy troops?

How could they win?

Even if they sacrificed themselves, detonated themselves… they wouldn't be able to take down the entire army!

Chu Yu smiled, "I'm not trying to build up the suspense here, but this matter can't go public yet. I have to leave soon.".

Ming Hui looked at him thoughtfully.

He knew Chu Yu well, he wasn't someone who took things lightly.

With a bit of hesitation, he relented, "Fine, let's just watch and see!".

Chu Yu left the Floating city yet again.

This time, alone.

Five days went by before he was back again.

He looked exhausted.

Only Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian knew what he was up to these five days.

All the prisoners were locked up in the cells of the Floating city.

Ming Hui had been practicing the Soul-Searching technique on a couple of them to extract critical intel.

D-Day was in less than a month!

The battle of the galaxies was about to commence.

Yi could feel the imposition of the cultivation energy of the mortal realm on him.

The laws of heaven and earth were against him.

Before the laws, all men were equal.

Didn't matter if you were on the white or black side.

The great laws of the universe applied to all living spirits!

Yi was still searching!

The coordinates he had secured previously had been evacuated long ago.

He had spent a great deal of his remaining vitality searching for his enemy's traces.

At his level, traveling from one place to another only takes a thought to materialize.

But the universe was too vast.

It was boundless.

Even after countless repetitions of foreplay, he was still searching.

He already extinguished three ancient beings.

There was some sort of humor in the anguish they expressed before disappearing.

Ageless bastards who were still so afraid of death.

Suddenly, a strong wave of energy approached him from ahead.

He stopped in his tracks.

Then he squinted his eyes.

This didn't seem like the sort of place a superior ancient being would reside in.

The energy wave was way too obvious.

The real shred of consciousness left behind by these beings were subtle and hidden away.

He thought about it before arriving at the site.

He was going to barge in!

No tricks or foul play.

He didn't need those.

A powerful defense formation was shattered by Yi's collision.

There was a violent chain reaction.

Formations were setting off all around the stars.

The horizon grew clear in front of him.

A large piece of land was floating.

It was parked in the virtual space.

A concentrated spot where life breathes!

Yi turned his gaze to where the energy wave was emitting from.

From the depths of this vast land.

There was an overbearing force over there!

It was the aggregation of over a thousand saint spirits.

His arrival had also alarmed them.

They were all looking at him.

Faces of confusion.

They lost sight of him.

Yi's divine sense was examining them, he wanted to know the reason behind their congregation.

Then he acted immediately.

A blow.

It was a dazzling beam of light that cast upon these spirts.


It was like a crashing meteor.

The explosion had created a mushroom cloud.

It was a terrifying explosion!

Numerous spirits were killed on the spot, they own implosion had killed their companions around them.

It was a frightening blow!

Few spirits managed to make it out of the mess.

Yi's face turned pale after dealing the blow.

His complexion was as gray as cement.

Then, he extracted pure energy from the mess he created.

It was dark magic.

It was a condemned kind of magic.

He had never used it before.

But he couldn't care less now.

He knew what they were up to.

They had set up establishments around the solar system and they were going to create a wormhole to attack the solar system!


Yi was enraged.

Suddenly, he sensed an incoming threat charging towards him.

Then, a blow was dealt towards him in the form of a powerful laser beam. It was from far away deep in space.

He dodged immediately but he was still scraped by the beam.

Fresh blood was dripping from his large body.

He was hurt.

He turned his attention away from the survivors of the explosion and looked at where the laser had come from.

A large figure was emerging from the shadows.

He looked like he was taking slow but brisk steps but he was covering ground fast!

In a blink of an eye, he had gotten close to where Yi was at!

It was a giant.

He had a towering build as he traversed the stars.

The planets in his perimeters were all attracted to his body as they slammed against it, shattering into pieces.

"I didn't expect you to be still alive," the giant said.

"Why didn't you think that I'll still be around? If you are still around, why wouldn't I be?"

Yi spoke calmly but his eyes reflected caution and wariness.

The giant clan was a member of the heavenly courts in the previous era.

Eventually, they betrayed the courts and went under the wings of the deities.

They didn't win themselves any favors, however.

The deities despised all spirits from the mortal realm.

Except for the Yellow Emperor of course.

"Why? You are not going to be the protector of the solar system now that you are dying?" the giant was taunting him.

"Yeah, I am about to die, but not before I kill all of you scum," Yi replied coolly.

"What a joke, you think you can do that?"

He acted immediately.

There was a devastating explosion in the galaxy.

The piece of land beneath them had cracked like an eggshell into several pieces.

Then it was crushed.

All there was left of it were specks of particles drifting in the virtual space.

It was vanquished!

The blow of a Great Saint!

The true destruction!

None of the survivors from just now made it out this time.

They families, clans, and sects were all decimated along with the land.

The giant stumbled backward and crushed several more planets.

Yi was rock steady.

"Impossible! You should be extremely weak now… why are you still so strong?"

His words were laced with disbelief, then it struck him, "You son of a b*tch… you dare to use the forbidden magic?" he bellowed.

"You don't have the rights to criticize me!"

Yi acted again.

It was still the collision of raw energy and power.

The giant's body was completely destroyed.

It was irreversible damage; his divine sense would disappear in the winds around them.

"What are you doing this for?" the giant was still howling.

The mental waves were shattering planets by causing vigorous vibrations.

Yi was silent.

He had also taken critical damage.

He straightened his back and puffed out his chest.

There were another eight shadows who had formed an alliance.

They were watching him from a distance.
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