Chapter 566: Kill With Poison

Chapter 566: Kill With Poison
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He was enraged!

Half of his head was severed, his mental consciousness was constantly being attacked by the three realms technique.

He was angry and scared.

"Why are you only slashing me?".

He felt targeted as he howled in anger.

Why was Chu Yu picking on him? There were 3 of them!

The other two great Saints were angered by his words.

We're all friends, why can't you take some damage?

Do you want us to take the burden instead?

No, we won't!

They had all lived for so long, what was the point?

Wasn't it tiring?

As for why Chu Yu was targeting him… it was because he was the ugliest!

Ugly people had no rights to choose.

Didn't he understand that simple fact?

Heh, he was far too stupid!

How did this brain achieve the cultivation of a great Saint?

"Hmm," Chu Yu responded.

No one had expected him to reply, but just as he said this, he turned around and charged at the other Saints.


The great Saint who was his new target was going mad.

Why me?

Why can't he choose the other one?

The runes around were clearly falling apart, but why won't they break?

If this went on, there would be no survivors!

The remaining great Saint heaved a sigh of relief!

It was too close!

I'm the least ugly one, thank god!

It's a truly superficial era indeed.

What he didn't see was the other blade in Chu Yu's hand that was coming for his head.


It was his turn to suffer the pain.

The great Saint that had his head half decapitated was silent, he just watched on.

He didn't want to catch Chu Yu's attention at a time like this.

Soon, Chu Yu had the other two great Saint's heads on the tip of decapitation as well.

He finally stopped his onslaught.

His face was pale.

The energy in his body was almost completely expended.

The cultivation of a great Saint was too deep, their powers were too strong.

It was no wonder that a sliver of memory could live on for so long.

Their bodies were forged from the laws of the universe.

Chu Yu had not reached that level yet.

Even though the three realms technique was formidable.

But all knowledge in this world was gradual, one had to go through a process before enlightenment.

Even though Chu Yu was in the advance stages of the Saint Realm, he was still some distance off those great Saints.

Although he was outstanding, it wasn't enough.

The three great Saints could tell Chu Yu's condition at one glance.

They put the previous grievance behind them and got together, looking at Chu Yu, then turning to look at the collapsing runes.

"They're gonna break soon.".


"About time.".

"He won't be able to kill us then.".

"Thank god.".

"The young Emperor isn't normal indeed, but he's still too weak.".

"We have to obtain the Daoist laws from his body.".


"I agree.".

Their faces became relaxed as they began talking to one another.

At that moment, Chu Yu took out a few pills.

Compared to his body, these pills were extremely small.

They were just like dust specks!

Chu Yu looked very serious, he carefully popped the pills into his mouth.

He consumed three of them.

After ding so, he took a deep breath and smiled, "Since the three of you won't die, I'll have to take my medicine.".

"Hahaha, you're gonna make me die of laughter! I can sense the power of the pills, you want to use such trash to challenge us?".

"You're just putting up an act, are you out of options? This is a little disappointing. You're just a clown!".

"Reality has proven that you're not the great Emperor, otherwise, why would you fool around like this?".

The three great Saints mocked Chu Yu.

Their behaviours here were completely different from their normal ones.

The key was that this young man was extremely powerful!

He was a whisker away from killing them just now!

As a Saint, it was incredible that he could take on three great Saints at once.

It was a pity that it fell apart in the end.

One of the great Saints admitted honestly, "If we all went against him alone, he would have succeeded in killing us.".

"It's a good thing that he did not.".

"Young and foolish.".

They began laughing in glee.

They had all made mistakes in their youth, mistakes that were not lethal.

That was why they had time to improve, to become the great Saints that they were today.

But it was a pity that this young man did not have such a chance!

At that moment, one of the great Saint's face became extremely dark.

It was not a reflection of his emotion, the color of his flesh was literally becoming pitch black!

The other two Saints noticed this change and looked and him in shock.

"You… your face!".

The two of them gasoed.

"What kind of prank are you two pulling on me now? What's wrong with my face? Wait… what's with your face?" the great Saint said with a surprised look.

All three of their faces were becoming pitch black!

At their level of cultivation, they knew what was going on, it was the kind of black that meant that they were doomed from poison.

How could this be?

The first great Saint's body began showing symptoms of collapse.  

His cultivation was cracking and crumbling, and at the end, his body exploded!

The scene was far too shocking.

The mountainous body of his was constantly crumbling in the vast span of the universe, like a collapsing mountain!

"Impossible!" the other great Saints could be heard gasping as their bodies underwent the same process.

All of the bystanders were stunned.

The bodies of the other two great Saints began crumbling as well.

They crumbled to dust.

Chu Yu let out a long breath as he looked at the three slivers of memory.

"Who told you that Saint level pills can't infect great Saints? Moreover, who told you that the pills I consumed were Saint level pills in the first place?".

The Immortal Crane Scripture had a few forbidden recipes that the Crane Saint himself had never experimented with.

These recipes required far too much power, even the Crane Saint did not possess such powers.

On the other hand, the side effects of these pills were too fearsome, one misstep and the chain reaction would have been violent!

There were no certainties in using them as well.

Chu Yu had no choice.

It was almost impossible to become a great Saint under the circumstances of the modern world.

Those who had achieved that stage and were still alive were naturally the most powerful beings now.

Against such powers, the runic powers that Chu Yu had were definitely not enough!

He could suppress them, but he could not kill them.

Just thinking about Yi's powers were enough of a measure.

How many cultivators have doubted his powers over the years?

They all wrote him off, but once he appeared, thunderous explosions were left in his wake.

At the end, Yi decided to leave the solar system and exterminate as many ancient beings as he could.

The total number was a mystery, but it was far from little.

Across all these years, Chu Yu gathered as much information as he could to refine a cursing pill.

Without the ancient runes, he would not have had a chance to use it.

Instead, the effects might have been the inverse!

If that happened, even he would not be able to save himself.

Watching the bodies of the three great Saints crumble, Chu Yu did not have a shred of regret.

Levels of cultivation had no correlation to morals.

Their behaviours were arguably worse than some normal human beings.

Profanities were constantly splurted out of their mouths.

Perhaps they were discontent with this ending.

They never thought that they would meet their ends like this in the solar system.

They wanted to make their mark here and create formidable bodies for themselves, but it was all just a pipe dream.

Their dreams were crushed.

Inside the pitch dark black hole, a soothing noise could be heard.

Then, a normal sized person walked out.

He looked at the pale Chu Yu and giggled, "Incredible! With your level of cultivation, you managed to kill three great Saints. Regardless of whether or not you are the great Emperor, you are incredible.".

Chu Yu sighed.

Here comes another one.
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