Chapter 569: Senior?

Chapter 569: Senior?
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The vast space in the universe was beaten badly, it looked chaotic, almost unreal.

The beings of the solar system did not care too much.

The cultivators on earth who were true lord and above all seemed to be here.

Even though they could not contribute much, it was a good thing that most of them were safe.

Their presence was fate.

If the floating city fell, so would the solar system.

The whole solar system had witnessed all the lives of this war, and the mood was fluctuating.

Even with the civilizations of the outside world... There was no big difference.

The only difference was that at the end of the day, the spiritual practitioners of that group of civilizations were dying, and for all the creatures on this side of the solar system... Things were getting really exciting!

Even the older generation of Song Qing and Ming Hui had a kind of ecstasy that could not be suppressed, which was emitted from the bottom of their hearts.

Everyone was celebrating.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu and looked at each other. Then they shook their heads gently.

Xu Xiao Xian said, "Go, go back to arrange the celebration banquet, today we must celebrate!".

"Yes, that's right," Lin Shi nodded.

Then the two girls flew back to the crowd.

Passing this idea on, amidst the chaos of the universe, suddenly came a wave of extreme fanaticism.

The eight ancient cities, over on the other side, took the lead in calling.

"The great Emperor is invincible!"

More than 30,0000 Saints, how terrifying was their combined divine sense?

This resounding divine sense, like a storm, swept across the solar system in an instant.

Then came the floating city, and the solar system practitioners who came to the scene, all of them screaming in the minds.

"The great Emperor is invincible!"

"The great Emperor is invincible!"

Some practitioners were curious though, wasn't he the Son of the Emperor?

How did he become a great Emperor all of a sudden?

But that's what everyone called him...

All the planets in the solar system cheered and howled at the same time.

"The great Emperor is invincible!"

Today, on earth, the secular world was already a unique situation of the Chinese family.

Communicative devices were widespread.

In the floating city, reporters were stationed there.

When the war broke out, the energy and radiation spread around the universe destroyed all communications equipment.

But it didn't matter. Today's technological development was changing rapidly.

The high-tech technology from Mars and other planets were more advanced than the technology of the earth itself for at least millions of years.

By the time the war had just stopped, the number of top communications satellites that had been protected from the extinction of the planets had vanished instantaneously.

No rocket launches were needed now.

A strong practitioner took these things directly and sent them accurately to the position of the track.

And then, other communications satellites were sent to the depths of the universe.

The formation of a huge cosmic network!

People on earth today were already connected to other intelligent planets in the solar system.

It was not unusual to communicate with aliens and surf the Internet.

It was time to get down to business.

After the battle has just ended, the picture on this side of the battlefield was transmitted to the countless lives of the entire solar system by the communication satellite brought by the brave practitioners.

Although the battlefield has been cleaned almost everywhere, blood flowed everywhere in the galaxy.

Every picture was a shock to the hearts of countless people.

At the same time, the other side of the floating city was on earth.

Chu Yu's parents, Chu Tian Bei and Song Yu were being interviewed.

"This reporter is reporting to you in the floating city..."

Well, it is in line with the great tradition of the Chinese.

When one wins, you must report it all round!

In short, this day would definitely occupy the supreme position in the solar calendar.

It is believed that no other day is more important than this day in the mind of the solar system.

In fact, some of the planets that were inhabited by intelligent races have been quick to make this day the greatest day.

Many people who stared at live pictures actually wanted to see a person.

It's just that the person didn't know whether he wanted to face the camera.

No one could see him.

"What about our great man?".

More than one person sent out such a question.

Xu Xiao Xian, together with Lin Shi, greeted everyone and went back to the floating city to celebrate the feast.



In the chaos, the old man's face was calm.

In the distance, the prince, who had been kicked by Chu Yu, winced.

He taunted, "Chu Yu, my great Emperor Senior, kill me if you can, send me through the six paths of reincarnation as you did!".

He shrieked, "come on!"

The blood from his mouth was almost splashing on Chu Yu's face.


Chu Yu raised his arm and slapped him in the face.


Chu Yu spat at him.

The young prince was stunned and covered his face. He could not believe what had happened.

Chu Yu overlooked his head and looked at the old man who was standing there with no expression on his face. He said, "I have never seen such a cheap request. I want to die and commit suicide? Besides, don't think I'm willing to let you go. If I can, I want to chop you now.".

"You hit me?" the prince said, his face was full of grievances.

"Look at me like that again and I'll kill you now!" Chu Yu exploded on the spot.

Chu Yu looked at the old man, "What's going on here? Am I the reincarnation of the great emperor? Are you my master? ".


The old man looked at Chu Yu and did not speak, but he said to the young prince, "you still lost?".

The prince murmured, "it's all because of your biases.".

The old man ignored him and pointed at him directly with his hand.

The energy in the prince's body increased tremendously!

But it quickly converged.

Chu Yu could feel that the prince had recovered.


He looked at the old man. If he could beat him, he really wanted to fight with him.

What was this?

The last time, the old man gave him a hand and stopped him. And then turned around without saying a word.

This time, the old man took the lead again and cleaned up the last boy who came out. And... Once again, he turned away without a word.

From the beginning to the end, the old man did not say anything to Chu Yu.

And what did he mean by letting the young prince regain his strength?

Chu Yu almost killed the guy, he still had a strong murderous feeling around him. The old man just walked away.

Chu Yu looked at the prince, who looked back at him.

"What are you looking at?!"

Chu Yu barked.

"Who said I was looking at you?" the prince replied.

In his heart, he thought to himself: Wait a minute! I am much more powerful than him now. Why should I be afraid of him? Shouldn't he be afraid of me? I have regained my powers, and I can crush him with one finger. Why should I be afraid of him?

Hey hey hey!

There was a smile of evil on his face.

He looked at Chu Yu in a funny way.

"You're not bad," he said. "Hey, if I were a woman, I might fall in love with you.".

Chu Yu looked at him as if he were an idiot.

What was this?

What's with the difference in attitude?

"Are you stupid?" Chu Yu frowned at the prince.

"I am a great saint! Do you understand? Tut... Of course you don't understand, because you have never entered that field. And how can you understand it?" the prince replied, angered by Chu Yu's attitude.

"I have no time to gossip with you here, I have to go back to open a celebration dinner. You can go wherever you want, just don't follow me," Chu Yu said.

Chu Yu was really anxious to go back, it was not just about the celebration dinner.

The prince looked at Chu Yu and said, "The old man's really too biased! He must have told you the truth! You're my senior, could you tell me what he's thinking?".

Chu Yu looked at him and smiled, "Your senior? Let me ask you then, if this old man didn't appear, would you have killed me?".

"Of course… perhaps," the prince replied.
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