Chapter 58: Thief Sect

Chapter 58: Thief Sect

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With today’s rapid speed of internet, the matters in Celestial Fox Immortal Cave did not even take half a day to go online.

Thereafter, in a short time, it immediately became a viral trend, sweeping through the Internet!

Actually in normal situations, this should not have happened.

Every circle had to adhere by their circle’s rules.

Especially, underworld clans were not even in the eyes of ancient schools, sects and clans. These ancient factions would be too disdainful to discuss about underworld clans over the commoner’s Internet.

At the most, they would secretly focus their attention; they wouldn’t even have the face to mention about such matters to other. Otherwise, they would look very LOW.

But this incident was too unique.

A group of young Heaven’s Prides with high statuses met with a disastrous defeat in the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave; a few of them had even died. This included the Qing Hai Wu Clan disciple, Wu Dong, as well as the extremely powerful Qiu Tianxue of the Truth Ancient Sect.

If they died within the ancient ruins, then things would have been simple. However, the key problem was, these young men with loft statuses, were clearly killed!

For the group of people who managed to escape with their lifes, they had a deep seeded hatred for Song Hong and Fan Jian.

And there was still that Lord Thief!

They just wanted to cripple these b*stards and destroy their bones!

Thus, they couldn’t be bothered about the rules of their inner circle. At the first moment their emerged, they immediately sent this news exploding on the Internet.

Thereafter… Most of the firepower seemed to be concentrated on Fan Jian.

The reason was simple. Towards the end, Fan Jian had treated them with extreme arrogances and disgust. On the other hand, Song Hong was too mysterious. No one knew his origins, they only knew that he was Chu Yu’s senior.

Towards such an enigmatic and mysterious figure, they really couldn’t gather any firepower.

As for Lord Thief… These f*cking idiots could actually get scammed by a bird. That matter was too disgraceful to be disclosed.

This Fatty had unfortunately become the biggest target.

All these dirty water had been splashed onto this Thief Clan heir.

This time, even if he didn’t want to carry this blame, he couldn’t avoid it.

In a secretive and remote location, Fatty was holding his mobile phone with a frantic look on his face.

"Thief Clan Heir Fan Jian, killed Qing Hai Wu Clan disciple Wu Dong in the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. Accounts say that Wu Dong had died very miserably!"

"Witnesses have confirmed that Thief Clan Heir Fan Jian had killed Truth Heir Qiu Tianxue in the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. This was witnessed by many people; Qiu Tianxue’s body had been decapitated."

"Accounts have confirmed, Thief Clan Heir Fan Jian had obtained the legacy from within the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. According to the signs, the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave was once the residence of an ancient medical saint…"

"According to a personal report, Thief Clan Heir Fan Jian had killed…"

"Reliable news: Thief Clan Heir Fan Jian had always been concealing his power. His actual power is already at least in Invigorated Meridian Stage Seven…"

Fatty looked at the news pasted throughout the Internet, his entire body was about to explode. He uttered an aggrieved roar, "What f*cking sh*t is this ah? From the start to the end, this old man had almost died, and I only got some mass-produced weapon from it…. Bloody hell, you can’t play like this ah!"

He was really about to have a nervous breakdown. Even though he had already prepared himself mentally, he would never have expected that things would escalate to such a degree.

He seemed to have become public enemy number one…

On one hand, the news pointed him as the killer of many disciples from the ancient schools, sects and clans.

On the other hand (a more damnable hand), most of the news were saying that he obtained the legacy from the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave!

"If this old man really obtained the legacy, then it would be great! But the problem is… I’m f*cking framed ah!"

Fatty’s entire body seemed to be trembling.

Soon, his phone started to ring. He saw the caller ID and his hand started to shiver, he almost dropped his phone.

His phone rang for half a day. Bracing himself, Fatty answered the phone.

"Kid, you’ve really become good ah. You actually killed so many disciples from those ancient factions, hahahaha, your behaviour isn’t like the Thief Clan Heir, it’s more like a sect destroyer."

"Master… I…." Fatty’s teetch started to clatter violently.

"It’s fine that you’ve killed them. Our Thief Clan had been hiding in the shadows for too long, many people have already forgotten about our might. Good disciple, show them a bit of impressiveness. Master will silently support you from the back!"

"Master, but…"

"There’s no need for ‘but’s. And how’s the saint’s legacy? Hahahaha, it’s not suitable for you ah? If it’s really not suitable, then you can bring it back. Now that the world had been revitalised, a saint’s legacy, and Crane Saint’s one at that, would definitely be invaluable. Kid, you better not get too greedy, I will give you what you deserve, but you must not be ungrateful ah!"

"Master… I didn’t even get that legacy!" Fatty wailed at the phone, finally having a chance to talk.

The phone went silent, then the voice on the phone turned solemn.

"Little b*stard, I don’t care if you scam other old men, but if you dare betray the sect…. You should know the consequences! From ancient times to now, the number of disciples who betray our Thief Sect are few. But all the betrayers, and what happened to them, have been told to you countless times since you were young!"

"Master, I really didn’t get it, I… was framed ah!" Fatty wanted to cry but no tears could come out.

"What happened?" On the phone, Fatty’s master, an old man with a wretched appearance, now had a sombre expression on his face.

He had seen Fan Jian grow up; he knew that this little b*stard wasn’t anything good, but this little kid would dare lie to him.

Just now, when their Thief Sect received this news, they were all incomparably excited.

Killing a few disciples from ancient factions, to them, did not mean anything much.

To this date, many people think that the Thief Sect was filled with unscrupulous people who only knew how to commit petty crime and raid graves.

But in reality, the real Thief Sect, was far more terrifying than they could imagine!

In ancient times, the murders committed by the Thief Sect, could match actual assassin guilds!

The people of the Thief Sect were of wide variety, and the Thief Sect had produced many importnat figures that could stun the world!

However, many of them had an alternative persona. From the start to the end, no one knew that they were actually disciples of the Thief Sect!

Today, the Thief Sect had declined slightly, but the foundations were still there. The current generation of leaders had wholeheartedly been trying to regain the glory that the Thief Sect had during the ancient times. Thus, when they saw the news, they were all so excited, they almost went mad.

On the surface, they were scolding Fan Jian as a selfish little b*stard who actually explored a saint’s ruins by himself. But in their hearts, they were filled with pride.

Whether it was an ancient school, or an ancient sect, or even an underworld clan, all these factions which had existed since ancient times had an intense sect perception.

Once you entered the sect, you’ll be loyal to the death!

Betrayers, were the most hated people.

This was an age old belief!

Perhaps in the eyes of the modern commoners, this belief was outdated and fallen; they would think that people were free to do anything they want… However, in eyes of these factions, this belief still held true!

Thus, when Fatty had obtained all the benefits, the people in his sect had appeared jealous, but they were actually incredibly excited for Fatty!

Fan Jian, at this point, cried as he lied to his master. He did not dare say that a portion of his soul had been taken away. If he did say that, his master would definitely have gone mad.

His master would rather have sacrificed him, and not let Chu Yu off.

Fatty didn’t want to die yet, so he told his master that in the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, he did obtain a tiny opportunity, which allowed his level to increase to Invigorated Meridian Stage Seven.

That had incited the jealousy of those b*stards who didn’t obtain anything, so he had been viciously framed.

As for Wu Dong, Qiu Tianxue and the rest, they had been killed by other people but it’s difficult for him to deny it.

"I beg master to help me ah, they’re jealous of your disciple, and the look down on disciple’s origins as they constantly derided your disciple. In your disciple’s rage, he taught those few people a lesson. Eventually, they all splashed their dirty water all over your disciple, wuuuu…."

To make things more realistic, Fatty even forced out a few tears and his voice started to choke.

When Fan Jian’s master, a wretched looking old man, heard Fatty’s words, he was first enraged, but towards the end, he could not help but chuckle.

"Little b*stard, why are you crying? Let this old man ask you, are those group of b*tches able to catch you?"

Fatty grabbed his phone and cried, "Of course not! There’s no need to talk about that group of little sh*ts, even if a group of Xiantian cultivators come, they still have to forget about finding me!"

"So impressive? If they can’t catch you, then so what if they hate you?"

The wretched old man laughed, "Good disciple, to help spread the name of our Thief Sect, you have made this sacrifice. Be good, don’t be scared ah. Wait till master makes a break through and enter the King’s Realm, then there’s no need to be afraid ot them. Wait for master to help avenge you!"

"Master… This is placing a huge pressure on disciple ah!" Fatty cried out in injustice.

"Be quiet la, it’s okay. Anyway, aren’t you used to hiding and sneaking around? If those people have splashed dirty water over you, then why don’t you create a ruckus for them to see! Force their ancestors out to enjoy the sun!"

If Chu Yu could here these words, he would instantly understand where Fatty’s shamelessness had come from.


"Alright alright, I still have something on. After this, you should go probe around, who was the one who obtained Crane Saint’s legacy? We can’t let that b*stard get off scot-free!"

As the wretched old man spoke, he gave his disciple a few additional words of consolation before hanging off the phone.

Fatty exhaled deeply and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, thinking: At least that’s over.

That group of old fogeys in the Thief Sect were all lunatics. If they knew the truth, then things were going down for real.

Luckily, he had fooled them, so they were temporarily safe.

Forget it, I’ll just take this blame. However, I have to let that despicable b*stard Chu Yu know that this Lord had not betrayed him!

As Fatty thought of this, his two fat fingers moved like the wind, tapping a message of the phone.

Thereafter, Fatty took out some clothes, and with some adjustments, he had transformed into a different person.

Wearing a black framed spectacles, donning a western suit, and with a slightly slimmer body, Fatty looked like a refined gentleman. He was even holding on to a briefcase.

He even managed to find an ordinary car out of nowhere. From the looks of it, he was no different from the working class man in the commoner’s world.

Even though he wasn’t able to flawlessly change his face like Chu Yu, there were few in this world that could see through his disguise!

The heir of the Thief Clan was truly not short of methods.

It was only because of bad luck which landed him in Chu Yu’s hands.

In the next instant, Fatty started started the car, and drove into an expressway.

On the car, he even made a call.

"Boss Wang, ya it’s me. Haha, things have been going well. Sign the contract next week! Pay Raise? Hahaha, thanks Boss Wang… Being able to work for Boss Wang is my Xiao Fan’s honour ah…"
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