Chapter 574: You Don't Have That Right

Chapter 574: You Don't Have That Right
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Da Jia Zei flapped his wings and shrieked, turning his head around to see if Jing Hong was chasing him as he flew towards earth.

Feathers were falling off him at the same time.

"Chu Yu! Come out now!".

"Otherwise you'll have to collect my corpse! This lady is retarded and yet powerful!".

Jing Hong let out a look of suspicion as she continued chasing him.

"Chu Yu? Isn't that the name of the Son of the Emperor?" Jing Hong mumbled to herself.

She stopped there as a face of awkwardness appeared on her face.

Did he really know him? Why would he yell his name so loudly otherwise?

If that was the case, her actions would not have gone down well with him.

She stopped momentarily and asked, "Are you really a bird of his side?".

"I'm his friend! Not just a bird!" Da Jia Zei retorted angrily.


Her heart sank, things weren't going to be pretty!

This bird was close to Chu Yu!

What was her best course of action now?

She was smart and beautiful, she could learn anything very quickly, but she was not good at interacting with others and pleasing them.

All this time, it had been others who tried to establish rapport with her.

"That, this is a misunderstanding, I can explain," she said feebly.

"You nearly killed me!" he shouted angrily.

"It's just a few feathers…" she replied softly.

She had to control herself, she could not bear to offend him.

"You have to repay me for those!" he uttered.

"How… how do I do that? I'm no bird…" she thought to herself.

He looked at her and said, "Forget it, I won't squabble with you, but remember this, never look down on birds again!".

After lecturing her, he left pridefully.

Jing Hong did not know how to react, this was a first for her.

She needed to get the letter from her ancient ancestor to Chu Yu.

Within a few moments of coming to earth, she had fully believed her elder's plans.

After all, she was far more experienced.

She was surprised that she did not manage to see him immediately.

Even after a few days, she did not get to do so.

After a week, she got uneasy.

She began asking the servants what he was up to.

"The Great Emperor's schedule, how would people like us know?" a beautiful girl replied her query.

"Isn't he THE Great Emperor? Why is he being so secretive?".

A series of questions appeared in her head.

"The Great Emperor, what's up with him?" she asked directly.

"The Great Emperor is the former Son of the Emperor. As to why his name has changed, the reason is simple…".

The two servants exchanged looks as the other one said, "He saved this world on his own! He's our god!".

She listened to them and their fanaticism for the next half an hour.

Even the servants in the floating city were no normal people.

This girl, for example, came from one of the top schools in the secular world.

After half an hour, the two girls left.

They were very pleased with themselves to have taught a foreigner how great their Emperor was!

Jing Hong was a little confused now, she did not know if the bird had made a fool out of her or not.

She wanted to get mad and flip tables, but she calmed herself down.

After three days, her request for an audience was finally granted.

But the one who met her was not Chu Yu, but Xu Xiao Xian.

Ever since Jing Hong's first day here, the people of the floating city probably knew of her arrival.

The people of other galaxies had all been sending their most beautiful women here.

Fatty often teased Chu Yu and had told him to pay more attention to his two ladies.

Zhao Man Tian often laughed at him and called him a Casanova.

All of the people around Chu Yu had nothing good to say about this.

They knew him too well.

What Son of the Emperor? What Emperor?

Those were what the outsiders called him.

These people had known Chu Yu since he was young, they were like family.

Chu Yu was free to see her from the start. But they did not allow it.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi were still questioning him as to how he had so many ladies around him.

Flower Chu. Okay, she was dumb, that was acceptable.

What about Qing Er then?

She was beautiful and powerful, and she often flirted with him too!

The two girls kept questioning Chu Yu, but Chu Yu's response was always the same.

Flower Chu would definitely be useful in the future when the Butterfly Dance resurfaced, and Qing Er was just a friend.

Chu Yu did not really think much about these things.

The two girls let it go soon enough.

But Jing Hong's case was different.

An ambassador from a foreign galaxy, things were definitely not that simple.

She definitely had her own motives, that was why it wasn't important as to how fast he would see her.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi's opinion on the matter were the same, they would not let the girl get to Chu Yu. He had more important things that he needed to attend to.  

Xu Xiao Xian wanted to meet her to see what kind of woman she was.

"My name is Xu Xiao Xian.".

"One of the Empresses?" Jing Hong asked.

Xu Xiao Xian ignored her and said, "The Emperor has no time, let me know of your purpose here, I will relay the message.".

"Empress Xiao Xian, there's no point in you guarding me. Which man would leave a girl like you?".

Jing Hong was direct, she wanted to get under her skin.

Xu Xiao Xian looked and her and nodded, "I know.".


What did she mean by that?

Her intention was to rile her up, why was Xu Xiao Xian so calm?

The person she wanted to see was Chu Yu! Not her!

"Don't test my intelligence, don't bother about my patience. State your purpose, I will relay your message," Xu Xiao Xian's aura was truly terrifying.

When it was fully unleashed, even Jing Hong had a hard time.

Jing Hong sighed, "I wondered why the Emperor didn't want to see me. It turns out that the Empress was guarding against me. But I have something I must tell him myself. This concerns whether there will be great Saints charging into the solar system to avenge today's defeat. I can only this much, if you don't believe me, or if you don't care, you can continue letting me idle here. Anyhow, I'm okay with it. I never planned on going back after coming here.".

Xu Xiao Xian looked at her and smiled suddenly, "Guarding against you? You flatter me. I was a little annoyed, but you don't have the right to be guarded against yet. Me and Lin Shi openly show our jealousy as a form of care for Chu Yu. What do you know?".

She stood up and looked at her seriously, "You better not be lying, wait here.".

Xu Xiao Xian left after saying this.
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