Chapter 584: Another One

Chapter 584: Another One
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The young man looked very young, he seemed to be only 17. In reality, he was an ancient being, one of the most powerful ones!

He was born over 70 millions years ago, and went to the Bastion of Stars after achieving Sainthood in the Mortal Realm.

His descendants all inherited his power.

His clan was the largest one.

But now, his clan was wiped out. They had joined in to invade the Solar System in the previous war, and all of their lives were lost.

This infuriated Meng Jie.

All these years, he wanted to bring his family over into the Bastion of Stars.

But it was a pity, it was not that easy.

The place that Song Qing brought Chu Yu to back then was merely the outskirts.

It was far from the Bastion itself.

Since the ancient times, there have been many who have sought to enter, but failed.

Some tried to tailgate Great Saints to enter with them, but they were either killed or refused entry.

A middle aged man was seated opposite Meng Jie. He wore a white robe as his long hair flowed down.

He smiled, "Little brother, why are you so worked up? This is an affair of the human world. Moreover, that man, if he really is the Emperor, would he have no after measures?".

"I can't take this lying down!" uttered Meng Jie.

Even though he looked like a child, he was an ancient being and had gone through many things.

His volatile personality made it hard to control his emotions.

After his descendants died, his anger was immeasurable. Even if it was the reincarnated Emperor, he had to get his revenge.

A lady in her twenties was standing there as well.

She said softly, "Zhong Jian is right, if that man is indeed the Great Emperor, he definitely will have many after measures. Even though you're a Great Saint now, don't forget that there are Ancestral beings.".

"What? You're all afraid? What's the point of living if we're all cowards?" Meng Jie stood up and bickered.

His personality was like fire.

The handsome middle-aged man laughed, "Little brother, why don't you wait for a while?".

"Why should I?" Meng Jie frowned.

"If he really is the Great Emperor, there would be many more people who would want his life… And they will be much more powerful as well!".

The middle aged man smiled and continued, "Don't forget, back in the era of the Great Emperor, the Mortal Realm was the most powerful. Legend has it that that Emperor conquered all three realms, how many enemies do you think he made along the way?".

Meng Jie thought about it in silence.

Zhong Jian continued, "Apart from that, even if no one went to find him, sooner or later, he will appear here. It's no different from us going down to the mortal realm.".

Something seemed to click in Meng Jie's mind as he looked at the other two and said, "If he appears here one day, will all of you help me?".

All of them agreed to it.

Because all of their descendants were killed as well!

Their hatred towards Chu Yu were no less than Meng Jie's, they were just more calm.

The sky of the mortal realm was indeed changing.

Terrifying existences were coming down and appearing in the Solar system.

One of them stood there with his body shrouded in divine light, no one could see how he looked like.

All they could see was a figure.  

He had appeared out of nowhere.

The cameras on earth were all pointed to it, but none of them could capture its image!

A decree was sent out from his body as it floated to earth.

To be specific, the decree was headed to the floating city.

A loud echo resounded, "Chu Yu, come out and receive the decree!".

All of the beings of the solar system were stunned, the sheer pressure of his voice was completely overpowering.

It was like a boulder atop their shoulders.

Fear was struck into their hearts.

Even beings like Zhou Gan sensed it as well.

The more powerful a cultivator was, the more sensitive he would be to such things.

The normal human beings on the other hand, felt nothing.

With a flicker of his body, Zhou Gan looked at the depths of the solar system with a serious expression.

Chu Yu had already flown out of the floating city.

The decree shone with a divine light as a huge amount of Daoist energy came off it.

It was just a piece of paper, but it felt like the vast sky!

Thick beyond measure!

The pressure it gave off was like a mountain on a man's head.


The Cauldron appeared from Chu Yu's body.

A grand energy erupted from the Cauldron, neutralising this pressure.

Chu Yu held the Cauldron firmly in his hand as he thrusted it at the decree.

"You imbecile! What are you waiting for?" the figure let out a shout.

Everywhere else was silent, all eyes were on Chu Yu.

The Daoist energy suppressed the surroundings.

In the next moment, the voice was broken.


A loud resounding sound echoed throughout the galaxy.

The decree flew out of the Furnace towards that figure.

"How dare you!" howled the figure.

There was a sense of shock in his voice as well.

The speed at which the decree flew was too quick, it hit the figure, even though he reacted quickly.

Half of his body disintegrated as he writhed in pain.

Even someone like him could not touch the decree easily.

When Chu Yu repelled it towards him, all one could do was dodge.

If one was hit by it, the effects were disastrous.

The damage caused was too great, the figure bit down and tried to use his divine sense to control this decree.

At that moment, a figure from earth flew towards him.

A Cauldron in that figure's hand grew larger and larger and it hit him with full force!

Standing in space, Zhou Gan couldn't help himself but remark, "How vicious! Chu Yu that's too much! Where is this idiot from? Doesn't he know that that is the Heavenly Cauldron? Why would he take it head on?".

The truth was that he had no choice!

Also, wasn't the Cauldron shattered into nine pieces?

Was all of that a lie?

Boom! A loud bang could be heard.

The Cauldron landed on the figure, knocking him far away.


The figure landed painfully on the shell of the solar system.

Suddenly, a figure appeared from decree.

It was large, extremely large!

A cold huff could be heard.

At that moment, countless rays of light lit up in the solar system and flew towards the figure.

He was immersed in it!

"How dare you!" the figure bellowed.

He unleashed his Daoist powers and sent a palm towards the solar system with full destructive force!

Chu Yu's body was like a fragile porcelain vase.

It spit apart in a second!

But in a flash, the power of the Cauldron reanimated his body and restored it!

A ray of light flew out of Chu Yu's forehead.

The light was not radiant, within the chaos it didn't stand out.

But it directly entered the figure's body, and within a second, the giant figure crumbled!

The ray of light morphed into several chains and locked on to the fragments of the giant figure.

This was a terrifying galaxy!

This was the village of Dao!

No matter what era it was, this place had seen turmoil and hardship.

Its power was unimaginable!

Outsiders thought that it was already past its prime, but what happened to day reconfigured their beliefs.

The decree that was radiant crumbled and collapsed as it disappeared into the wind.

The figure did not even have time to react before it was absorbed into the vertical eye.

Although Chu Yu's body was reassembled quickly, the pain he felt was excruciating.

The three realms technique dispelled the opponent's powers in his body.

Even though the figure was gone, Chu Yu did not let his guard down.

This was an incredibly powerful existence!

He was at least an ancestral being.

Perhaps even greater.

From the shell of the solar system, that being trudged out slowly.

He had seen the reaction of the other figure and the decree.

He was scared to death!

He wanted to escape immediately.

A black hole emerged above his head as his body headed towards it.

Chu Yu tossed the Cauldron over at him.


The resulting blast was earth shattering.

The entire scene was beaten as heck!

Where the small black hole was before was now nothing but ruins.

The figure flew away again and was knocked against the hard shell of the solar system.

Another hole was dented into the shell.

Chu Yu walked steadily in space.

The figure that had died from the decree was a great Saint at least, or he would not have been able to enter the solar system.

The laws of the Mortal realm may have changed, but it still would not allow for ancestral beings.

Just like the figure that appeared from the decree- the moment it appeared, it was vanquished.

Perhaps that figure was gambling on the fact that his powers could triumph over the laws of the realm.

Even though the entire process had taken a very short amount of time, the space was filled with particles from that being's body.

Chu Yu did not use the Sacred Art of Gluttony to consume them, but he managed to feel their presence.

This was a rare opportunity.

Under normal circumstances, an ancestral being would never have easily stepped out here.

Zhou Gan took the opportunity as well and appeared beside Chu Yu.

But soon after, these fragments disappeared and vanished into thin air.

Zhou Gan said with a face of pity, "Ah what a pity, if only we could feel it for just a little longer!".

Chu Yu looked at him, "You're a sliver of memory of a Great Saint, what do you need to feel?".

"Tsk, one day I'll need to return to my actual body, I'll have to bring something back," Zhou Gan said.

Chu Yu walked towards the edges of the solar system.

The figure had not walked out of the shell.

Chu Yu stood there and asked, "Are you waiting for me to invite you out?".

"I'm just a message conveyer, what do you want?".

"You scum, get out now!" Zhou Gan shouted.

Deep in the hole, there was no sound.

After a while, a voice emerged, "Even if you're the reincarnation of the Great Emperor, you can't incite the wrath of ancestral beings, unless you intend to stay here forever.".

"Oh? What do you mean by that? Are you threatening us?" Zhou Gan raged.

Chu Yu stopped him, "Come out, we can talk.".

"I'll only do that if you promise not to hit me or kill me!" the being in the hole said.

Chu Yu thought about it and replied, "Come out first.".

"If you don't agree to that, I won't come out!" the being insisted.

"Where did your bravery go?" Zhou Gan mocked.

"If you dare to face me one on one, I'll crush you with a single finger!" the being replied.

In fact, he was not afraid of Chu Yu either. He was only afraid of the Cauldron.

That thing's power was perverse!

It was terrifying!

When the Cauldron landed on his body, his flesh was melted and his tendons were broken.

The powers on his body were completely suppressed as well.

He was a great Saint!

If Chu Yu did not have that Cauldron, he was confident that he could beat him.

As for Zhou Gan?

What nonsense!

He was just a sliver of memory.

Zhou Gan's face was flushed, he felt belittled.

Although he appeared child-like, his actual age was far greater than Chu Yu's.

In the face of such humiliation, how could he hold his temper?

"Heh, you're looking down on me aren't you? If you meet my actual body, you'll suffer the same fate!" Zhou Gan gave a cold laugh.

Chu Yu suddenly said, "Since that's the case, let's just kill this man. His actual form is that of a praying mantis. Even though we can't eat that, we can grind it to make some medicine.".

Zhou Gan's eyes lit up, "Senior, I've never respected you more! Really, this is a great suggestion! The medicine made would be of the highest grade!".

Zhou Gan began laughing.

In that moment, a giant praying mantis crawled out of the hold as it said, "Don't kill me, I concede! I'll follow you Great Emperor, I'll do whatever you want… just don't kill me!".
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