Chapter 585: Follow Me

Chapter 585: Follow Me
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"What the f*ck?" Zhou Gan widened his eyes as he looked at this praying mantis.

How shameless was he?

Chu Yu grabbed Zhou Gan suddenly and retreated immediately!

In the next moment, they were both inside of the Cauldron.

Zhou Gan was taken aback.

The body of the praying mantis erupted into multiple explosions as a thick energy filled the air.

His abdomen exploded as well!

Boundless energy sunk the entire space.

Everything happened too quickly!

It was all an act, his begging for mercy was just to look for an opportunity to implode himself.

It was extremely believable.

He had not said a single word of menace!

But his moves were decisive.

Within the Cauldron, Zhou Gan looked at Chu Yu, stunned.

The Cauldron was shaking violently.

The thick and boundless energy had the power to melt small galaxies.

But the solar system was protected by ancient magical formations.

Despite this, the Cauldron still took a long time before stabilising.

Zhou Gan looked shell shocked.

"How did you know that he was going to implode himself?" he asked.

Chu Yu looked at him as if he was an idiot.

"Are you dumb? That praying mantis brought the decree here, which held the imprint of an ancestral being. You know what that means right?" Chu Yu said.

Zhou Gan was not dumb at all, he was just caught in the moment.

"That's so sly! How shameless can they get?" Zhou Gan uttered.

On that decree was the imprint of an ancestral being.

Even though it was just an imprint, the death of it would have caused some damage to the original body.

Strictly speaking, this wasn't the fault of that praying mantis.

Who knew what kind of character the ancestral being was?

Chu Yu's sensitivity and immediate reaction impressed Zhou Gan greatly.

Even when Chu Yu was the Great Emperor, Zhou Gan had never respected him more than now.

Chu Yu just smiled and didn't say anything.

His vertical eye had given him the gut feeling that an explosive action was about to happen.

This allowed him to react quickly.

The outside had quietened down.

Chu Yu brought himself and Zhou Gan out of the Cauldron.

The entire space was torn and tattered.

The shell of the solar system had been dented by a few thousand kilometres!

Chu Yu could feel that the damage was great.

The praying mantis was gone.

His death was absolute.

"Senior, where did that thing come from? The Bastion of Stars?" Zhou Gan asked.

It definitely wasn't from the Nether World, it didn't have the sort of dark and icy energy on it.

If it wasn't from the Bastion of stars… then it had to be from the Immortal Realm!

Chu Yu shook his head, he could not figure out where this thing had come from.

But its purpose was clear- it had come to suppress Chu Yu.

The decree was for suppression.

"The Nether world, the Bastion of Stars, the Immortal Realm," Zhou Gan frowned. "If only the old man was here.".

"It doesn't matter where it came from, all that matters is that how many more of them are there," Chu Yu said cooly.

"F*ck! Why is there never an end to this? Can't everyone just cultivate in peace?" Zhou Gan uttered.

"I have what they want, they won't rest till they get it," Chu Yu said.

"The heavenly Cauldron? Who else can hold it apart from you? There was a rumour that it was split into nine pieces back then, but I guess that's false," Zhou Gan replied.

Chu Yu nodded, "Seems to be fake news indeed.".

Zhou Gan looked at Chu Yu surprisingly, "That's different from what you told me before.".

"Yea… you weren't as forthcoming before either," Chu Yu said.

"Heh… you're my senior, no matter what, that's the truth. What do we do next?" he asked.

Chu Yu said, "There's no ned to wait, the enemy is at the door!".

The space above them began shaking with tremors.

A large crack appeared on the shell of the solar system.

Several cracks followed, each one of the was extremely deep.

Zhou Gan couldn't believe it, the shell was about to crumble!

How could this be?

This was an impenetratable fortress.

Ancestral beings couldn't come down here, great Saints weren't powerful enough to break the shell.

"Great Emperor, you have lost.".

A divine sense resounded as the shell collapsed completely!

It was like the breaking of an egg!

Following this, a hand appeared from the depths of space and grabbed towards Chu Yu.

The hand contained the great powers of the laws.

The human eye could see that the solar system began to light up.

Countless rays of light morphed into swords as they landed on this giant hand.

Deep wounds were formed as blood flowed out, but the hand continued its pursuit.

This seemed like a woman's hand, but it was far too large!

Chu Yu held the two swords in is two hands as the Cauldron flew above his head.

He charged towards the sword as two rays of sword art appeared and flash over.



Two ear piercing metallic sounds resounded.

The hand defended itself resolutely against Chu Yu's attacks.

It was surprising that the two swords, under the fortification of the three realms technique, couldn't harm this hand.

It was like god's palm.

Terrifying beyond measure.

At that moment, a figure appeared beside Chu Yu.

It was the old man.

His eyes looked at he hand as he flicked his fingers.

A soft power was shot out of his fingertips, fired at this giant hand.


A giant hole appeared on it.

An enraged howl resounded.

"Who are you? Why are you stopping me?".

The old man did not speak, he simply continued firing shots at this hand.

Swoosh, swoosh!

Each one penetrated the skin of the giant hand and created another hold.

In a flash, the hand was covered all over with holes!

Blood that flowed out dissipated immediately!

Zhou Gan was feeling sick from the pure energy in the air.

It was hard to even breathe!

This was pure suppression!

The opponent's cultivation level was unbelievable.

Her blood alone could fill the air with such aura.

But she couldn't withstand the old man's attacks?

What cultivation level was this old man at?

Zhou Gan looked at the old man with a sense of infamiliarity.

He was the old man's disciple, but he knew nothing about him.

No name, no Sect.

Even his legacy was not heard of.

He only knew that the old man was very very powerful.

He guessed that his teacher was perhaps an ancestral being. As to why he could walk freely in this realm, his actual body was probably far away, much like Yi and Chi You.

They were all slivers of memory.

That would not disrupt the heavenly dao and flow of this place.

Things seemed to have taken a turn!

The terrifying hand was battered by the old man's flicks.

Rays of divine powers rushed at the old man.

"Who are you? Tell me your name!".

"I have no name, I have nothing to tell," the old man replied as if he didn't care.

"With this kind of power, how can it be?! Are you hiding at the Bastion of Stars?" the shocked and enraged voice came from the almost crippled hand.

Chu Yu and Zhou Gan exchanged glances.

"Was this being from the Immortal Realm?" they both thought.

The old man laughed and reached out, grabbing the hand over immediately!

No one had seen his moves, even Chu Yu could not.

He only saw the hand appear in front of the old man.

The red nails were long, it looked like a lady's hand.

The old man said, "A big man you are, but you're not a man nor a woman, how disgusting.".

He grappled down with force.

The crimson nail broke!

"Who the f*ck are you?!" an enraged divine sense echoed.

It was a little desperate.

The old man sighed and looked at a direction as he said, "The mortal realm is my turf, I don't care who you are or where you're from, if any of you come again, I will show no mercy.".

The voice suddenly became very fearful, "You.. you are… How are you still alive?".

"Oh? My life is long. Now get lost," the old man replied as he turned around to leave.

"Teacher!" Zhou Gan called after him as he signalled to Chu Yu to follow suit.

Chu Yu's lips moved, but he did not call him.

In his life, he had many masters, the Monkey, Yi, Confucius, the Crane Saint.

As for the old man… he only appeared at crucial moments, and he never spoke to Chu Yu.

Even though Zhou Gan's words were trustworthy, Chu Yu simply did not have those feelings of a disciple.

He did not sense a feeling of familiarity or closeness to this old man.

Apart from gratitude for saving him on multiple occasions, there was simply nothing else.

How could he call him his teacher?

The old man stopped in his tracks as he turned around to look at Chu Yu and Zhou Gan.

"Follow me," he said suddenly.
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