Chapter 586: The Land of Ancestral Beginnings

Chapter 586: The Land of Ancestral Beginnings
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Chu Yu was slightly stunned, Zhou Gan was pleasantly surprised. The two followed behind the old man as they stepped into a mysterious path.

Chu Yu was mystified, he had lived in the solar system for many years, he had gone to many of the neighbouring galaxies as well.

But he had never seen this path before, it even hid a hidden space!

The old man did not walk very quickly, but Chu Yu and Zhou Gan had difficulty keeping up.

The two of them could clearly feel that if they didn't follow his footsteps exactly, they would lose their way!

The other galaxies could be clearly seen from this path, but this path seemed to be faraway from the solar system.

The old man disappeared from the sights of the two of them. Chu Yu and Zhou Gan took the last step as the sight before them unfolded.

All of them stood there, stunned.

"What… is this place?" Zhou Gan asked in shock.

Chu Yu felt the same way.

An ancient energy swept towards them.

It seemed to have come from the previous era.

Chu Yu and Zhou Gan were both stunned beyond words.

This place was far too huge!

It was endless and boundless.

The solar system was large, the entire mortal realm was large!

Even as a great Saint, one could never explore everywhere.

But the feeling they got was that this place was bigger than the mortal realm itself!

Whether it was Chu Yu or Zhou Gan, they both felt this way.

The bigger size was not just on a physical level, the laws of Dao here were far greater as well.

For example, in the mortal world, Chu Yu and Zhou Gan could feel that the universe was huge, but they had a feeling of control.

Great Saints were the strongest beings in the mortal world after all.

But here, they felt incredibly small!

The laws of this place were too powerful!

Chu Yu felt like no matter what kind of powers he exerted, this place would still be intact.

Even ancestral beings would not have affected this place.

From this place, the other galaxies looked extremely small, like dots on a map.

Perhaps this was an illusion from the distance.

But it wasn't.

This place was as vast as it could be, a terrifying sense of pressure was in the air.

The galaxies and stars nearby seemed to be living as well!

Chu Yu had a weird feeling that he was being watched by them.

When they looked down, a whole new continent emerged!

It was like a floating continent!

In comparison to the plane they were in, the floating continent was gargantuan.

This was a realistic comparison, not any illusion!

It was shocking!

"This is where the heavens and the earth first separated," the old man explained.

He turned around to the two stunned individuals and said, "People call it the land of ancestral beginnings.".

"Hold on, teacher… you mean to say that the continent below us is the first piece of land to ever arrive in the mortal realm?" Zhou Gan asked.

The old man shook his head, "No, it's the first piece of land in the three realms.".

"The… the three realms?!" Zhou Gan gawked at this fact.

Chu Yu looked up at those galaxies and observed them.

They seemed to have their own will and personalities!

Because in that instance, Chu Yu felt as if they were all looking at him!

Some were more shy that the others.

This felt absurd and mysterious beyond measure.

The old man noticed Chu Yu and smiled. But he did not explain much.

Even though Zhou Gan could no feel this, he was shocked by what the old man had said.

If this place was the origin of life, then why did it look so barren?

Yes, the feeling that he got was that this was a barren land!

A barren land between the heavens and the earth, with boundless Daoist laws in it.

But why was there no sense of cultivation?

Shouldn't this be the holy grail of cultivation?

It shouldn't have felt so barren!

Also, where did his master… this old man come from?

Why did he know the road to this place?

What was his purpose in bringing them here?

"What do you feel?" the old man looked at Chu Yu and asked.

His expression was strange, there was an indescribable sense of complexity.

There was admiration, loss and regret, all at the same time.

Even Zhou Gan felt that it was weird.

Chu Yu looked at him and said, "The galaxies above, they seem to have their own will, I feel like they're watching me.".

"Senior are you crazy?" Zhou Gan said.

The old man looked at Zhou Gan and sighed.

"What?" Zhou Gan asked. 

"You fool!" he glared at Zhou Gan. He then turned his sights to Chu Yu and said, "Come here, I have something to say to you.".

As he said this, he headed to the peaks of one of the mountains below.

"What about me?" Zhou Gan asked.

"When you can feel what the galaxies feel, you can come," the old man replied.

"What crap is that? They're just galaxies, how could they have their own will and emotions? If you're out there come and hit me!" he taunted.


A heavy energy was shot out from one of them.

It formed a giant wave and swept Zhou Gan in it.

In the next moment, Zhou Gan stood up groggily as if he was drunk.

"Mother of god… These galaxies… they're alive?".



The mountain below was large and grand.

Even if a planet many times larger than earth was placed here, it would still be nothing but a bead.

To call it a large world in itself was an understatement.

Perhaps it was a billion times larger than earth.

The old man did not say anything, he only walked towards the middle part of the mountain with Chu Yu.

They passed through a thick layer of clouds, where an altar was awaiting them.

It was a few thousand miles tall and moulded in silver, it seemed to be some sort of divine material.

On it were several images.

These images were way too large, the energy that came off them were equally as terrifying.

Chu Yu stared at one of the images for a while, but felt a strong sense of murderous intent firing back at him.

He hurriedly shifted his gaze as the feeling disappeared.

The old man looked at him and said, "Even I wouldn't dare to look at it.".

On the walls of the altar were many more ancient images of beasts, the skies, and many other things. They all gave off powerful energy and affected the soul.

Chu Yu merely browsed through them, but he had a weird startling feeling in his mind, as if he would have been pulled into the images.

The powers of the laws that came off them were too great as well.

The old man looked at Chu Yu and flew to the bottom of the altar where he landed on a giant court yard.

This court yard was several times the size of earth!

From the perspective of an earthling, this would have been a supercontinent.

There was a row of statues in the middle of the court yard.

There were twelve of them in total, and they were all extremely large.

The were arranged according to their height, in ascending order.

The shortest one, which was facing Chu Yu, was still gigantic.

Every single one of them was shrouded in thick energy, their faces could not be seen clearly.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye to take a look.

The shroud of energy around the first statue dissipated slowly.

Chu Yu opened his mouth in disbelief.

This statue…
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