Chapter 587: The King of that Era

Chapter 587: The King of that Era
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"This is me?" Chu Yu asked as he looked at the statue in disbelief.

The first statue had a mossy green look on its body, it had a great aura of Daoist Qi around it. The face was extremely real, and it had a slight frown on it.

It had a handsome face with a long lock of hair.

If Chu Yu's hair was not tied up and he gave the same expression, they would have looked exactly the same!

How could this be?

Chu Yu felt indescribably shocked.

The old man said that this was the first land in all three realms!

On the peak of the mountain was an altar, and in this altar… there was a statue of his face?

What was this?

Chu Yu turned around to look at the old man, and realised that he had a face of loss.

"Look behind you," the old man ushered.

Chu Yu turned around.

The second statue revealed its image.

It was a woman!

She had beautiful eyes, but her expression was dead serious!

The statues gave him different feelings, Chu Yu did not recognise this woman.

He turned to look at the third statue.

It was a young man with a pleasant smile, he seemed to be very young.

There was a weapon in his hand, it looked like the legendary god-beating whip.

His face was not one that Chu Yu recognised either.

Chu Yu went on to the fourth person.

The fourth was a young looking man who was dressed like a scholar. He had a half-drawn sword on his waist.

Chu Yu looked at the blade for only a moment, but his mental realm felt a sense of shock.

It wasn't the threatening feeling of the blade, but pure unbridled Daoist force!

It was similar to Chu Yu's three realms technique!

There even seemed to be some sort of interaction between the two techniques.

Chu Yu was stunned- was this technique obtained by this man before?

The fifth was a burly man with a face full of facial hair. He had the eyes of a leopard and there were two large horns on his head. He looked malicious.

He even had a pair of widespread wings behind him!

An overwhelming energy was exerted from the statue, his face looked very fierce.

He seemed to be a mixed breed.

Chu Yu felt a sense of familiarity.

"Chi You?" Chu Yu gasped.

He did not recognised him at first because the statue looked quite different from the one he saw of Chi You previously.

This giant statue had a different energy around it as well.

Whether it was form or aura, there was a large difference.

Was this the master of soldiers' true form?

Chu Yu took a deep breath.

Which era did he come from precisely?

Upon looking at the sixth statue, his heavenly immortal sword began buzzing.

He took it out of his Dan tian as the sword flew around the statue thrice.

After which, it returned into Chu Yu's body.

"Is this the yellow Emperor?" Chu Yu asked.

The statue depicted a middle aged Daoist that looked like an immortal, there was a sense of tranquillity about him.

The seventh statue was an old man with a Buddhist bracelet in his hand, he had a kind smile and was looking far away.

Chu Yu took a long gaze, he did not recognise this old man either.

He had a small feeling of familiarity however.

The eighth statue was a kind looking girl with a crystal jade bottle in her hand, in the bottle were evergreen leaves.

The previous seven statues were all mossy green, this girl was the same, but the leaves in her bottle emanated an astounding life force.

A radiant feeling of life could be felt.

"The Bodhi…" Chu Yu mumbled.

This feeling was far too familiar, he did not need to verify it.

The ninth statue was a bald monk.

He was skinny and seemed to be in a position of study.

On his neck was a giant beaded necklace.

There was a total of 108 beads on his necklace, each one of them depicted a unique creature.

They all looked extremely ferocious and vicious.

It gave one a feeling of dread.

"Who is this? The Buddha himself?" Chu Yu frowned.

The old man did not speak, he merely stood there.

The tenth statue was much larger than the previous nine.

It was another Daoist.

His face looked very normal, there was no energy that was emanated from his body was well.

If it was not for this place, this statue would have fit into any place.

It looked very normal.

"I don't know this man either," Chu Yu stated.

Upon looking at the eleventh statue, Chu Yu received another sense of shock.

What? The eleventh statue was him again!

To be specific, it was a statue that looked exactly like him.

It was just that the statue was wearing a suit of armor and was holding a halberd.

Chu Yu turned around to look at the old man.

The old man urged him to look at the remaining statue.

Chu Yu brought his perplexed feelings of confusion with him as he turned to look at the last one.

The last statue was an old man. His eyes were youthful however, and there seemed to be a great Daoist revelation in them.

He looked more and more familiar as Chu Yu looked at it.

He began inspecting his own future to see how he would look like in the future.

He was utterly speechless. His future self looked exactly like this old man.

"This is me as well?" Chu Yu looked at the old man.

"What do you think?" the old man questioned.

Chu Yu shook his head vehemently.

"I don't know.".

This was his honest thought.

"These are all great powers that have written their names into the history books before the inception of this realm," the old man began to explain.

"That golden age was known as the ancient barren era.".

"The three realms didn't exist at that time, there was no six paths of reincarnation either.".

The old man looked at Chu Yu, "Powerful beings lived timeless lives. One of them lived for 3 eras.".

"That person is me?" Chu Yu asked.

The old man laughed, "What? How could it be you? That's the king of that era! The one true king! The three realms were built by him!".

Chu Yu was lost.

The old man continued, "He categorised the different creatures into the three realms according to their traits, and constructed the six paths of reincarnation with the laws of Dao. You think you could be someone like that?".

The old man smiled, "But this indeed has something to do with you.".

"This world is large beyond measure. So what if we can obtain everything? One day, he has to break the three realms, even though the six paths of reincarnation exists, powerful creatures could take advantage of it." He sighed.

"So you're gonna destroy the three realms? You will stop the six paths?" Chu Yu asked.

The old man replied, "Why do you think it's me?".

"The more I think about it, the more I feel that something isn't right. You never seemed to like me from the beginning, but yet my fate seems to always end up in your hands," Chu Yu said.

"I finally understand now, I'm created by you right? What do you want?" Chu Yu said with some anger.

"You're not created by me. But yes, I am that ruler, I am that King! I am the ruler of that era!" said the old man.

He looked at Chu Yu, "Across every era, I will rethink about some of my past actions and redo what I feel has to be redone. But every era, there are regrets left behind. There is no such thing as perfection.".

He continued, "In the third era, where I built the three realms and set up the six paths of reincarnation, I was very happy. I felt that my work was complete. Creatures could now be reborn without worries.".

"But I realised that there were too many loopholes!".

The old man gave a wry smile, "But at that time, I realised that I was already walking towards failure. This was a path that every creature had to walk on. It's a path that is as arduous as the passing of time. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the land below us is one of the manifestations of my Daoist self.".

Chu Yu was shocked beyond measure, this continent was a result of his Daoist self?

This was virtually impossible!

It was hard to believe.

"Life force walks towards death, it's an unchangeable course. I'm not satisfied with it, I want to live on, I want to see the day where this world is complete.".

"I won't rest till then.".

The old man looked at Chu Yu, "Do you understand now?".
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