Chapter 589: All For Nothing

Chapter 589: All For Nothing
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At the Floating city.

Countless magical objects were flying in and out.

This place had become the center of the mortal realm.

Practitioners from all over across the different universal planes had come to the solar system to visit the emperor.

Not all were qualified to enter the Floating city.

A huge amount of human legacies was concentrated here in the City before they were dispersed again.

The Superclass had become ubiquitous in the entire Solar System.

Chu Yu had decided to keep the Superclass within the Village of Dao for now in consideration of Confucius' late wishes.

He wasn't that altruistic yet.

Their powerful enemies seemed to be entirely wiped out and all the other foreign spirits seemed to be subdued.

However, who could guarantee that they won't rebel when the opportunity arises one day.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi looked at Chu Yu anxiously.

They had never seen him in such a daze before.

He had been sitting there for more than an hour, silent as a grave.

In the past, Xu Xiao Xian would have bombarded him with questions.

But today, she could tell that Chu Yu had something else on his mind.

As for Lin Shi, she knew him even better. She knew that he must have encountered a real problem for him to act out this way.

He had never been this way even in his youth when he couldn't practice.

After a long while, Chu Yu seemed to jump out of his trance. He looked at them and smiled, "I'm sorry to worry you guys.".

"So, you know that you're worrying us?" Xu Xiao Xian rolled her eyes, "We're more than just worried, we were frightened, alright?".

Chu Yu chuckled apologetically, "It's alright now.".

"Really?" Lin Shi persisted, "Don't lie to us.".

"Just a little bit confused," he furrowed his brows as he hesitated before explaining to them what had just happened.

They were his wives, after all, his partners for life.

Some things he withheld to keep them from worrying, the stakes were too high.

There were too many threats in the past.

But now, in this mortal realm, other than the Linen Elder, not many spirits could threaten their lives anymore.

So, he was ok with sharing with them.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi were both flabbergasted after hearing him.

Even though they were powerful practitioners at the top of the pyramid, Chu Yu's narrative had left them bewildered.

"An era even before the era of the Yellow Emperor, a spirit that split the heaven and earth apart? Someone who appeared even earlier than the Panggu Deity?" Xu Xiao Xian questioned.

"Panggu Deity… was the original ancestor, wasn't he? Born from the formless mass," Lin Shi said.

"Yes, yes, yes, that's right," Xu Xiao Xian was enlightened.

Then the two women were quiet for a long time.

They were at a loss for words.

Was the Linen Elder right?

Did he really come from the great flood?

Was he the Great Emperor that took over the three realms?

He also mentioned that Chu Yu was the reincarnation of the purest shred of consciousness he had and the two girls took the forms of his late queens' divine will.

Why did he do that?

It made sense if it was just Chu Yu.

Maybe he wanted to groom a duplicate.

But what about them?

"Holy crap, I don't buy it!" Xu Xiao Xian was rolling her eyes.

She looked at Chu Yu, "Hypothetically, if Lin Shi and I were the reincarnations of the two late queens, why did they do that then? For what?".

Lin Shi nodded her head slowly, "The Linen Elder said that the queens were in the deity realm, what are they doing there?".

Xu Xiao Xian laughed coldly, "I think that old guy is just a fraud.".

She looked at Chu Yu seriously, "At least, he is definitely withholding the entire truth from you!".

Lin Shi agreed, "I think so too, he must be hiding more things from you, he might even be misleading you.".

"You think so too?" Chu Yu looked at them both.

Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi both rolled their eyes at him.

If they weren't his wives, they would be the goddesses revered by the entire mortal realm!

A real goddess always has more than facet to them.

Without their IQ and EQ, they would just be headless beauties.

"You just mentioned, in the giant Holy Plaza, amongst the twelve apostles, the fourth one… the scholar armed with the sword was emitting the same kind of Dao energy as you were. You guys could have some sort of resonation, weren't you?" Xu Xiao Xian asked Chu Yu.

He nodded his head, "Yes, the martial arts I assumed comes from history, previously I thought…".

"Not now," Xu Xiao Xian interrupted him, she looked at Lin Shi and asked, "I think I get it.".

Lin Shi looked at her a little confused, she looked a little indignant. Lin Shi wished that she figured it out too.

Xu Xiao Xian explained, "Those holy statues, some of them we could recognize at a glance, some of them were foreign. If we could name then, we surely have heard of them from old legends and stories before!".

"Then?" Lin Shi had given up trying to make sense of the situation by herself.

"Me and you, we can't be just the shred of divine will left over from the late Empresses. We have nothing to do with them. Chu Yu isn't the great emperor or that Linen Elder. That elder is perhaps a great existence that survived the big flood after three eras, or maybe he is the Yellow Emperor. But he has got nothing to do with my man!"

Chu Yu and Lin Shi were shocked.

She had just completely contradicted all that the elder had said.

Why would an elder like him lie to Chu Yu? What for?

Chu Yu was the one who thought that the Linen Elder was the Yellow Emperor from the previous era.

Xu Xiao Xian chuckled, "You still remember that the people in the eight olden cities recognized Chu Yu as the Great Emperor?".

Lin Shi nodded her head, Chu Yu seemed to be in thought.

She continued, "Logically, if so many people recognized Chu Yu as a replica of the Great Emperor. Then he must be the reincarnation of the Great Emperor. One or two people might lie, but not thousands of people.".

Lin Shi looked at Xu Xiao Xian, "You mean that…".

"That's what I mean!"

The two women had mimed to each other.

Chu Yu had understood them.

Xu Xiao Xian's wild guess seemed to be ludicrous but logical at the same time.

He suddenly looked at her and said, "I know what you mean, but my Monkey Mentor had told me once that I was the great emperor… how do you explain that?".

Xu Xiao Xian smiled, "The monkey was just a Great Saint, even if he could conquer an ancestral practitioner, some things are still beyond his knowledge. Some things could still present as an illusion in front of him. Think about it, with the Linen elder's abilities, it wouldn't be hard for him to make Chu Yu look like the late Emperor.".

She's… right.

The Linen Elder seemed to be hiding under the Pile of Three Stars over all these time.

He wasn't under the regiment of the universal laws and he could easily do whatever he pleased.

Now that the karma cycle of reincarnation had stopped, the reincarnation of spirits could be easily controlled by a supreme being.

"What's his motive?" Chu Yu was asking the important question.

"Naturally, you have something that he wants! Lin Shi and I haven't figured that out yet, but you have no clue as well? You really have no secrets that entice him?"

Xu Xiao Xian wasn't pressurizing him, she was using a light-hearted tone.

The two women had been aware of his big secret a long time ago but they had never tried to pry further.

Even as husband and wives.

They were worried that someone would use the soul-searching technique on them!

Xu Xiao Xian's words struck a flash of lightning in Chu Yu's mind, he had made clear of things.

There was no question that he was the Linen Elder's pawn.

There must be others apart from him.

The elder had said so himself, according to foreplay, "he" shouldn't be peaking in this era.

This "he", was one of his pawns, he might not even be referring to Chu Yu as a single person.

Recalling what he had experience, that fact that his physical body was tarnished and his soul destroyed….

It was that drop of essential blood in the metal ball of the vertical eye that helped reconstruct him. Every muscle and every bone, every nerve pathway.

Was Chu Yu ever the same again?

Mentally and spiritually, it was him alright.

He never felt that he was the Great Emperor.

"The original me could have been one of his pawns, an unnoticeable small fry. Maybe I was really a fragment of his divine spirit. An untainted shred under his control."

"But one day, this pure shred of spirit was changed, beyond his control."

"So, he began to detest this piece of himself, but he was also curious. Curious about what this small fry could accomplish and used his foreplay."

"Even up till today, I still have no clue as to what he desires. His ambitions are beyond my imagination."

Chu Yu was analyzing the situation by himself, "Maybe… he is after my vertical eye?".

Was it that fascination?

At this moment, a message was transmitted to Xu Xiao Xian, she looked at it and raised her head, "Zhou Gan is back and he's looking for you. There's a problem with this guy.".

"Yeah, I understand," Chu Yu agreed.
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