Chapter 592: The Young Great Saint

Chapter 592: The Young Great Saint
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The old man looked up to see scholar Feng Jian, his face was calm, as if he had seen an old friend.

"It has been long indeed," the old man smiled.

"What are you doing my friend? Are you that bored of the human realm?" Feng Jian asked as he looked at Chu Yu.

The old man nodded, "I'm bored to death, I've got to do something to entertain myself.".

"Like refining your own divine army?" Feng Jian questioned.

The old man nodded his head.

Feng Jian looked over at Chu Yu, "He's inherited my techniques…".

"But he is mine. He's just lucky to have obtained your approval," the old man smiled.

"You're still the same as before," Feng Jian sighed.

"The same goes for you, you're still as detestable as ever!" the old man said.

The fire surrounding Chu Yu became more intense.

The flame was not burning his flesh, his veins and blood were all unharmed, so was his soul.

The flame was burning his emotions!

His feelings!

When they were all gone, Chu Yu would become an instrument.

One that was in the shape of a human.

All that would be left was his cultivation and his battle prowess.

In the moment where the fire grew more intense, there was a gentle force that came out of his vertical eye.

The force crept out slowly like a snail.

But it immediately protected his mental realm.


Chu Yu's emotions all came back.

His eyes were still in a daze.

Chu Yu did not dare to reveal anything, he knew that the golden metal ball had saved his life.

Neither the old man nor Feng Jian had noticed this.

This golden metal ball was beyond the comprehension of this world.

Chu Yu could almost ascertain this fact now.

But Chu Yu held his breath, this was not the time to relax.

The vertical eye did not make any other moves, the energy it emitted was normal as well.

But it alleviated Chu Yu's suffering.

He had to thank it for that.

Under normal circumstances, his emotions would have been mostly gone by now.

An emotionless person would not have been able to feel the pain that Chu Yu felt.

At that moment, the old man and Feng Jiang were both silent.

They faced each other with some distance between them.

The two of them had already begun trading blows!

The battle had escalated very quickly.

The laws of this place were very powerful, it could withstand the powerful blows from the two men.

Feng Jian had not drawn his sword, but his speed was way too fast!

His attacks were ferocious as well.

Every strike carried a tremendous force.

The energy around his strikes clumped together, it looked extremely menacing.

The old man was surrounded by an orange light, this was a layer of formidable defence.

Feng Jian's attacks were mostly deflected.

A few of his attacks stuck, and soon, the needle-like energy shards latched on to the orange layer and made the old man look like a hedgehog.

The old man raised his own attacks, they too were powerful.

Ancient runic symbols lit up as beasts, divine beasts, and other creatures howled and charged at scholar Feng Jian.

But the scholar was like a razor sharp sword himself!

He continued advancing as his body emanated a cool energy, sending those beasts flying.

They dissipated in mid-air!

In the blink of an eye, scholar Feng Jian was in front of the old man, he reached out for his sword without any hesitation.

A slash of a sword!

The entire universe stood still, all that was moving was this ray of sword art.

As sharp as any blade could ever be.

The old man had no way of blocking this attack.

The orange shroud was broken into pieces.

The old man's body fell into two halves.

The ground below crumbled as well.

The sealing area broke as they returned to the mortal realm.

The old man let out a wry smile, "Your blade is as sharp as ever.".

Feng Jian looked at him, "You didn't make much progress, how disappointing.".

"You know that battle isn't my strong suit, did you come here just to kill me?" the old man asked.

Feng Jian pointed at Chu Yu, "That's my heir!".

"That's my soul!" the old man argued.

"No, you're wrong. That boy isn't part of your soul. He never belonged to you in the first place. In the barren era, you devoured many different beings, didn't you keep count?".

"You have no right to point fingers at me, who didn't devour others during that era?" he old man uttered.

"That was an era of chaos, but everyone stopped after there was an establishment of right and wrong. Only you continued, "Feng Jian replied.

"So what? The strong devours the weak, that's how the world works. If I'm weak, others can come to devour me as well," the old man brushed it off.

"You've already fallen into the depths of darkness, but that's your problem. I'm going to take the boy," Feng Jian sighed.

He pointed at Chu Yu.

The old man looked at Feng Jian without much expression and sighed, "You win this round, you call the shots.".

Feng Jian nodded as his body flickered, he appeared beside Chu Yu.

He grabbed Chu Yu by the arm and left.

The old man did not try to stop him.

As he said so himself, his strong suit was not in battle.

Without any preparations, he was no match for Feng Jian.

At their level of power, no one could track each other.

Feng Jian had disappeared for many aeons, he never expected him to return now.

"The three realms technique… it's unusual indeed," the old man said to himself as he turned to leave.

In the moment where Feng Jian grabbed Chu Yu, the vertical eye stopped radiating its power and quietened down.

Everything was like calm water.

Feng Jian brought Chu Yu deeper into the unknown parts of the universe.

His speed was incredible, it was almost absurd!

Chu Yu couldn't comprehend it.

It appeared as if he was taking casual steps, but with every step he took, he appeared in the next galaxy.

Chu Yu did not know where he was, the constellations around him were all foreign.

At the end, Feng Jian brought him to an ancient continent.

It was floating in the vast universe.

On it was a tremendous life force and energy.

He dragged Chu Yu along to the peak of a mountain. Chu Yu could see an old palace of sorts at the foot of the mountain.

There was some movement there. From time to time, a cultivator would fly in.

This was the mysterious Sect grounds of an ancient Sect, deep in the universe!

When people saw Feng Jian, they would stop whatever they were doing and bow down.

"Greetings, great ancestor!".

They seemed to see him regularly, there was no fanaticism in their voice.

Many of them stared at Chu Yu curiously.

Chu Yu realised that the people here all seemed very innocent.

Some of their emotions were clearly expressed.

This seemed to be a utopia, a world free of struggle.

Feng Jian nodded warmly at those who greeted him as he brought Chu Yu into a hall.

He placed Chu Yu on a bench as he sighed and began exerting a technique.

Chu Yu could clearly feel that he was cooling his body.

He was cooling the refinement the old man had done to him!

The old man had sealed off Chu Yu's emotions and forced them out previously.

Now, Feng Jian was undoing the seal and forcing the old man's Dao out of his body.

He was treating Chu Yu like a man who had lost all of his emotions.

It was a tragedy.

If one lost all emotions, one would lose all ability to discern.

It was just as Chu Yu guessed, Feng Jian could not tell that Chu Yu had almost fully recovered.

"Rest here for a while, I'll arrange some people to take care of you. When you've recovered, I'll impart you my techniques," Feng Jian said as he turned around to leave.

Chu Yu just lay there, he did not dare to move.

He did not know if Feng Jian was friend or foe!

He was a person from the barren era as well, he had a statue to himself.

He was the ninth one on that continent.

Although Chu Yu did not know what that order meant.

Even the old man was not his match.

Chu Yu did not see their fight, but he could assume that Feng Jian had won the battle.

But he did not know why he had brought him here.

Chu Yu did not want anyone to find out about the golden metal ball and his vertical eye.

The good thing was that Feng Jian seemed to haven no knowledge of this.

After a short while, a young teenager entered the room.

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "Great Ancestor asked me to serve you…".

He did not know what to call Chu Yu.

"The Great Ancestor said that your emotions were refined till dust, and that you need some time to recover. He handed that task to me. I don't know what to call you, but you look older than me, so I'll call you big brother I guess.".

The young teenager said to himself as he began his work.

He brought Chu Yu to small yard.

The entry to this place seemed to be restricted, it was extremely quiet.

The young man took out a stove and a metal pot.

Chu Yu nearly broke his pretense.

Did he want to cook him?!

The young man turned around to look at Chu Yu as he smiled, "Big brother, you might not know this, but my favourite past time is to cook! It's a pity that they don't support it, they just can't appreciate good food! What's the purpose of cultivation? To me, it's just for longevity.".

"What's the point of longevity then? Fighting and killing? Falling in love? To me, only food is timeless!".

The young man seemed to enjoy conversing with an imaginary Chu Yu.

"When I cook, they would laugh at me and flip my stove over. Really… They don't know how much I've sacrificed to obtain those ingredients.".

He lifted his shirt as a deep wound could be seen on his waist.

On it were several crevices that were still struggling with one another!

Where the wounds had clotted, the struggle was even more intense.

"Look big brother, this was the most recent scar, that giant alligator was way too ferocious. I only wanted one of its leg, I even asked for it nicely, but it just got angry!".

The young teenager took out a giant foot of an alligator as he showed it to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu did not know what to feel.

He didn't dare to use his divine sense, hence, he could not determine the young teenager's level of cultivation.

But from the looks of the wound… this young man seemed to be at the level of a Great Saint!

He cleaned and prepared the alligator's foot for cooking with supreme expertise.

F*ck! Is this still the mortal realm? Do such places even exist in the mortal realm?

Chu Yu was sure that he was in the mortal realm before, but his confidence was wavering now…

Why would there be such monsters here?

Could it be that…

Chu Yu had a sudden thought.
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