Chapter 593: Little Lu

Chapter 593: Little Lu
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Could this be the Bastion of Stars?

Now that Chu Yu thought about it, he didn't know how the Bastion looked like.

He just knew that it was huge beyond measure.

It was just like a maze.

Whether there was such a continent within the Bastion, Chu Yu did not know.

The young man mumbled to himself as he continued dissecting the foot of the alligator.

If the skin of the alligator was made into armor, it would definitely have been a high quality one.

But the young man simply brushed them aside as if it was trash.

"Look big brother, perfectly cured ingredients can't afford any error, otherwise, the taste would be…".

Just like that, Chu Yu began an adventure of delicacies and good food.

After the young man finished preparing the alligator, Feng Jian appeared.

Without asking, he sat down immediately as he took out a dagger and cut off a piece of meat for himself.

"Hmm, today's one is pretty good, the heat is just nice!".

The young man smiled, "Great Ancestor you're too kind, there's no one here today, that was why I was able to concentrate.".

He cut a piece for Chu Yu as well and said, "Big brother, time to eat!".

Chu Yu grabbed it up without any expression and ate it.


A massive force of concentrated energy suddenly burst forth from his body.

If he did not control himself, his expression would have given himself away.

It was too delicious!

This definitely wasn't just the quality of the ingredient, the young man was a god-tier chef!

Chu Yu wanted to gobble down the food so badly.

But he had to control himself.

Feng Jian did not pay too much attention to him, he looked at the young man and asked, "Have you ignored your cultivation lately? Your elders are right in that you spend too much time on your food.".

"They may be right, but how can they say that I'm wasting my time? This is important!" the young man said.

He seemed to be familiar with scholar Feng Jian.

"Heh, just do what makes you happy," said Feng Jian. He was very easy going, unlike most elders.

At that moment, the young man asked, "Great Ancestor, where did you find this man? Why does he have the energy of our Sect? And also, which evil person tried to refine his emotions?".

"You always have questions to ask," teased Feng Jian

He took out a gourd of wine and poured himself a cup.

The young man looked on with thirst.

"You little rascal…" Feng Jiang laughed as he poured him a cup.

He took out another cup and pushed it to Chu Yu.

"Drink up," he said.

Chu Yu picked up the cup of wine and took a sip before putting the cup back down.

Feng Jian sighed again, "How did a good man end up like this?".

He looked at the young man and asked, "Why do you call him big brother?".

"Well, he is older than me, and you didn't tell me how I should address him either. What else should I call him then?" the young man answered.

Feng Jian smiled, "He's my disciple.".


The young man dropped a few droplets of wine from his cup in surprised. But before the droplets could reach the ground, he picked them up using his powers.

He put the cup down and looked at scholar Feng Jian.

"Grand Ancestor, I have to comment on this.".

"Oh?" remarked Feng Jian with some interest.

The young man said with a serious expression, "It's okay if you mess around, it's the mortal realm after all… but this is too much! Your disciple? What am I to him then? His water boy? What do my teachers, my great teachers, my grand teachers call him then?".

"Second Great Ancestor," replied Feng Jian.

"Sec..Second great ancestor?! Him?" the young man trembled.

"Yes, is anything the issue?" Feng Jian asked with a cheeky expression.

The young man replied, "No, no, but don't you have to discuss this with the other teachers first?".

Feng Jian laughed, "Why would I need to discuss with my other disciples about accepting another disciple? What are you talking about?".

"No, that's not what I meant," he young man blushed, he did not know what to say.

"Haha! What about it? Are you surprised?" Feng Jian laughed.

"I knew it, you were just bluffing," the young man sighed.

"Who said I was lying? I just asked if you're surprised or not. He is your second great ancestor!" Feng Jian said.

The young man did not know what to believe anymore. He turned around to see Chu Yu devouring the alligator's foot.

It was almost half gone!

"Hey make way! Stop eating it! Stop, leave some for me!" the young man said.

Chu Yu was laughing inside, the conversation between the young man and Feng Jian cracked him up.

The mannerisms in this place were strange.

Even if the young man was of noble blood, he shouldn't be speaking to a great ancestor such as Feng Jian in such an informal tone.

Feng Jian was a god-like figure from the barren era!

After they ate their fill, Feng Jian turned around to leave.

Chu Yu continued sitting there without any emotion on his face.

His body used the three realms technique to digest and examine the unimaginable energy within the meal he had just eaten.

Perhaps he ate a little too much.

Who would have expected that a beast at the great Saint level would contain such concentrated energy in their body.

If a Saint were to eat this, he would have suffered a massive reaction.

It was a good thing that Chu Yu was a great Saint.

"Big brother, how can you possibly be my second great ancestor? Great Ancestor likes to fool around, but this is a little too much? What kind of power do you have that made him accept you as his disciple?".

The young man asked curiously.

"Let's fight!" he reckoned.

He dragged Chu Yu up and brought him to a training field.

When he entered, cheers and voices came from all directions.

"Oh? Isn't that small Lu? Why is he here?".

"Hoho! It's my god chef! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in the kitchen?".

"Now this is a sight to behold, what are you doing here small Lu?".

The young man seemed a little embarrassed.

Chu Yu realised that this training ground was within a pocket dimension by itself.

There were many platforms for battle, each one was large.

There were people all around, there were at least a few hundred million people spectating.

All of them were somewhat surprised by little Lu's arrival.

Even Lu Xing himself hadn't expected the reception and attention he would receive.

His name within the Sect was one too famous.

A talent beyond measure, accepted as the disciple of the oldest elder of the Sect, his learning speed was amazing as well.

He had been a great Saint since he was young.

But he had no interest in cultivation.

He was just as peculiar as the great ancestor.

He loved cooking!

His culinary skills were superb, he was the greatest chef in the Sect.

But he was a cultivator first!

How could a cultivator ignore his main purpose and focus on cooking?

This was how Lu Xing became famous in the Sect.

They all knew that scriptures, techniques, books, none of that attracted his attention.

Only the most delicious dishes could.

Once someone mentioned anything about food, he would appear and become extremely excited.

Once news of his arrival spread, people began coming to the training grounds.

Most of the seats were full!

Someone said, "Little Lu, don't start fighting too quickly, more people are coming!".

"Yea, some seniors are coming out of seclusion!".

The surroundings were buzzing over his arrival.

"What's this? I just wanted to see how powerful second great Ancestor was… ugh," Lu Xing sighed.

"Our great talent, little chef Lu, is finally going to fight someone! Brothers and sisters, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Who are you guys betting on!".

There were those who even started taking bets.

Chu Yu was a little stunned, what kind of Sect was this?

There were all sorts of personalities, it was even busier than a wet market.

Lu Xing looked at Chu Yu and said, "Let's forget about fighting shall we?".

Chu Yu remained silent.

"Oh right, I forgot, you don't have your emotions," Lu Xing sighed.

"Forget it, if they want a fight, let's give it to them," said Lu Xing with a face of sadness.

He turned to Chu Yu and said, "Big brother, wear this, we're going in for a fight. Don't worry, I will definitely hold back.".

Chu Yu took over the helmet and wore it.

In the next moment, they appeared at the top of a battle ground.

Lu Xing stood before Chu Yu.

Chu Yu could feel that this was a mental field, similar to the virtual reality technology on earth.

Of course, the technology was far more advanced.

Apart from the body being a mental manifestation, everything else was as good as real.

The body was an exact duplicate of the actual one they had.

Chu Yu and Little Lu's real bodies were just wearing the helmet.

The crowd only got bigger.

The entire pocket dimension continued to expand.

This ancient Sect had way too many people.

Upon hearing news that Little Lu was going to fight, many elders came over as well.

"Look, that's Dao Ming Elder!".

"Is that Qian Qiu elder?".

"The great Ancestor is here as well!".

Feng Jian walked in as he waved to everyone around.

Cheers and roars could be heard.

Some of them even laughed.

A few of the older elders laughed and shook their heads.

Under this sky, there was only one such Sect, theirs.
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