Chapter 594: Chosen By The Heavens

Chapter 594: Chosen By The Heavens
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Little Lu's ego was a little inflated by the crowd. He looked at Chu Yu and said, "Let's make this a quick one!".

He never expected his simple action to cause such havoc, he regretted it a little. Now, he only wanted to end this battle quickly and return to his great ancestor's quarters to hide.

This big brother…. No, second great ancestor of his wasn't going to recover soon anyway.

Even if he did, he would take a few years to recover fully.

"I will begin my attack later, don't be afraid, there won't be any effects on your actual body, " little Lu said.

Those onlookers were all very curious about Chu Yu.

Who was this man?

Where did he come from?

"This man was brought in by the great ancestor himself," said a person in the crowd.

This news surprised many, because the great ancestor had not brought anyone in for the past hundred years.

A few hundred years ago, the great ancestor brought a little girl back, she became one of the Sect's greatest cultivators ever.

The one before her was brought back by the great ancestor more than a thousand years ago.

From the start till the end, the great ancestor had brought back about 12 people in total.

Every single one of them became a big figure in the Sect.

He also had a habit of accepting them as his direct disciples.

Which meant that they would become the second great ancestor.

In the beginning, many people were not happy with this way of doing things, some felt that the great ancestor was just messing about.

But soon, the critics were silenced, because they were all extremely gifted.

Some blossomed later than the others, but they all became great powers in the end.

Could it be that the man that Little Lu had brought here was the same?

On the training ground.

Chu Yu made the first move, he threw a punch straight at little Lu!

"Cha! You're a fast one!"

Little Lu's body flickered as he dodged Chu Yu's strike.

From his moves alone, Chu Yu could tell that little Lu was powerful.

This was probably why many people in the Sect felt that he was wasting his time on cooking.


Little Lu retaliated with an attack of his own.

His punch was just as powerful and menacing.

Chu Yu dished out a punch of his own as their fists clashed.

A loud explosion erupted on the training ground.

The sound was startling!

The entire training ground was shaking.

This was a place that was made by ancestral beings themselves.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been impossible for two cultivators at the great Saint realm to create such tremors.

Feng Jian stood at the side as he gathered the elders of the Sect.

Even though many people dared to joke with the great ancestor, his position and power were absolute.

He may have seemed easy going, but that was just a front.

He was a being that was from the barren era, a god!

The respect that the people had for him were entrenched in their souls.

Him bringing someone back- it may have seemed like a small deal to the people here, but to the elders, it was something of utmost importance.

Because they would soon be joined by another second great ancestor!

This was a far greater deal than choosing the new Sect division leader.

Sect division leaders were chosen every ten thousand years, but for second great ancestors… they were only chosen once every million years.

They wanted to see how capable this young man was.

The group of them gathered and looked on intently.

Little Lu was no ordinary fighter indeed!

He clearly stood out from the people in his generation. 

Even though he never really fought with anyone in the Sect before, many of the elders would concede that they were not as powerful as he was.

Because Little Lu had brought back many ingredients from beasts whom the elders couldn't kill themselves.

Why else would this battle attract such attention?


Runes lit up on the training ground as the sound of clashes continued.

The scene was truly shocking.

Many of the cheerful teenagers had serious expressions on their faces now.

Little Lu's power and potential was a story that was well known in the Sect.

Many have seen him bringing back animals and prey, but few have actually seen him in battle.

This was their first. 

Many of them had come out of seclusion just to see this.

Little Lu's powers were real, he was much more powerful than they had thought!

"How's this?" Feng Jian asked.

A handsome young man behind him, the current division leader of the Sect, stepped forward and said, "Little Lu's potential, I've always known about it. The one that you have brought in however, he's not simple at all…".

"Not simple? Just that?" Feng Jian asked again. 

The young man frowned and said, "He's not as powerful as ancestor Wan Ruo whom you brought back three hundred years ago.".

"Haha," Feng Jian laughed without replying.

A middle-aged man behind the young division leader laughed, "Division leader, don't you think that the man great ancestor brought back is acting a little strangely?".

"Oh?" the young man wondered.

He looked at the fight more intently.

He gasped, "This man has been refined?".

He had a look of shock on his face as he turned to Feng Jian, "There's someone who can refine a great Saint in the mortal realm?".

Feng Jian did not reply, he merely watched the battle.

An emotionless soldier- the idea of it sounded great, but in reality, one would lose their intellect and decision making abilities as well.

Even though they could fight to their limits, the process of battle was more than just power.

Without thought and intellect, a cultivator would lose much of their power.

Of course, if the soldier was controlled by a powerful being, his battle prowess would be formidable!

The young division leader was a little shocked.

"An emotionless human divine soldier, under no control. He's actually matching Little Lu?".

He couldn't believe it, but that was the truth.

Even ancestor Wan Ruo could not match up to this!

In reality however, Chu Yu had regained all of his emotions, he could easily defeat Little Lu if he wanted to.

But he did not want to expose himself nor startle the crowd.

The atmosphere in this Sect struck a chord with Chu Yu.

This seemed like an eden for cultivators, the people here all seemed nice.

But after meeting the old man, Chu Yu became much warier of foreign entities.

He was controlling the tempo of the battle on purpose, dragging little Lu into his area.

Little Lu was no fool, he could feel that this big brother was powerful.

Even though he could not exactly feel that Chu Yu was taking it easy, he was struggling to keep up.

This gave him an ironic sense of regret and dissatisfaction.

Why was an injured person so powerful?

Little Lu became serious as he exhibited his divine sacred art.

The entire training ground was suddenly littered with long swords in the air!

These long swords were all forged from Daoist runes.

It was a secret technique of the Sect.

The name of this technique was the thousand blades of no return.

Even a great Saint would suffer from these attacks.

"Let's end this," Little Lu grunted.


The radiating swords converged onto Chu Yu.

Within Chu Yu's body, the three realms technique let out an intense energy.

The energy formed a web of light and forced itself against the rain of swords.

The crowd held their breath, they did not want to miss any of the action.

The young division leader and the middle-aged man widened their eyes.

They couldn't believe that they just felt the energy of the three realms technique!

Oh my gosh!

This man has inherited the power of the great ancestor's three realms technique?

If that was true…

They looked over at Feng Jian as their faces became incredibly emotional.

Did this mean that they could finally return home?

This news was way more shocking that the great ancestor bringing someone back.

There was nothing that could compare to it.

The energy that was emanated by the three realms technique dissolved Little Lu's attacks!

The energy surged forward and trapped Little Lu himself.

After that, Little Lu's body vanished from the training ground.

Little Lu's eyes opened as he looked at the shade of the helmet in a daze.

He mumbled, "How could it be? The three realms technique? He knows the three realms technique? He has attained its recognition?".

Little Lu immediately took off his helmet as he looked at Chu Yu, who was still wearing his helmet.

Little Lu regained his composure as he stared at Chu Yu and said, "And he's a person with his emotions taken away. When he recovers, can any great Saint even rival him?".

Over at the stands where the crowd was, they were now dead silent.

Most of them had betted against Chu Yu, but that was not the reason for their silence.

It was the three realms technique!

The person that the great ancestor had brought back could use the three realms technique!

It was a choice by the heavens!

This Sect had been waiting for this man since their beginning!

It had been two eras since the creation of this Sect, there were far too many things that had happened in between.

Great cultivators had come and gone.

The good thing about this Sect was that its legacy was pure, there were no disruptions.

Even a newcomer could read the ancient scriptures that belonged to the barren era,,,

One could learn many things in detail.

Scholar Feng Jian chanced upon the three realms technique long ago.

Using it, he was undefeatable in the barren era.

But the technique had one unique trait- it decided who it was to be passed down to. The cultivator that possessed this power could never impart it.

Feng Jian could never impart his three realms technique to anyone else.

The most he could do was create a technique that was similar to it, but the technique created was much lower in quality.

It was not even near the same level!

Through inspection, he reached the conclusion that in due time, an heir would arrive in the mortal realm.

He was the first cultivator to possess the three realms technique, and he swore to find that person.

When he found him, he would impart him all of his skills and techniques.

The only thing he did not expect was that the three realms technique would chose a boy that was from fragment of the old man's soul.

But no matter what, he had to retrieve him from the old man.

He didn't stop the old man from refining Chu Yu because of his selfish desire!

An emotionless person, after some recovery, would be the easiest sort to teach.
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