Chapter 595: The Great Ancestor's Junior

Chapter 595: The Great Ancestor's Junior
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The young division leader kneeled down in front of Feng Jian and said with a face of emotion, "Congratulations great ancestor on finally getting your wish!".

"Congratulations ancient ancestor, your wishes have been fulfilled!".

All of the members of the Sect all kneeled down to congratulate scholar Feng Jian.

The heavens had chosen a man, their Sect would live on!

This was the will of the heavens!

The choice of the impartation of the three realms technique was by fate.

No matter how powerful or supreme one was, he could not change that fact.

No one could overcome divine will.

The news spread like angelic wings, soon every single person in the Sect received this piece of information.

Many of those who chose not to watch the fight regretted it now.

They had missed a monumental moment!

Those who had seen it were incredibly excited.

They only expected to see Little Lu's battle prowess, they never expected to see the chosen one of the three realms technique, the one who was battling Little Lu!

Why didn't anyone mention this earlier?

Those who had missed the battle cursed.

At that moment, Chu Yu was being led back to scholar Feng Jian's quarters by Little Lu.

He sent Chu Yu back to his room before heading to the yard to stare into space.


This was way too embarrassing!

What have I done?"

Little Lu's eyes looked coldly at the stove in the yard.

Why can't I just cook here?

Why did I have to challenge him to a fight?

Was I unhappy with him?

Yes, that's it!

After great ancestor told me that he was the second great ancestor, there was some sort of dissatisfaction in me. Wait, why did great ancestor tell me this?

Little Lu stood up and shouted, "Great Ancestor, you set me up!".

The great Ancestor knew him very well, which meant that when he told Little Lu everything about Chu Yu, he already had a plan in mind.

After thinking through it, Little Lu's face was crestfallen.

"Why me?" he sighed.

For the next few days, Little Lu remained in the yard.

He did not cook.

This was something like a miracle, because he loved cooking!

He would practice his pill refinement skills and made them for Chu Yu.

According to Chu Yu's analysis, the pills that he made were of the same tier as the ones Chu Yu made.

Little Lu was a genius indeed.

The bubbly Little Lu had become much more quiet.

He seemed to have something on his mind.

Feng Jian never showed himself again after that battle.

No one came by either, there were only the two of them here.

Outside Feng Jian's quarters, many things had happened in the Sect over the past few days.

All of the second, third, fourth generation great ancestors were recalled, even those in seclusion.

An intense discussion went on as well.

A discussion about one man.

The chosen one by the heavens!

They had waited for so long for him.

Now, they could finally return home.


What a warm word.

It brought smiles to the faces of people, no matter where they were.

But the discussion was not focussed on home.

But now!

The great Ancestor had changed his mind!

The original plan was for him to accept this chosen one as his disciple and for the disciple to become the second great ancestor.

No one had any objections to that.

Even the other second great ancestors all welcomed the idea.

But the problem was that now, the Great Ancestor felt that the chosen one should not be his disciple, because he felt that he had nothing more to teach him.

He suddenly wanted to accept him as a junior instead!

The entire upper echelons of the Sect were stunned!

The Sect's population was over ten billion!

How could the great Ancestor behave this way?

Rules could not be changed that easily.

The great Ancestor was far too easy going with the rules!

This was a little awkward.

Many of the third generation ancestors were stumped.

Some of them could barely call Wan Ruo great ancestor, they were at least a few thousand years older than her.

How could they tolerate this now?

If the chosen one became the great ancestor's junior, how would the Sect treat him?

Many people were against this.

The entire Sect was in disagreement.

The ones who were against it the most were the other second great ancestors.

They didn't need a young person walking around whom they needed to call senior.

What kind of situation was this?

However, the great Ancestor's mind was set, nothing could change his mind.

In the end, the second, third, and fourth generation ancestors all gathered to beg him to reconsider.

Feng Jian opened his eyes and said, "Do you guys know why I've made this choice?".

The second great Ancestors looked at each other and lowered their heads.

The third and fourth generation ancestors did not dare to say a word.

The great Ancestor was seldom dead serious.

"Before this, I thought that his entire being was refined and that he had become a divine trooper.".

"But I was wrong, he hadn't been refined, not at all".

A face of shock appeared on the men's faces, they could not believe this.

They did not know who was the one who refined Chu Yu, but they knew that for their great Ancestor to head out personally… it must have been someone extremely powerful.

Perhaps it was even a god from the barren era.

How could someone like that fail?

Was this a joke? How was it possible?

The young division leader said, "He hasn't been refined? But from what I see, he's lost all of his emotions!".

"I thought so too, but he's managed to mask himself and hide from my senses. Someone who can accomplish this, and he's only a great Saint at that, do you think I have the right to accept him as my disciple?".

Many of them wanted to reply with a firm yes, but they did not.

Because they knew that there was only one answer- he did not have the right.

This wasn't just about cultivation level.

"Apart from this, the three realms technique has only chosen two individuals from the beginning of time- Him, and myself.".

"I wanted to groom him myself and watch him grow, but that was just my selfish desire," Feng Jian said.

"Is there no other way other than accepting him as your junior?" the young division leader asked.

"Of course. My master is the heavens, his master… is the heavens as well. He was chosen by them, we have the same master, why can't we be senior and junior?".

"This is why I'm not discussing the issue any further, even if you don't agree, he is my junior, that is the truth.".

Feng Jian shut his eyes after saying this and began his inspection.

He wanted to know more about Chu Yu.

A strange look appeared on his face.

A stream of blood flowed down his lips.

"Great Ancestor!".

"Great Ancestor!".

The people in front of him were in a state of panic.

This was their first time seeing the great Ancestor bleed.

"It's just a small wound, calm down," Feng Jian reassured

A small wound? Did he know who he was?

He was a god from the barren era!

How could he bleed just from inspection?

What kind of man was the chosen one?

Was he from the barren era as well?

Feng Jian mumbled, "No wonder… This man's Qi and destiny have already reached such a level. That Cauldron… it's sucking his Qi! I'm afraid he never knew how powerful this boy is. Even refinement cannot befall him, it only strengthened him instead.".

He looked at the people below him, "What opinions do you guys have?".

"We await your command!" they said in unison.

Just like that, Chu Yu became the second eldest person in rank in the Sect.

What kind of situation was this?

He felt that he needed to continue his pretense to prevent himself from being discovered.

In the recent days, the second, third, and fourth generation ancestors all paid him a visit.

The ones who visited the most frequently were the second great ancestors.

They had all lived for many years, even Wan Ruo, the youngest among them, had lived for a few million years.

Even though they all looked young, they were all living fossils.

Chu Yu wanted to stop them from coming to see him, but the problem was that he was supposed to be injured!

He was supposed to not have any emotions.

If he showed some signs of emotion, how could he explain himself?

Over the next few days, his struggle only got worse.

The people who came to visit came one after another, it was endless.

There was one girl, a seventeenth generation ancestor, who came over and stared at Chu Yu for a long time.

It was almost disrespectful.

But for a person who had no emotions, he could not react.

The crucial thing was that this woman, named Fei Xia, asked him a question that made Chu Yu suspect that Feng Jian might have discovered his pretense long ago.

After he visited him, she smiled and said, "Ancestor, I've heard that you have sustained severe Daoist wounds, should I head back and bring some medicine over?".

Chu Yu remained quiet and did not respond.

Soon after, her men brought in the medicine.

The problem lay here, if she really did believe that Chu Yu had sustained severe injuries, why did she not deliver the medicine immediately?

Why did she have to ask?

Moreover, the medicine that she sent… Chu Yu could tell that they had nothing to do with Daoist wounds.

She was clearly signalling that she did not believe he was injured.

She was just teasing him!

And if she knew, perhaps she was not the only one.

He decided to talk to Feng Jian about this.

Chu Yu couldn't think of any reason as to why Feng Jian had not exposed him.

For a being with such power, he could do anything he wanted to.

Chu Yu regretted not approaching him a little earlier.

After so many days, he finally had to do the thing he dreaded the most.
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