Chapter 598: A Problem?

Chapter 598: A Problem?
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The official handing over ceremony's date was taking place the next day.

Many of the elders were incredibly excited, this was a historical moment.

If not for the limitation of time, perhaps they would have wanted it to happen even sooner.

Feng Jian agreed with this sentiment.

Chu Yu, on the other hand, felt like this was all a trap and wanted to run away.

Within the Sect, no matter what request he made, every one of them would be answered immediately.

He had an unimaginably privileged life.

He called Little Lu over.

"Lu Xing greets the junior great ancestor!".

The child bowed and rolled his eyes.

"Alright, stop pretending, you were just calling me big brother a few days back," Chu Yu glared at him.

"Hehe," Little Lu sniffed.

This Sect was full of weirdos, there were only a handful of normal people here.

Perhaps it was because of Feng Jian's eccentric personality.

There was nothing that could be done about it.

"Little Lu, tell me, why are the ancestors of the Sect in such a hurry for me to become the Sect Leader? Why does senior want to abdicate his position?" Chu Yu asked.

"You're asking the wrong guy, how would I know anything about this?" Little Lu replied quickly.

"You don't?" Chu Yu questioned suspiciously.

This little fellow was full of nonsense and talk, surely he had to know something?

"Of course I don't!" he continued denying.

The division leader had already reminded him not to run his mouth. What if Chu Yu didn't want to become the Sect leader anymore?

This was why Little Lu didn't want to tell Chu Yu the answer.

"Little Lu, you can come clean."

If asking nicely wasn't going to work, Chu Yu was prepared to go hard on him.

He looked at Little Lu and threatened, "When I do become the Sect leader, you'll have to listen to me anyway.".

"Alright, alright! That's great then!" Little Lu said with a face of delight.

He said, "I'm the first to accompany you here, no one will dare to say anything about me after that. I can research my cooking everyday and become the greatest chef in the world!".

"Aren't you afraid that I'll make your life difficult?" Chu Yu asked.

"You're an ancestor, a great ancestor at that! Apart from the great ancestor himself, your position has the highest authority. Everyone has to listen to you!".

Little Lu exclaimed, "The heavens have been moved by us!".

What a crazy child!

Chu Yu was nearing the tip of his patience.

He walked around the yard with Little Lu.

Chu Yu had grown to become familiar with this place, they soon arrived at the Sect's scripture storage.

This scripture storage held all of the Sect's techniques and legacies, as well as many old books.

For a Sect with their history, the items inside were definitely treasures.

Under normal circumstances, one needed a few million years to finish reading everything within.

Chu Yu walked to the door as the door keeper ran over.

"Junior great ancestor… no, Sect leader, you've come?".

Even though the ceremony had not been processed, the entire Sect basically treated Chu Yu as the Sect leader.

No matter who he bumped into, they would greet him as such.

"I want to go in and take a look," he replied.

"Alright, the Sect leader's visit is our honour!" a middle-aged man ran out and greeted Chu Yu.

"My name is He Zi Qiao, I'm the 396th generation disciple of the Sect, greetings Sect leader!".

Chu Yu smiled as he shook his head, no one had verbally said the Sect's name yet.  

Chu Yu followed him in.

His expression became very serious.

The Sect's resources were as astounding as it could be.

From the basic techniques, to Saintly techniques, to great Saint techniques, and then to the Ancestral techniques…. This place had everything!

They were classified according to body type, blood type, talent level, and many other categoeries.

According to He Zi Qiao, there were ancestors in the Sect who were specifically designated to help them choose what kind of legacies they were suited for.

Once the disciples of the Sect became Saints, the ancestors would inspect them and recommend them a route to follow.

Once one reaches the great Saint level, he would be considered to have graduated and can follow an ancestor as his personal disciple.

"As long as you have the talent, you will have access to rich resources. As long as you work hard, it's only a matter of time before you come into your own.".

Chu Yu nodded, this Sect's way of imparting knowledge was impressive.

He asked casually, "There are so many people in this Sect, the resources used are definitely not little right?".

"Ah? Haha, ha, yes. It should be an astounding figure. But I'm not in charge of that, you have to ask the ancestors about that," He Zi Qiao laughed awkwardly.

He passionately introduced Chu Yu to the ancient books in the storage.

"This book was written by an elder from the barren era. It details his adventures and contains many things that are no longer seen now. What a pity.".

"And this! This book contains the thinking of a great ancestor, and how he created powerful magical equipment. Many outstanding disciples of our Sect still use his method to forge them.".

"And this… and this… this one!".

He Zi Qiao continued introducing the books here, he knew them like the back of his palm.

His knowledge deeply impressed Chu Yu.

There didn't seem to be any area or category which he wasn't knowledgeable about.

He didn't just understand or know them, he was an expert!  

Chu Yu brought a few books back under his recommendation.

If it was anyone else, they would not be able to bring out the precious ancient books from the storage, only Chu Yu could do so.

But Chu Yu had the feeling that He Zi Qiao had said something wrong, he was a little tense and uptight, only relaxing when he sent Chu Yu off.

What could he have said wrongly?

Chu Yu began to think.

Perhaps it was the question about the resources and his awkward laughter.

"Was there a problem there?".

Chu Yu frowned to himself.

He wasn't that great in managing financial resources himself.

Despite this, it was hard to imagine what kind of problem there could be.

If Lin Shi was here, she would definitely have reminded Chu Yu to check the balance and cheques.

For a Sect of such stature, the amount of transactions each day would definitely be astounding!

He might not have been able to discern the problem immediately, but he would gain a deeper understanding of things here for sure.

It was a pity that Chu Yu was not talented in this area.

He decided against it after thinking about it for a short while.

He opened the books that he brought back and soon became engrossed in the contents.

The barren era!

It was a whole other time.

All creatures were born then!

The super powers of that era were the truly strong ones.

There was no system of cultivation back then, only gods and devils!

There were no three realms, no six paths of reincarnation. Gods and devils were Immortal.

At that time, a divine god created the system of Dao, which lasted till this day.

As time passed and years left, the number of talented beings that appeared in the barren era got lesser and lesser.

Each era after the other was a lesser one.

This was why Feng Jian was so desperate to find the successor to the three realms technique.

Chu Yu flipped through the books for the entire night.

He looked through them very seriously.

Within these books were the explanations to many mysteries he didn't understand before.
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