Chapter 601: The First Dragon

Chapter 601: The First Dragon
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He was laughing at the name of the Sect before, but now it was his turn to weep.

No wonder He Zi Qiao laughed awkwardly when he was asked about the finances.

This group of b*stards!

Chu Yu felt scammed into being the Sect leader… argh!

He was not good at managing finances either, how could he manage the finances of a Sect with over tens of billions of people?

The number was scary by itself!

They were a group of cultivators, not just any humans!

Their needs were way more than the average man.

Chu Yu looked at the group of them with a face of desolation, "Is it too late for me to resign?".

"You can't… Sect leader, you can't shun away from responsibility like that! The entire Sect is relying on you!" the young division leader implored.

"That's right Sect leader, you're the boss now! The name of the Sect is given by you- Limitless! How great is this name!".

"Sect Leader, we all support you! We'll follow you to rob others if need be!".

Chu Yu was a little annoyed, especially so with Feng Jian.

"Sect leader, be calm! It's not the time to be crestfallen!" a second generation ancestor said.

Chu Yu sat helplessly there as he looked at him, "Eldest ancestor…".

"Don't call me that, you're the eldest here!".

"Alright, tell me, what's the situation like now?" Chu Yu asked.

The eldest ancestor of the second generation looked at the division leader, "Little Mo, you tell him!".

The division leader said with a serious expression, "Our land comes from the barren era, the spiritual energy is rich and he resources are plentiful.".

"Tell me what are the problems," Chu Yu coughed.

The young division leader laughed awkwardlu as he said, "It's like this, even though our resources are rich, our population is too dense!".

Chu Yu began to understand.

The problems this Sect was facing were the same as the sealed earth back then.

The resources were dwindling, they were struggling to keep up with the needs of the people!

There were too many powerful cultivators, one single ancestral being needed the energy of a star to continue his training!

Why did the laws of the mortal realm only allow great Saints?

This was one of the most important reamouses.

With the change in the laws, the resources in the world increased, allowing for great Saints to exist.

With the passing of time, and the increasing number of great Saints in the mortal world, one day, the resources would dwindle as well.

This was what was happening to this land.

Feng Jian's cultivation was too immense, he was one of the gods of the ancient era. He hasn't trained for too many years.

But because of the Sect's needs, he couldn't leave them either.

This was why he immediately disappeared after a successor appeared.

He needed to collect his own energy for his practice, he couldn't train here.

Otherwise, the entire place's energy would be consumed by him alone.

The ancestral beings in front of Chu Yu had not trained for a long time as well.

If they did so, the energy here would dwindle rapidly as well.

This was a huge problem.

The number of people here would only increase.

The Sect was not poor beyond measure, but if this went one, they would soon be.

After Chu Yu listened to the division leader describe the Sect's predicament, he looked at everyone and said, "Everyone, I come from the Mortal Realm, a place where ancestral beings don't exist. You guys know where that is right?".

Everyone nodded their heads, why would they not know?

"Do I look like someone who can lead you to find such resources?" Chu Yu asked.

They all nodded their heads.

"Urgh!" Chu Yu felt like he had a headache.

He was tired.

How was he supposed to know how much energy they needed without being an ancestral being himself?

Where could he look for such resources?

The heavens?

Chu Yu began thinking.

After a short while, he raised his head and looked at them, "Oh yes, I've heard that your home is in the immortal realm?".

Little Lu had once mentioned this.

"Yes Sect leader, our home is there. If there's a way to return, we don't have to worry about the resources then! Our Daoist field there has an endless supply of energy!".

"My senior is one of the ten gods of the barren era, why did he not bring you guys back?" Chu Yu asked.

This was the biggest question in his mind.

If it was true that Feng Jian stayed here to await Chu Yu's arrival, why did he disappear now that Chu Yu appeared?

From this way of looking at things, Feng Jian's behaviour seemed odd.

"This is a long story," the young division leader said.

"Tell me then," Chu Yu said.

"Alright, simply put, this involves the grudges between the ten… no eight gods of the barren era," the young division leader said.

Chu Yu nodded, he knew which god was the one who appeared thrice in the list of ten, it was the old man.

"That god was powerful and was able to split himself into three! He created the immortal realm with the best part of his being, and the coldest part was assigned to the nether world. As for the rest, that was the mortal realm. He then sent the beings and categorised them accordingly.".

The young division leader knew this period of history well, he talked about it in great detail.

"A problem occurred after that, he was disappointed in his own creation, and it invited external enemies as well. The three realms joined forces to destroy the enemy, but the three realms themselves suffered huge losses. After this, there was internal strife, and chaos broke out amongst the three realms.".

"The enemy's invasion didn't manage to destroy the three realms, but the internal strife almost did.".

"The beings of the barren era sat down together to come up with a solution.".

The young division leader continued, "The Mouse stayed in the mortal realm, the ox stayed in the nether world, and the tiger went to the western realm…".

"Wait, wait… who's the mouse? Who's the ox?" Chu Yu asked.

"The Mouse is the one who built the three realms, the one who created the great Emperor, the one who created you!" the eldest ancestor said.

"Ah? He's called the Mouse? Why is that?" Chu Yu asked.

The Mouse, the Ox and the Tiger… Wasn't this related to the Zodiac?

"He's the King of the Mice, the leader of the Zodiac! Didn't the great Ancestor tell you about this?".

The eldest ancestor of the second generation gave a wry smile, "The great Ancestor is peculiar… it's not a surprise that he didn't tell you.".

Chu Yu took out the amulet as he thought about it. 

The dragon was as real as ever, it's eyes were as alive as they could get.

There was a look of mockery in those eyes that weren't there before.

Chu Yu kept the amulet.

He looked at the eldest ancestor, "That means that this is the eastern realm? Apart from the Immortal real, the Mortal realm, and the Nether world, there are other realms in this world?".

The eldest ancestor replied, "Of course there are. They all broke off in the barren era into many different realms. There are large ones and small ones, only the ten gods know of their whereabouts.".

He continued, "The Rabbit went to the Immortal realm, The great Ancestor went to the eastern realm, the Snake went to the northern realm, the Horse and the Goat went to the Nether world, the Monkey… no one knew where he went.".

The Monkey?

Could it be? Chu Yu's master?

"The Rooster went to the southern realm, the Dog went to the Immortal realm, and the Pig… no one knows where he went as well.".

Indeed, the Monkey and the Pig were good friends.

These animals were all of the Zodiac!

Feng Jian was the dragon!

This was astonishing news.

The eldest ancestor said, "This was the outcome of that meeting. If they did not part, there would have been a horrifying war. This world can longer withstand a war at that level. And the enemy… we don't know when they will return.".

Chu Yu looked at him, "This is the exact reason why you can't return to the Immortal realm… is that right?".

The eldest ancestor nodded as a look of sadness appeared on his face, "Yes, regarding this matter, the great ancestor has told me many times that this is his fate. To guard the eastern realm, to guard it from the enemy that might appear at any moment. But we, we don't have to be resigned to this fate. We are here by choice. But now… the situation might not permit it any longer.".

He did not continue, Chu Yu knew what he meant.

If they stayed here, the entire eastern realm would crumble.

Chu Yu was deep in thought, he was still processing this piece of information.

He looked at them after a short silence, "What about the Bastion of Stars?".
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