Chapter 603: To Leave Or To Stay

Chapter 603: To Leave Or To Stay
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"Fast? How long has it been?"

Chu Yu furrowed his brows, he looked deep in thought, was there a time lapse between the Eastern heavens and the mortal realm?

Although he didn't spend much time at the Wu Jiang clan, he stayed there for a significant period.

From when he was taken there till his departure, he spent at least half a month there.

Zhou Gan replied, "About two to three days?".

He thought hard for a moment, "Three days!".

Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian walked over to Chu Yu, they were examining him from top to bottom.

"It's me," Chu Yu smiled gently.

Xu Xiao Xian let out a wail and burst into tears as she lunged into his arms.

She was hugging him tightly.

Lin Shi was also sobbing beside them.

Zhou Gan smirked a little, he thought it was best to leave them alone.

Even though Chu Yu had only been away for a couple of days, it felt like years for Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian.

The Old man was terrifying, they wouldn't stand a chance against him even with all their forces combined.

So, they didn't believe a word that Zhou Gan said when he said that someone saved Chu Yu.

They only breathed a sigh of relief when he walked into the room.

They were anxious to hear about what Chu Yu had been up to.

But Chu Yu was silent.

The Old man was still in the mortal realm, this was his territory!

For a Great God of the barren era, his powers were unpredictable.

Chu Yu came to this realization at the Eastern Heavens.

Anything that the Feng Jian wished to know, he would find out.

Nothing could be hidden from him.

Lin Shi and Xu Xiao Xian were sharp, they could tell that Chu Yu was restraining himself so they didn't question him further.

Then, Chu Yu went to speak to his parents and proposed the possibility of leaving.

The true guardian of the mortal realm was the Old man.

Chu Yu had obtained a large amount of information from the great Sect.

And this guardian was after him.

No matter how hard it was to leave home, Chu Yu thought it was more appropriate to bring them along than to leave them here.

Chu Tian Bei and Song Yu had retired a long time ago.

They knew that their child had grown up and had a greater vision and plans than them.

"Child, you can make the call here, as long as you deem fit. Your mother and I will always support your decision," Chu Bei Tian told his son.

"Let's go then, mum and dad. For a practitioner, anywhere could be home for us," Chu Yu sighed.

He couldn't bear to leave his family behind and leave by himself.

Even if he knew that the Old man would leave his loved ones alone, he just wasn't comfortable with the idea of leaving them in the mercy of someone else.

Then, Chu Yu held a meeting with the governors of the Floating city.

He didn't explicitly tell then where he was going, but he informed that he was preparing to leave the mortal realm.

Many of them assumed that he was leaving for the Bastion of Stars.

So not many of them were willing to tag along.

"The mortal realm is stable now, why are you still leaving?" Zhao Man Tian wasn't big on the idea of leaving.

"Yeah, what about the others?" Chu Yu looked at the rest of them.

Song Qing stepped out, "I am already old, the saint realm is probably my peak and my plateau. The rules of the heaven and earth restricting the saints have already been broken. There's a chance of Great Sainthood over here, I think I am going to stay too.".

Song Qing was representing all the Song royal members from the Mirror Dimension.

Fatty was toying around with the Fu Xi Trigram compass, "I'll go wherever my brother goes. It is an honor to follow a supernatural power being, ain't too bad a life.".

Da Jia Zei was gracefully ruffling his feathers, "Blondie and I are ready to go too.".

Demon King Xue replied calmly, "I've seen the most of it, I wish to settle here.".

Yue Yin laughed, "Personally I would love to get out there and prepare for another adventure, but I can't bear to leave my home. I think I'll stay for another couple of years, we'll see if I change my mind.".

Yue Yin was also representing a powerful army.

Little Moon replied coolly, "I am following second brother.".

Zhao Man Tian looked at her and sighed lightly.

Everyone had they own destinies to be fulfilled.

Little Moon wasn't a child no more, she was responsible for her own choices.

The newcomers, the Shen family expressed their desires to stay in the Floating city together with their daughter.

The family of three had been through too much to sacrifice the rare peace they had now.

Drizzle Shen, however, looked like she wanted to go onto an adventure and explore the unknown. There was an eager twinkle in her eyes but she was quickly stopped by her parents.

"That's no place for you."

Fei Xue warned her.

"But why? Why not me?" Drizzle shen was pouting.

"Even a Great Saint… hmm, even someone like Chu Yu would be unremarkable there. Things are extremely harsh and cruel there, you could easily lose your life."

Drizzle shen had to relent.

Black Dragon and Qu Ni were staying as well.

A couple of others expressed their wishes to stay as well.

Like the people from the eight great cities, there was so much to explore here for them.

They were attached to the mortal realm.

But they also proclaimed their loyalty to the Great Emperor and promised to guard the mortal realm dutifully.

Many of Chu Yu's older friends refused to leave as well.

The truth was, the status of a citizen of the Floating city was extremely respectable now!

Many spirits from other galaxies held them in high regards.

This respect was hard earned and well deserved!

As the core members of the Floating city, they enjoy a special set of privileges.

Of course, it was understandable that they didn't want to abandon all these.

Not all practitioners had the courage and strength to push themselves to greater heights.

Many of them only wished to improve their quality of life.

And they have rightfully done so.

The mortal realm held enough opportunities for them.

The war was over.

It was time to enjoy the fruits of peace and harmony.

Why would they have any reasons to leave this place of abundance now?

It was their hard-earned reward. It was the time to enjoy the luxuries of life, but the emperor had chosen to leave now...

No one had the rights to tell the emperor what to do with his life, but they could plot their own.

The old beggar laughed, "What do you think, old man?".

He had been quiet along with Ming Hui.

Ming Hui broke into a smile, "And old fella like me have been dying to go out there and explore the universe. Now with peace upon us, I finally have the chance to do that.".

The old beggar chuckled, "Yes, yes, that's the spirit!".

Even Chu Xiao Bai, barely managed, "I want to go too…".

There were no Chu elders around to reprimand him for speaking up.

Chu Yu looked and him and smiled warmly, "Great!".

Chu Xiao Bai looked ecstatic.

Except for that time when he showcased his talents, Chu Xiao Bai had been maintaining a low profile. He was always known as a polite and meek boy, well-liked by everyone.

But few people paid much attention to him as well.

There were too many powerful figured here at the Floating city.

Chu Xiao Bai's accomplishments were unremarkable.

Few people know that his instincts far surpassed his cultivation level!

By miles!

Before Chu Yu had properly returned, he already sensed something.

The moment Chu Yu announced his plans, Chu Xiao Bai already made up his mind to tag along.

I must follow Chu Yu! It would be a bountiful adventure!

Then, Chu Yu asked for First Uncle and Second Uncle's opinion.

The two elders expressed their hesitations about leaving.

"Why are you suddenly leaving?" the first uncle asked him with great curiosity.

"I want to broaden my horizons but I can't bear to part with you guys," Chu Yu smiled politely.

"Then leave home and come back when you've had enough fun!"

Chu Yu sighed in his mind, somethings were hard to explain.

The announcement came out of nowhere!

Even his close counterparts found it hard to keep up with him.

"This time, I might not return after a long while," Chu Yu whispered.

"Bastion of Stars?" the second uncle asked.

Chu Yu smiled and nodded his head.

He was still cautious about the Old man watching him.

He wasn't going to refute anything.

It was a plausible explanation that he was about to leave for the Bastion of Stars.

If the Old man knew that he was going to move all his family to the Eastern Heavens, he might appear to stop him.

Even if he was being overly paranoid, it was better to be wary against this formidable godly being.

A true god.

The first uncle thought for a long while before sighing, "Now that the peace has returned, you are insisting on leaving, ay, never mind. You have your own plans. Go if you must, but you don't have to bring so many people along with you. I heard that it is a treacherous place.".

The second uncle seemed to catch onto something, "Let us have a discussion, this isn't a small decision.".

Uprooting and migrating, it wasn't a small decision indeed. Chu Yu nodded his head and took his leave.

On Earth.

At the luxurious club.

This time, there was only the youth and Zhou Gan in the room.

There was a projection of a screen between them.

The visuals were switching constantly, so many characters… but there was the main lead.

It was Chu Yu.

Zhou Gan sighed, "Old man, I thought you said that you were going to leave him alone?".

The youth was quiet, he was frowning as he watched the image intently.

"Come on, let him do as he pleases, there's no need to…"

"What do you know?" the youth looked at him coldly, "You dare to act ignorant in front of me? Do you take me for a fool?".

"What do you mean?" Zhou Gan was startled.

The youth continued coldly, "He wants to go to the Bastion of Stars, but he doesn't even dare to announce it out loud, he is afraid that I'll find out!".

"Then let him go, I wouldn't want to go to a scary place like that."

"If he goes there, all of his legacies and powers will be robbed by something else!"

Zhou Gan said, "Then, that is his own choice.".

"I groomed him, how can I let someone else reap the rewards?"

"But you said so yourself, that you'll leave him alone," Zhou Gan continued, "Are you going to go back on your words?".

The youth looked at him sternly, "Are you going to stop me?".
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