Chapter 604: Zhou Gan's Identity

Chapter 604: Zhou Gan's Identity
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Zhou Gan shook his head, "I don't have the ability to stop you.".

The young man looked at him and laughed coldly, "You dare to say that you weren't the one who called the Dragon here?".

"Old man! I'm your disciple! How could I ever betray you? A load of bullshit!" the young man sniggered.

"Bullsh*t! Is there anything else you're afraid of doing? Think about it, if I didn't stop you in the beginning, would you have killed Chu Yu? We're both the same," the young man glared at him.

Zhou Gan smiled gleefully, "Don't say that, I don't have that kind of attitude. I did want to kill him back then, luckily you stopped me.".

"Hmph! If the laws of the mortal realm did not change, you wouldn't even be here. Now you're one step closer to his Qi and destiny.".

Zhou Gan shook his head, "Old man, you're maligning me, I did want to kill him back then, but I was never after anything he had! Who would dare to steal something from the chosen one?".

"Why did you want to attack him then? Don't give me the bull crap that you want to avenge your ancestors, there's no point in lying to me.".

Zhou Gan sighed, "You might not believe me, but I really just didn't like the look on his face. I'm not as sick as you old man.".

"What's wrong with me wanting to convert a part of my soul into a divine trooper?" the young man looked at Zhou Gan and said,

"That's an excuse old man, if things were really that simple, why did you let the Dragon take him away?" Zhou Gan replied.

"Simple? What do you know? I was killed by the Dragon once, you know how powerful he is. Are there beings in this world which can defeat him?" the young man said with a dark expression.

"The Monkey," Zhou Gan smiled.

"You're mocking me," the young man said.

"Alright, I'll give you a break. What are you going to do now? Are you going to try to capture him again?" Zhou Gan smiled.

"That b*stard Dragon definitely left a mental imprint on him. If I make a move, he will definitely appear. But if he goes to the Bastion of Stars… the Dragon will have no power to do so.".

"So after all that's said and done, you still want to lead him there don't you? Why are you telling me all these then?" Zhou Gan asked.

"Are you dumb? I'm afraid he heads to the eastern realm!" the young man said.

"Why would he? Why would the Dragon ever let someone like him into the eastern realm? You're thinking too much," Zhou Gan said.

The young man replied, "The Dragon now is no longer like the Dragon back then, you, on the other hand, you haven't changed at all you pig.".

"That's a little too much now. I've been on earth for a while, I know how things work here," Zhou Gan glared at him.

"So, will you help me or not?" the young man asked directly.

"How can I help? I can barely protect myself in this great Saint's body. What else can I do?" Zhou Gan replied defensively.

"I want you to continue following him to see where he is going. If he's going to the eastern realm, stop him, I'll owe you one.".

Zhou Gan thought about it and replied, "Ratty, are you serious?".

"Of course! He's mine! Only I can have him! No one else can! Even if I have to destroy him, I will do it," the young man said.

"Heh, destroying the chosen one, your balls are huge," answered Zhou Gan as he sipped on some red wine.

He stood up and said, "Alright, I'll help you, but remember, you owe me.".

Zhou Gan turned to leave.

Only the young man was left in the room, as two rays of light were shot out from his eyes.

He said, "Who can take what's mine? Dragon… don't think I cant see through your act.".

At the floating city.

Chu Tian Yu and Chu Tian Nan decided to stay.

Most of the clan was set on leaving.

The floating city owed its position to Chu Yu.

And this group of people had all been through thick and thin with Chu Yu.

But so what?

They were all Chu Yu's kin as well.

If Chu Yu wanted to move, they would gladly move with him.

Since the ancient times, that's how family worked.

This has never been changed.

`No matter whether Chu Yu was here or not, his name remained.

No one would dare to come to the floating city to cause trouble.

No one would dare to harm the Chu clan.

So why did they have to give this place up?

They couldn't understand!

That was why they decided to stay.

After Chu Yu found out, he didn't say anything.

He didn't think that the old man would do anything to his family.

This was why he was fine with them staying here.

There were more than just a few who were willing to follow him.

Yue Yin was representing her camp the other day, on a personal level, she really wanted to go to the Bastion of Stars.

So after informing everyone else, she decided to leave with him.

Chu Yu brought his parents, Xu Xiao Xian, Lin Shi, Da Jia Zei, Old Huang, Fatty and his two wives, Little Moon, Chu Xiao Bai, Ming Hui and Drizzle with him.

Oh, and Flower Chu as well.

In recent times, her intelligence seemed to have returned.

But it was not the consciousness of the Butterfly Dance that returned!

She was like a new person.

For a person of her cultivation to have no soul in her for so long, it was a very dangerous prospect.

Some deceased powerful beings experienced a new mind taking over their bodies after their passing.

Their bodies remained the same, but their personalities would be completely different.

The mind and the body would then be at odds.

They would struggle with one another for control.

This situation was rare.

Bodies without a mind usually only appear after the destruction of a soul.

Chu Yu did not inform many people of his departure.

If news got out, who knew what kind of backlash it might start.

Those who were left behind would feel dejected.

They would not understand why Chu Yu had to leave to the Bastion of Stars.

This was his home!

Chu Yu brought his group of followers as they appeared in outer space in the blink of an eye.

Did he have no feelings of unwillingness?

Of course he did.

The feelings ran deep.

But he could never accept the feeling on being constantly watched over if he remained there.

Chu Yu didn't want that, so this was his only choice.

Perhaps he would return one day.

But that would be when he had the power to face the old man.

"Wait for me… Why are you running away so quickly?".

A powerful divine sense echoed just as Chu Yu was about to leave.

Chu Yu stopped in his steps as a look of surprised appeared on his face.

Xu Xiao Xian frowned, "What is he doing here?".

Lin Shi added, "It must be some ploy.".

"You two, what ploy do you speak of?" Zhou Gan said as he flew in front of Chu Yu.

"We're going to the Bastion of Stars, are you going too?" Chu Yu asked calmly.

His vertical eye was observing Zhou Gan.

This man was not simple at all!

Chu Yu had already guessed that.

The first time he saw him, he looked like an idiot.

In the beginning, Chu Yu even believed that he and the old man shared the bond of a teacher and a student.

But after Chu Yu met Feng Jian, he suddenly had strong suspicions about Zhou Gan's identity.

Because he had too many similarities to Feng Jian himself!  

For one, normally, the higher the cultivation level of a person, the less talkative they would be and the more serious they would appear.

Especially Ancestral beings, they were like gods amongst the men of the mortal realm!

Chu Yu did not get that aura from the old man.

He seemed just like an ordinary human.

His behaviour was like one as well.

Unlike a god.

Feng Jian was the same.

Chu Yu had never seen such an easy going powerful person.

Even normal humans weren't as casual.

He was one of the twelve ancestors of the barren era!

A true god!

One of the Zodiac!

If you asked him for his age, he might not be able to give a precise number.

Especially since he travelled through different realms.

Chu Yu had faced similar problems.

Time flowed differently between the realms, if one were to account for everything… Chu Yu was not young either.

The Zodiac seemed to be creatures that had unorthodox personalities.

Zhou Gan had the same trait.

Chu Yu thought about the interactions between Zhou Gan and the old man…

Chu Yu's suspicions only grew further.

Could it be?
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