Chapter 605: Crossing Over

Chapter 605: Crossing Over
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Zhou Gan looked at Chu Yu and smiled cheekily, "I want to go to the Bastion of Stars as well.".

"Why do you want to go all of a sudden? Aren't there many beautiful chicks begging for you back on earth?" Xu Xian Xian teased.

"I thought about it seriously and suddenly felt that life is too short, we have to constantly seek and desire, we can't waste our time on the frivolous stuff," Zhou Gan replied.

"Whatever you say, let's go together then," Chu Yu smiled.

"Alright!" Zhou Gan was elated.

In his heart, he thought to himself, "Was this guy really going to the Bastion of Stars?".

If that was the case, didn't the old ratty just strike the lottery?

Chu Yu only had the two swords left with him now.

The Cauldron was taken away…

The yellow Emperor's sword and the Heavenly Immortal Sword… they were both divine weapons!

It wasn't all that bad.

Zhou Gan followed closely behind Chu Yu as they walked further away from the centre of the mortal realm.

Zhou Gan was surprised, this was the route to the Bastion of Stars.

The path that Chu Yu was taking had nothing to do with the eastern realm.

It was for the Bastion of Stars!

Zhou Gan was very happy, because the rat only told him to stop Chu Yu if he was going to the eastern realm.

He didn't need to reveal himself, and the old man still owed him a favour.

A good deal indeed!

He began thinking about what he should do with that favour.

Chu Yu had originally intended to lead this group to the eastern realm.

After settling them there, they could train optimally and reach the higher stages of cultivation.

But Zhou Gan's arrival made him change his mind.

He decided to bring all of them to the Bastion of Stars!

The Rat and the Dragon were at odds, that was without a doubt.

Zhou Gan's relationship with the Rat was very close as well.

What was his motive in approaching them now?

It was hard to tel.

But Zhou Gan was a sly person, Chu Yu knew that.

He had a charisma that allowed him to mix well with any group of people and obtain their trust,

He could act silly and yet be serious. He was handsome as well, it was easy for him to get into someone's good books.  

"Hey Fatty, your two wives are pretty decent, but their cultivation levels are a little weak. Their Saint level armor is freezing them to death, I have two cotton cloaks with me, do you want to give it to them?" Zhou Gan asked Fatty.

Fatty was surprised by the cloaks he brought out, "These things disappeared hundreds of years ago! Where did you get them from?".

Zhou Gan laughed, "I made them myself! Before I was a cultivator, I was a tailor. Back then there were no such things as coats or cloaks, everyone froze!".

"Shut up! You speak as if you lived in the barren era," Fatty passed the two cloaks to his two wives.

They might have looked worn out, but the cloaks were great Saint armour!

"You should say thanks at least," Zhou Gan said.

Ming Yu You suddenly looked at Zhou Gan and asked, "Zhou Gan, are you really from the Barren era?".

Zhou Gan paused for a moment, damn his big mouth!

It was easy to pass it off as a joke to normal people, but Ming Yu You was a little more dumb than the average human!

She was merely asking out of curiosity, but as they say, curiosity killed the cat.

Zhou Gan laughed awkwardly as he said, "Yu You, do you think such a handsome man as myself would have lived for that long?".

"It's definitely possible! Many ancient beings all look extremely young when they have, in fact, lived for many years!" she replied.

"Alright, I was just spouting nonsense," Zhou Gan said.

Ming Hui laughed, "Silly child, it's been billions of years since the Barren era. Even though Zhou Gan is a great Saint, it's impossible that he's a being from that era. Even ancestral beings are highly unlikely to have come from then.".

"I see, what a liar," Ming Yu You said with some disappointment.

From the beginning till then, Chu Yu had been observing Zhou Gan, and he believed that he did indeed come from that time.

Why did he have to lie about the Barren era?

It was a mystery for many cultivators, the existence of that time is doubtable in itself!

Some even doubted the existence of the emperor.

Even though the floating city had the eight ancient cities surrounding it now, there were still doubts.

The group of them continued flying towards the Bastion of Stars.

In the end, Chu Yu had to keep them into his own pocket dimension.

They wanted to walk this road together at first, but some of them couldn't keep up.

Especially those with lesser levels of cultivation such as Fatty's two wives.

Walking here was much easier for Saints.

But Chu Yu was way too quick, no one could match up to his speed.

Once they entered his pocket dimension, he picked up the pace rapidly.

Even Zhou Gan could barely keep up.

"F*ck, are you rushing to your death?" Zhou Gan said in some pain.

Chu Yu stopped abruptly.

To stop so suddenly when one was travelling close to the speed of light required a terrifying amount of control.

As a Great Saint, Zhou Gan was capable of this as well, but he did not expect Chu Yu to stop all of a sudden. He flew past Chu Yu as he reacted to the sudden stop.

He stopped ahead of Chu Yu.

"Are you crazy? I nearly knocked into you…" Zhou Gan complained.

Chu Yu laughed, "Zhou Gan!"

"What?" Zhou Gan said suspiciously as he looked at him.

"We're quite far away from the mortal realm now aren't we?" Chu Yu asked.

"Yea, do you need to ask? You should be clearer about that than me right?" Zhou Gan replied.

Chu Yu was the one who stepped into the great Saint realm in the mortal world, he should understand he laws of this realm very clearly.

Chu Yu nodded, "Alright, once we reach the Bastion of Stars, the battle is won. When that happens, we can start our negotiations!".

"Great! Wait… what? What negotiations?" Zhou Gan questioned as he looked at Chu Yu with a face of suspicion.

Chu Yu raised his head and looked toward the dark and cold universe ahead.

There were no constellations there.

It seemed like a wasteland.

A field of nothingness.

As they headed further in, they reached the end of the mortal realm.

Human beings thought that the universe was infinite and endless, but in reality, this was mere speculation borne out of misunderstanding.

Humans were like ants on earth, no matter how hard they tried, they could never see the outer space.

Humans could never fly out of the mortal realm, out of this universe.

Unless they could obtain enlightenment and step into higher levels of cultivation.

That was all they needed.

At Chu Yu and Zhou Gan's level, all they needed was their force of will and a step forward.

And the Bastion of Stars would appear right ahead of them!

Zhou Gan was cursing himself, he had fallen into Chu Yu's trap.

Why was he so talkative? He scolded himself.

What did Chu Yu mean by attaining victory when they reached the Bastion of Stars?

Who was going to negotiate with him?

The Rat was definitely observing them.

What would he think if he heard what Chu Yu had said?

Would he feel that Zhou Gan had betrayed him? Perhaps Chu Yu already knew their identities from the beginning?

Zhou Gan was not afraid of the Rat, but he did not want to offend him.

Chu Yu smiled, "Of course, we're just going to talk.".

As he said this, his body flickered as he vanished.

A giant and glorious field of light emerged between the heavens and the earth!

Chu Yu crossed over straight on!
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