Chapter 608: A Thousand Years

Chapter 608: A Thousand Years
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Indeed, the old man could not wait as long as Chu Yu.

Because someone came to find him on the surface.

"Little Rat, what are you doing!".


A giant staff forged from divine gold rained down and headed straight for the old man's head.

The old man nearly went insane.

"You stupid Monkey!" he howled as he took out his kerosene lamp.

The flame lit up and burst forth towards the staff.


The flames were extinguished, and the staff was left with a few burn marks.

A figure broke through countless borders and rushed over.

It was a monkey

An incredibly old one.

The fur on its body had all become white.

But its body gave off an overwhelming energy.

It laid its eyes on the old man and laughed, "You rat scum…".

"I'll fight you!" the old man's body erupted with a powerful energy as a killer intent came forward.

The murderous intent was real!

If this sort of energy appeared in the mortal realm, the entire place would collapse.

"I haven't even said anything and you've already started? What? Want to show off? The Monkey teased, ignoring the energy from the old man's body.

This place was far from peaceful.

Previously, there was a battle between two of the 12 original gods.

And now there was about to be another one.

Now, even the prominent beings of this place did not dare to look over.

"What are you looking it? Any more looking and I'll dig your eyes out!" the Monkey howled.

His voice pierced through the barriers and resonated far away.

The eyes that were watching all turned away.

The Monkey looked at the old man and said, "Speak, why are you finding trouble with my disciple?".

"Your disciple? What kind of joke is this?" the old man said with a surprised expression.

"You're lying! Can't you tell that he knows the seventy two shapeshifters? That's my technique!" the Monkey smiled.

"When did that become your technique? Do all of our transformation techniques belong to you as well?" the old man spat.

The Monkey laughed, "Cut the crap, what are you doing here with my disciple?".

The old man raged, "I knew that pig wasn't reliable!".

The Monkey laughed, "Idiot, he's my best friend, why would he stand on your side?".

"Ah? Wasn't your best friend wanting to beat the hell out of your disciple as well? We're all gods, let's not play pretend," the old man mocked.

"That's why rats like you have bad foresight. Whatever you say! Old man, do you believe me when I say that there are more great beings protecting him than wanting to harm him?" The Monkey laughed.

"I don't. Don't forget, this place… there isn't just people from our world. There's also the Immortal Realm and the Nether World… there are people that are after him from there as well!".

The Monkey rolled his eyes, "I'm too lazy to discuss nonsense with you, fight me if you want, otherwise, scram!".

"Can you at least have some sense of reason and behave like a god?" the old man raged.

"You've said this crap since long ago, do you think it'll work? Why are you doing this? Many people have awaited his coming to this world, why can't you give him some time to grow?" the Monkey sighed.

"I hate having things out of my control," the old man replied.

The Monkey looked at him, "But they're so many things out of your control in this world!".

"But not him! He's part of my soul!".

"Moreover, I don't trust in his ability to grow. His sort will be easily used by the enemy. I'm sure you know the consequences," the old man said.

He continued, "Especially so, now he's here at the Bastion of Stars.".

The Monkey replied, "Give him some time. I know that there are many enemies here, but they will think about the consequences before acting.".

He raised his head, "We've all aged.".

The old man was silent.

The Monkey said, "Even though we've lived through the ages, there will come a day where we fall. Everyone has the best interest of this world in their hearts, they're just doing it in different ways. There's no right or wrong. You created the Immortal realm, what happened then? What have you gained yourself apart from pleasing that bunch of cowards?".

The old man said coldly, "I'll gladly do it.".

The Monkey laughed wryly and said, "Don't put on a tough front, our group should fall back now. This world needs to fall into the hands of the younger generations.".

The old man did not speak.

"If you continue being so headstrong, you might just become a piece of rat scum," the Monkey mocked.

The old man replied, "I don't care. I've been labelled many things over the past few eras. I've gotten used to it.".

"I've spoken so much to you today, why do you insist on this? Can't you give in for once?" the Monkey said.

The old man looked at the Monkey with a shocked expression, "You're begging me? For him?".

"Nonsense! Who's begging you? If I begged you I would've been suppressed back in the day!" the Monkey laughed.

Upon hearing the words 'back in the day', the old man's eyes had a gentle look.

But it was just for a moment.

The old man sighed softly, "Yes… back in the day.".

The Monkey looked far away and laughed, "I miss mount Hua Guo all of a sudden."

"Forget it, mount Hua Guo is long gone. My Immortal Estate is gone too. It's all in the past," the old man said with a weary look.

The Monkey looked into the sky, "You never know, he might be able to.".

"Think about it, he dares to enter these waters… heh," the Monkey said.

"That's his ignorance! He's asking for death!" the old man laughed coldly.

"What if he doesn't die? The one chosen by the heavens isn't that weak," the Monkey replied.

The old man had a look of uncertainty now. After a while, he scoffed, "This little thing, he has some f*cking patience. I didn't believe he would hide in this lake to begin with!".

"Look at it this way, the three realms technique, the outer world treasure… do you think this man would be an ordinary man? Are you dumb to want to refine him?" the Monkey scolded.

"Ugh, whatever!" the old man replied.

After replying, a great shroud of light appeared on his body as he went back to the Mortal realm in a flash.

The Monkey shook his head, "That's what you should do, let the new generation take over. One cannot always think he is the best, there's a better one out there in the future.".

With that, the Monkey vanished as well.

No one heard their conversation.

Chu Yu had been studying the two walls he was leaning against.

He didn't dare to make any sound or do any large actions.

The damn runes were still floating about in the waters.

The old man was petty indeed.

He had already left, but he left the runes there to make Chu Yu's life hard.

To cultivators, time passed differently as compared to normal human beings.

But Chu Yu was once a normal being back on earth.

And according to his calculations, he had been under this lake for 500 years.

In this 500 years, he did not train, nor did he manage to understand the two borders.

Not only did he feel like the time here was wasted, he felt like a failure as well!

What he didn't know was that the borders below the lake were he hardest to gain enlightenment from.

Even the easiest of borders required tens of thousands of years to decipher.

No one would break through one in 500 years, let alone this one.

And remember, the Bastion of Stars was the place for supreme powers only.

Even the prominent figures of the Bastion of Stars required a very long amount of time.

This place hid a tenth of the world's secrets!

But Chu Yu did make some progress. The runes slowly began to fade in the lake.

The old man just wanted to give him a hard time.

At the 1000th year, Chu Yu finally broke through!

He felt the border beneath his feet with his leg, he could understand the laws that were bounded by it- what they meant and what they entailed.

He was over the moon!

He could finally leave this damned place!

The happiness was indescribable, after all, he had used a thousand years to decipher it.

He stepped down, and the invisible border shattered!  

Chu Yu's body sank as the border closed almost instantly.

At the depths of the lake, the runes quickly gathered together and formed the shape of a man.

It was the old man's body, in the form of the young man. 

He had a look of disbelief in his face, "He was really here? A thousand years… that was all he took to break through a barrier? This is amazing!".

There was a smile on his face.

"That stupid Monkey was right, I was wrong indeed.".

The young man's body vanished from this place.

This was just a sliver of memory.

Chu Yu did not know what place this was, he only felt the temperature becoming colder and colder.

It was freezing him to death.

If it was not for the heat from the vertical eye, he would've had hypothermia long ago.

If one was not plunged into such conditions, one would never know how terrifying the secrets of the Bastion of Stars were.

This place wasn't a place just for anybody!

Chu Yu sighed.

Suddenly, his divine sense spotted a chain that flashed before his eyes and went deep into the depths of the lake.

What was this?

Chu Yu was stunned.

He didn't dare to use his hands to touch it.

He let out a divine sense to feel the chain.


The divine sense was shattered like glass instantly.
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