Chapter 62: It’s not wise to antagonize Big Brother Huang!

Chapter 62: It’s not wise to antagonize Big Brother Huang!

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After Xiao Yue finished copying the Superclass, and was satisfied with the exquisite penmanship, she let out a long sigh and carefully kept all the papers.

Only then did she look up at Chu Yu with wide eyes, "Teacher, please augment my abilities..."

When such an aloof, gorgeous lady asked gently for a favor, there was an indescribable attractiveness to it.

Even Chu Yu was swooned for a moment.

"You finally feel a little bit like a fox spirit." Chu Yu gritted his teeth.

"Does young master want to experience it?" Xiao Yue blinked, even as her eyes hid a dangerous message.

"No, I’m not interested, furthermore, you’re too young and haven’t matured fully. Just stick with being the ice queen that you are." Chu Yu said expressionlessly as he grabbed Xiao Yue’s wrist.

Xiao Yue’s gaze was soft and her voice barely concealed her anticipation.

Chu Yu harnessed the immense energy contained in his body and opened up his vertical eye.

That wave of energy was as strong as a raging river and it entered Xiao Yue’s body in an instant.

Xiao Yue’s body shivered, almost as if she was looking up at the heavens, and she momentarily felt extremely insignificant.

Chu Yu focused his energy and began to breakthrough Xiao Yue’s acupoints one by one.

Even though there have been similar incidents recorded in history, Xiao Yue still found it difficult to suppress her awe.

This method was simply against Heaven’s will!

Using one’s own energy to forcefully break open other’s acupoints... in the ancient annals, only the greatest powers of the ancient times could use such a technique.

This was the imparting of power!

It was usually only used as a descriptive phrase.

Yet Chu Yu was doing it!

In the current era, anyone with such abilities was seen as a god!

She could have never imagined that her willfulness would have changed her fate.

Or maybe... is this the rumored destiny?

Xiao Yue thought to herself.

Very quickly, Chu Yu broke through 300 of Xiao Yue’s 365 true acupoints.

That overbearing yet gentle wave of force did not harm to Xiao Yue.

Even when Chu Yu let go of her wrist, she was still in a daze.

In less than a month, her fate had been completely reversed.

He had first cured her of the trouble that had been plaguing her for years, and then he had allowed her to advance so many levels so quickly. Even though she was still some way away from the Invigorated Meridian Realm, it was only a matter of time!

Even though she was quite far away from the most talented disciples of Qing Qiu, this was quite an achievement for Xiao Yue. Furthermore, she had received the teachings of a saint.

Even though it was just the foundation techniques for Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian, skyscrapers are also built from solid foundations, without a good foundation, how did one expect to progress further?

Xiao Yue bowed deeply to Chu Yu, even though young master was a little unorthodox at times, deep down, he was an extremely compassionate person.

Naturally, Chu Yu did not know that Xiao Yue had rejected him, but he was still relatively pleased with Xiao Yue.

Many a times, even though she had said something in jest, she kept her promises forever.

This was what was meant by "words are golden"!

When dealing with trustworthy people, there was no need for promises.

Chu Yu told Xiao Yue that he needed to enter isolation for a period of time. He also requested that she pass the message to Lord Thief.

After Xiao Yue left, Chu Yu took out his handphone, wanting to take a few pictures of the Superclass.

However, he did not do so after remembering what Xiao Yue said.

Respect for it was one matter, the key was... he was a little scared that this thing could not be trusted.

Finally, he decided to make a copy by writing it on pen and paper, then he called Chu Tianxiong over.

"Uncle Xiong, this item concerns the future of the Chu Clan. You need to make a trip back and personally hand this to the clan leader, he should know what to do with it."

Chu Yu then looked at Chu Tianxiong with an expression of seriousness, "Oh ya, remember to ask Xiaoxiao to record this down and train according to this."

Chu Tianxiong was at a loss when he saw the words. He could recognize the words and he could feel that this was a kind of cultivation technique. However, he could not feel what was so beneficial about it.

Other than the fact that the first chapter was written in an extremely haughty way, he could not sense anything else.

This was due to the difference in their talents.

Xiao Yue was highly talented and could tell with a single look that the Superclass was extraordinary, but Chu Tianxiong could not.

It did not matter, Chu Yu believed that his second elder, Chu Tiannan, would know its value!

With the Superclass, the younger generation of the Chu Clan would have a stronger foundation than everybody else, and they would be better by multiple folds!

In this era where everyone was starting off at a similar point, getting the teachings of a saint is equivalent to securing the future.

"Rest assured, I will deliver this personally!" Chu Tianxiong listened to Chu Yu’s every word as if it was gospel.

He was almost at the level of worshipping this nephew of his.

This was the way things were in the world.

If you were stronger than others by a bit, they would be jealous; if you were stronger by a lot, they would be envious.

However, if you were stronger than others by many fold... the distance between heaven and earth, then, you were god!

You would only be worshipped!

After settling all of these matters, Chu Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

After thinking about it, he sent a message to Fatty: Whilst I am in isolation, you must stay alive , I still need you to take the rap for me in the future.

After he sent the message, Chu Yu switched off his phone.

As such he did not see Fatty’s reply a few seconds later - F*ck you!

The night was cool.

Chu Yu was now a long distance from the Dragon City, as he entered the DaXing’AnLing prefecture.

Decades ago, DaXing’AnLing was a renowned mountain range in China.

However, today, it was a place where ancient trees caressed the sky and various exotic spiritual animals roamed and prospered.

Perhaps some would have found such a place a hunter’s paradise. THis is a prime location for anyone who wants to hunt spiritual animals.

In fact, that would be a big mistake!

The current DaXing’AnLing prefecture had long become the playfield for powerful and ferocious beasts.

Even the disciples of ancient schools, not to mention those of the underworld clans, did not dare to step foot into this place willfully.

Even though the conflict between the human race and the demons was not particularly intense, everyone was too busy cultivating and raising their abilities to fight.

They were still at a peaceful stage.

However, if one side was to antagonize the other, the other... would definitely not take it lying down!

In certain respects, the demons may even be stronger.

Even if it was 30 years ago, when the world was still sealed, some of the demons had already entered the world.

Even though they couldn’t control the weather, it would not be wise for the ordinary person to antagonize them.

As such, Chu Yu had considered much before choosing this place for his isolation.

Even though his secret had not been revealed, it would not be appropriate for him to continue to stay in the Dragon City.

When the ancient schools entered society... it was unlikely that they would engage in any huge actions. However, their disciples could roam freely.

The names of Fan Jian and Song Hong had been too hot in recent days.

Even though they had cooled off slightly, that was only in the online sphere.

Within the circle of the ancient schools, these two names were still hot topics of conversation!

Fan Jian was like a loach, he could disappear without a trace wherever he went. One could see Song Hong, but no one knew his origins.

Only Chu Yu!

Chu Yu was the only person to date who had a connection to both Fan Jian and Song Hong.

Those who could not find Fan Jian and Song Hong would find trouble with Chu Yu.

Even though he wasn’t scared, he would be exasperated!

Ever since the Chu Clan had entered society, they had chosen China’s Northern territories, and these forests brought Chu Yu an intimate feel.

Everytime he entered the forests, Chu Yu felt at home.

When ordinary people entered the forests, their hearts filled with the fear of the unknown. However, for Chu Yu, no matter which forest he entered, his bones would radiate with excitement.

He was like a fish taking to water.

Chu Yu navigated the forest, almost as if he had blended in with the forest to become one.

Only after he reached the depths of DaXing’AnLing forest did he start to slow down.

At this time, the entire space between heaven and earth became strangely quiet.

The only sound came from the occasional bird chirp and the insect cries.

This place was too quiet, unsettlingly quiet.

Yet Chu Yu’s heart was relatively calm.

He breathed slowly, utilising the power inside his body, from the surface, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

In actual fact, he was like a stalking tiger, ready to pounce on his prey at any moment and tear it to shreds.

Based on his understanding of this forest, Chu Yu could feel that he had entered a piece of "owned territory".

Any place with an owner was termed as "owned territory".

A powerful individual would usually exist in such a place.

It has been the case since decades ago, when the world was still sealed.

Nowadays, it is even more so.

If this was the territory of a ferocious tiger or bear, one could feel a domineering aura.

Such a domineering aura is the result of the powerful individual’s personal aura.

Yet, the spiritual energy that Chu Yu felt was a rather feminine one.

This spiritual energy was rather familiar to Chu Yu, he had interacted with them many times when he was younger, and he had been conned by them many times.

Even when he entered such a foreign place, Chu Yu still felt that it was reminiscent of his younger days.

As such, even though he was on alert, he was extremely open as he walked around the area.


A sound of wind rang out behind him

Chu Yu dodged the attack with quick reactions.


One of the ancient trees ahead had a bowl-sized cavity in its trunk.

Shortly after, a huge gust of wind came from behind him, almost as if a ferocious tiger was lunging towards him.

Chu Yu turned around and slapped.



Ow ow ow ow!

A string of screams rang out and a yellow silhouette was sent flying by Chu Yu.

It tumbled many times before finally smashing into a large tree trunk more than a meter in diameter.


The tree trunk broke into two!

"Aiyoyo, what kind of a doll are you? Damn, why are your moves so underhand?"

That life form spoke the human language, and had traces of a Shu accent.

Chu Yu was exasperated as he looked at the yellow silhouette, "Do you want to die? You’re yellow skinned, from Shu, yet you have the guts to be arrogant here?"

"You bloody doll, I am the genuine northern wolf!"

That yellow silhouette slowly supported himself up, the two small eyes fixed on Chu Yu. The eyes also had a glow of ferociousness.

Such lifeforms, even those non-spiritual ones, tended to bear grudges. The spiritual ones, more so. They didn’t just bear grudges, they made sure to take action!

They had long lives, and would remember everything clearly for generations.

Many a times, some people were paid a visit by them long after they had forgotten what had happened.

Only some of the older generations knew that it must have been their ancestors who had antagonized them.

As such, in the north, there was a saying, "It is not wise to antagonize brother Huang!"

That’s right, it is the weasel!

The northerners called them the yellow skins.

Chu Yu did not care about that, he had bullied them countless times as a child.

The only issue was that this one was not ordinary, it’s abilities were already at Acupoint Charging Stage Nine.

Anything which could cultivate to such a level in this place meant that it was rather talented, and the ordinary person could not afford to antagonize it.

Only to Chu Yu, this was still not enough to worry him.

The weasel saw Chu Yu walking over and glared at him, threatening, "What do you wanna do? You doll face, let me tell you, it is not wise to antagonize me..."

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