Chapter 612: We Do Have Fate

Chapter 612: We Do Have Fate
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Chu Yu couldn't make out its entirety even up close.

It seems as if… they were galaxies apart.

"Who are you? Why are you trapped here? How can I help?" Chu Yu blurted out.

It's always a good idea to show your friendliness first.

It's another issue whether you could offer any help.

A terrifying existence like this, trapped deep within the lake. There must have been a great story behind this. Chu Yu knew that it was unlikely he would be of any help.

But life was full of surprises.

Surprises that make life interesting and entertaining.

The statue was communicating with him using mental waves, "Ages ago, there was a man who walked three hundred steps to spectate the entirety of my physical form, but he couldn't answer to my call for salvation.".

"Then?" Chu Yu was wary.

"Then he left," the statue seemed regretful.

Did he really leave?

Chu Yu had his qualms.

"Walking three hundred steps for me was already an amazing feat to accomplish!"

The statue continued.

Chu Yu was thinking to himself, "That doesn't sound too difficult.".

"You are different," the statue remarked, almost as if he had heard Chu Yu's thoughts, "you already have remarkable capabilities, I can't teach you anything more, but, you can save me.".

"…" Chu Yu looked troubled, the gears were churning in his head.

Come on man, I just offered to help out of politeness. You should've just stopped at your story then let me move on.

How am I supposed to save you?

I don't even dare to touch that metal shackle holding you down!

Your mental wave could easily fry me to crisp!

Chu Yu kept his silence.

"I have an old charm on my back, climb up and remove it, then you'll set me free."

The f*ck?

On your back?

Must I climb up and descend from the other end?

What after? Will you journey to the west alongside with me after I set you free?

Chu Yu looked emotionless, he was starting to regret his decision to come here.

"As repayment for your kindness, I will grant you three wishes," the statue replied.

At this moment, the vertical eye gave Chu Yu a nudge.

It was telling him to… accept the offer!

Are you for real?

Come on!

Who knew who this statue had offended?

I'm just a small fry, I can't afford to offend any of the big shots around here!

Am I really going to help with a jailbreak right after entering the Bastion of Stars?

Can't we play things safe for a while?

Must we be so wild?

Chu Yu was cursing his head off.

"I can't even touch the metal shackle, I've tried countless times on the way here. There's no way!"

"That's alright, I'll give you a mantra to recite, it'll help you access the metal shackle."

The statue was efficient, it had imparted the mantra to Chu Yu in no time without Chu Yu's consent.

The statue delivered it straight to the depths of his mind.

There's no forgetting it now!

Chu Yu began practicing the mantra, to his surprise, it was completely compatible with the Killing Days Heart technique!

As he practiced the mantra, he could tell that it encompassed an incredible amount of Dao energy!

It was an awe-inspiring level of cultivation so marvelous Chu Yu couldn't wrap his head around it.

But then he understood it at the same time!

The mantra, more accurately, was from the same lineage as the Killing Days Heart technique!

Only with this segment, the technique could be completed.

"You need to practice this mantra for a while… perhaps a long time. But it's alright, I can wait," the statue spoke to Chu Yu.


I've already mastered it!

But Chu Yu didn't dare to expose himself.

He was worried that the statue wouldn't take his word for it.

He was worried that he would be dismissed as a liar and a boastful man.

Or cut up and studied.

Examined like a specimen.

The Killing Days Heart technique was from the golden metal ball.

The golden metal ball had led him here as well.

And now, he had the complete Killing Days Heart technique.

It seemed like an odd coincidence.

There must be some mysterious powers at play here.

The statue looked clueless about the situation.

Chu Yu began practicing the complete Killing Days Heart technique and a strong slab of Daoist energy drowned out the Three Realms technique.

It was morphism again!


The Three Realms Technique had almost conjoined itself with the Killing Days Heart technique previously. At the most critical moment, the Killing Days Heart technique had distanced itself.

They were co-existing in parallel.

But after the extra push, the Killing Days Heart technique was now swallowing the Three Realms technique!

Swallowing was a more accurate description.

The Three Realms technique was supposedly the most powerful Dao teaching in the world!

Birthed from the heavens!

A burst of energy erupted from within Chu Yu.

The statue in front of him was shaking with immense intensity.

There were loud thunderous claps of sounds.

"This is impossible!"

The statue was blown away!

Or more so, terrified!

This terrifying existence was now afraid of Chu Yu, a small man.

It was incredible!

The statue lost his voice as he was quaking from the impact.

The metal shackles around him were glowing with a bright Daoist light as numerous symbols began to appear around him.

It sounded like an army.

The symbols were like armed warriors as they waved their weapons at the stone statue.

Boom boom boom!

There were explosions all over the statue's body.

Powerful enough to destroy a thousand acres of space.

The statue had managed to control all the energy surrounding him.

All radiation was contained and Chu Yu was completely unhurt.

Chu Yu's state of cultivation was still on the rise.

He was already a foot into the ancestral realm, he still lacked proper experience.

With the completion of the Killing Days Heart technique and the combination with the Three Realms technique, Chu Yu was climbing the ranks of the Ancestral State rapidly.

A young divine being at the level of ancestral cultivation, and one that's at the mid-tier of the rank!

From realization to creation, then finally to the epitome of Dao cultivation.

Young creatures who tried and succeeded were scarce.

It was even rarer for creatures to reach the epitome of Dao cultivation shortly after the stage of realization.

The most unbelievable part, Chu Yu hadn't even experienced a great catastrophe yet.

Theoretically, he was only a practitioner at the level of a Great Saint.

It was incredible!

Another step forward would mean that Chu Yu would enter the stage of Rising Immortal, to become a true practitioner of the late stage ancestral state.

It was awe-inspiring!

The explosion began to settle down.

The great amulet on his back was slowly disappearing as well.

But there were fresh wounds on his body.

His battered body looked bloody and gory.

But the statue didn't seem to mind them at all, he looked at Chu Yu with widened eyes, "You have incredible fortune written in your destiny.".

"We do have fate."

Even if Chu Yu reluctant, he had to agree with the statue.

The statue had been the pushing force to his remarkable progression in his cultivation.

According to the theory of karma amongst practitioners, he had just forged a deep relationship out of karma with the statue.

So, he silently nodded his head.

The statue laughed and said, "I'm from outside this realm.".

Chu Yu wasn't surprised, he guessed pretty much.

In fact, he had the intuition the moment he saw the statue.

Shackled by holy rails and trapped deep within the lake, he must have been an outsider.

"I came to this realm to look for a direction, but unfortunately, I couldn't find it. And I ended up stuck here."

"The great creatures here aren't so friendly."

The statue remarked casually.

"Are you referring to the Great War of the Gods?" Chu Yu asked out of curiosity.

"The Dawn of the Gods? I don't know, when I arrived here, this place was still a dump," the statue sighed, "What is it like now? Have things changed dramatically? I wonder how long it has been… it must have been ages.".

Chu Yu frowned.

A dump?

Was the statue here before the great enlightenment of this vast realm?

"Then why are you here?"

"To look for a direction," the statue continued, "The undeveloped realm held many resources to be mined and collected."

"They're worth plenty of money."

Chu Yu was speechless.

Worth a lot of money?

Do the big shots all talk this way around here?

"In the great universe, items from an uncultivated realm is extremely valuable. You can trade for lots of other objects. I was here to hunt, but little did I know…"

"You ended up being hunted by your hunt?" Chu Yu completely his sentence for him.

"You can call it that," he admitted it with ease, "The creatures here were vicious and strong, I was axed by one of them.".

Huh… Pan Gu the Great God?

"Then he used a long rope to bundle me up and wrote an amulet with a random piece of paper, and then he threw me here," the statue sounded melancholic, "For so long! My food back at home must have gotten cold!".

Chu Yu was rolling his eyes.

Cold dishes?

Why the h*ll was a statue talking about meals?

Come on, a hundred generations of your descendants must be dead by now.

If you even have any.

"We have the fate, you helped me destroy the amulet on my back. The treasure you possess is likely from my sect…" the statue continued, "I promised you three wishes, and I have gifts to offer as well.".

"Let's say hypothetically…" Chu Yu looked him in the eye, "If I really had the power to save you, I mean hypothetically…".


"Will you leave this realm right after? Back to your own world?" Chu Yu asked.

"Of course."

"Then how are you going to grant me three wishes?"

"I can leave a magical statue behind with equal powers and strength. I will help you three times."

The statue must be at least as powerful as the Dragon… maybe even more powerful.

Beyond the level of the gods of the barren era.

The Rat wanted to refine him, but in front of the Dragon, he was helpless… it's obvious there were creatures who were much more powerful than himself in this universe!

In this realm!

There were external enemies too! Powerful ones.

Chu Yu could figure out this much from the stone statue.

Beyond this dimension, there was still worlds more exciting and diverse.

Worlds that Chu Yu couldn't envision yet.
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