Chapter 613: Surprise

Chapter 613: Surprise
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So, his defense would be settled if he could have the magical form of the statue!

Even if he met an opponent like The Rat, he would be able to retreat unscathed and unhurt with the protection of the statue.

Chu Yu was thinking.

He wouldn't mind asking for more favors from the statue.

The problem was that he couldn't determine whether the statue was telling him the truth.

He wasn't sure if the statue was a man of his words.

What if, the statue was a great enemy from the external realm?

If he just let him go freely, wouldn't he be harming his own home in the future?

The concept of family and home was subjective.

In Eastern China, that was home. Away from earth, the earth was home. Away from the solar system, that was his homeland!

Now that he was here, this vast boundless dimension was his home.

Creatures from another realm, no matter how fatefully connected they were, would be considered outsiders.

Chu Yu looked at the statue and smiled, "I'm afraid this is not enough.".

"Not enough?" the statue's brainwaves were fluctuating but he kept them in check soon after.

Chu Yu just upgraded his cultivation a great deal, he could bear with the weight of the brainwaves.

The statue muttered indignantly, "I will honor my promises, I'll swear an ancient oath. But that's all I can do for you. I am restricted by a code of conduct, to not interfere with the uncultivated realm excessively.".

Uncultivated realm… are we being looked down upon?

Chu Yu was frustrated.

This colorful and vibrant civilization was considered rudimentary and basic in the eyes of this statue?

"If not for my freedom, I wouldn't even leave a magical statue with you. If the others hear about this, I will be punished," the statue explained.

"You said so yourself, this is a place lacking civilization, who would be keeping tabs on this place?" Chu Yu continued, "I face great hurdles ahead of me, I have many enemies and foes, people who will jump at the opportunity of subduing me…".

"It isn't such a bad idea to turn you into a divine trooper..."



Chu Yu looked annoyed.

"But this is against the rules," the statue pleaded, "I will be punished.".

That's more like it.

Chu Yu's interest was piqued. He desired to see the world that the statue lived in, the civilization that he was so proudly part of.

He sat down and began to chat with the statue.

The statue had been trapped in solitude for a good while, he didn't mind new company.

Regarding external dimensions, he managed to keep things vague and blurry, sparing Chu Yu of details. He told Chu Yu that many of these things were top secret.

Telling him would go against the laws.

"One day, if you could reach that level of cultivation, you'll have the chance to leave this realm. To really see what's out there. I will leave you a token, you can find me then and I shall greet you hospitably," the statue announced.

"What's your status in your society?"

"Average…" the statue looked flustered, "Not the top tier but definitely not the lowest class.".

"What about me? What would be my status if I was in your society now?" Chu Yu couldn't help himself.

"I've already said too much, broken too many regulations…" the statue looked troubled.

"Come on, this wouldn't mean much," Chu Yu pressurized him.

"Ok, if you come to my world now, you would be at the bottom class. Fine, perhaps not the rats of the street since you just had an upgrade."

His reply pissed Chu Yu off.

Chu Yu was indignant.

"A human practitioner like you is considered extremely accomplished in this rudimentary world. You must have seen backward societies for yourself, the kind that you take a look and know that you could extinguish them all. Have you seen one before?" the statue asked.

Chu Yu nodded his head.

There were so many communities like that!

Uncountable in the world of humans.

"This world is considered very young and fresh to us. It's a new world, rudimentary, backward… that's normal, isn't it? It's hard for any dimension to evolve into something highly sophisticated in a short duration of time."

Chu Yu talked about all sorts of things with the statue. Eventually, the statue had managed to loosen up and told him all about the foreign territories.

For a split second, Chu Yu considered bringing his friends and relatives in the pocket dimension and leaving along with the stone statue.

But he dismissed his own thoughts quickly.

There were too many things at stake here.

The statue also made it clear that Creatures in this realm had to accomplish a set of requirements before they could leave for another foreign civilization.

Seems like the fact that the weak get bullied was universal everywhere.

According to the statue, there were many foreign Creatures keeping tabs on this realm.

He must be talking about the same enemies described by the Limitless sect.

"Some of the foreign Creatures respect the rules and regulations put in place, but some of them view them with complete disregard. I hope you would use the statue I leave with you against those Creatures. Not against your own people."

Chu Yu couldn't promise him anything, he kept his silence.

There was no way he could just let The Rat get his way, turning him into a divine trooper as he pleased.

If he didn't have a good trump card, he could only run or hide.

Like what he was doing now.

With the strong backing, Chu Yu wasn't going to waste his breath preaching to those who were going to do him injustice.

The only truth in the world was that the strongest survive.

They sat there and talked for ages. To Chu Yu's surprise, the statue was a supplicated and cultured being.

Although Chu Yu could tell that the statue was curious about his cultivation and practice, the statue held back from probing and interrogating him.

The statue struck him as someone of class and good upbringing.

But he had no idea if it was just a façade.

Regardless, the statue was a monumental existence in this realm.


"Last question, what happened to the man who axed you? How many Creatures managed to leave the realm?"

"That man… he shouldn't be around here anymore. Maybe he attained nirvana," the statue replied, "That man is the guardian of this universe, fearsome, feisty but respectable. I am not too sure how many Creatures managed to leave this realm… but they must exist.".

"Alright, I don't have any further question," Chu Yu had already obtained a large amount of information from the statue.

He even figured some things that the gods of the barren era hadn't been able to.

The statue had answered his queries truthfully.

Chu Yu insisted on making him take a vow. It wasn't an issue of trust.

He didn't want to risk the balance of karma.

Practicing the new and improved Killing Days Heart technique, he circled to the back of the statue.

The entire process took them millions of years.

There were several roadblocks along the way.

The barriers were the ancient laws governing the heaven and earth of this dimension.

The more barriers he broke through, the better his control of the Dao energy sourced from this place.

"It is a good thing," the statue told him.

Chu Yu saw it as a fortuitous reward too.

Even if it was not, he still had to proceed anyway.

Chu Yu spent a million years climbing up the statue's back!

The statue was a Goliath!

It seemed smaller than what it was because of suppressive forces acting on it!

When Chu Yu finally saw the ancient amulet, two million years had passed by!

Two million years, can you imagine that?

Two million years on earth would be climate shifting, the landscape would be changed dramatically by them as well.

Chu Yu's cultivation had managed to break through into the state of Rising Deity and then to the later stages of Rising Deity!

It was a remarkable feat!

Without experiencing any catastrophes, it was impossible to fully understand the realizations of the ancestral state.

It meant that it was impossible to embark on the Realization, Creation, Epitome of Dao and Rising Deity process.

Even The Rat would find it remarkable.

But Chu Yu managed to do all of that.

His cultivation was truly powerful.

With the stone statue's words, Chu Yu had far surpassed the sophistication of this entire dimension.

The two had enjoyed each other's company over time and grew to become best friends.

The statue expressed his envy for Chu Yu's cultivation and explained that Chu Yu had even surpassed his own state of cultivation!

The mantra he imparted to him was the lowest grade part of the Killing Days Heart technique!

But it was the introduction to the entire scripture.

Like a firework, Chu Yu required a starting spark that would ignite the entirety of the scripture's glory.

Chu Yu joked about imparting the Killing Days Heart technique to the statue.

But the statue refused vehemently.

"I was blessed enough to receive the introduction of this incredible gift. I don't know what kind of fortune you possess but I have a feeling that it is my honor to acquaint myself with you!"

"The set of rituals you are practicing is definitely considered top grade, superior even in the world I live in!"

"I don't have the gut to learn that, if someone found out, I'll be executed."

The statue's response stirred plenty of emotions within Chu Yu.

Seems like Golden metal ball was much more formidable than he imagined.

When he imparted the Killing Days Heart technique to Chu Yu, did he not possess the complete version as well or did he purposely leave out segments of it?

Thinking about it carefully, Chu Yu was shocked.

There were so many things that he didn't release.

The part of Killing Days Heart technique that Chu Yu had been practicing had been the most superior segment of the entire scripture.

So, there's no way that the Golden metal ball didn't have the less superior segments of the scripture.

But it was withheld from him.

He had waited so long to receive the incomplete puzzle piece to complete the big picture!

Why was this so?

Chu Yu couldn't wrap his head around it.

The Golden metal ball had never cared for him like an elder sibling or a compassionate grandparent.

It wasn't likable at all.

"I have visuals on the amulet now… ay, it does look like toilet paper," Chu Yu couldn't help but remark.

It was a tattered looked piece of toilet paper, plastered haphazardly on the statue's back without much thought. The character on it was faded and completely unrecognizable.

As if a ghost had drawn it…

Chu Yu could sense the strong Dao energy laced on the amulet.

Whatever was written on the amulet, it was a powerful charm no doubt.

"I just have to tear it off?" Chu Yu asked.

"Yes…" the statue's voice was shaking.

He seemed emotional as he muttered under his breath, "I can finally head home to eat my mother's food.".

… Chu Yu frowned.

Let's all just stay strong for now.

He reached out and grabbed onto the amulet, but his heart was racing.

"This could be left behind by the Great God, Pan Gu… is this really feasible? Would I be blown into pieces?"

"No no… Pan Gu is the guardian of the vast universe! He is the sole and original ancestor of all Creatures in this universe, we are all his people… he wouldn't blame me for this."

Chu Yu was busy reassuring himself.

The statue was too preoccupied himself, he was jittering anxiously.

He had been trapped here for so long, naturally, he desired freedom more than anything.

He was panting with trepidation and excitement.

The air was still.

The lake was quiet and there was an odd serenity.

Finally, Chu Yu grabbed the amulet with his bare hands.

He retracted his hands the moment his fingertips made contact with the piece of paper.

The statue was dizzy from excitement.

He was on the brink of freedom! Chu Yu's hesitance was frustrating to watch.

But he wasn't resentful.

He couldn't promise that Chu Yu would come out of this unhurt.

Chu Yu patted his own chest, "Come on, you can do this…"

With that, he gritted down on his teeth and grabbed the amulet forcefully. Without much effort, the amulet turned into dust, and disappeared instantly!

Thousands of years ago, when the statue triggered the activation of the amulet, there was a great deal of energy that exploded outwards battering his body.

It must have been a bloody sight to behold!

But who knew, that the amulet would disintegrate this way the moment Chu Yu touched it?

The moment it disappeared, the statue was free again.

The metal chains weren't enough to hold it down.

The statue's body was expanding rapidly!

The large invisible weight weighing him down disappeared as well.

The statue carried Chu Yu and jumped out of the lake instantly!

My god!

"Slowly, I'm getting dizzy!"

Chu Yu was yelling.

They were traveling at light speed.

Even with Chu Yu's current level of cultivation, he found it hard to keep up with the pace of the stone statue.

And the holy grails chaining the statue down were torn into useless fragments.

Chu Yu grimaced when he witnessed the destruction.

What a pity!

It was made from holy metals!

Just like that, a great resource was tarnished.

What a waste!

The strange thing was that the statue had managed to free the goliath size of himself without causing any significant destruction to the surroundings.

Neither the skies or the earth.

"I walk a free man!"

The statue explained to him, "I am already out of this realm, you are only looking at a projection of me. My true physical form is too ginormous to be fully activated here, it would cause too much destruction.".

With that, Chu Yu looked up and he could see the statue's ginormous figure above him!

It was f*cking huge!

The depth of the lake was only the height of the statue's ankles.

He stood on the shoulders of the statue and stars and the moon was below his shin.

The body of the statue was protruding into the virtual space!

Everything was pitch black surrounding them!

"What is this place?" Chu Yu asked in astonishment.

"Still this realm, it a great vast place," the statue scanned the surroundings, "What a great deal of change! I can barely recognize this place.".

With that, a figure leaped out from the forehead of the stone statue and appeared in front of Chu Yu.

The shadow was of comparable size with Chu Yu, maybe even slightly shorter.

"This is the smallest I can go."

Chu Yu was taken aback when he heard the voice.

The shadow was surrounded by thick mist and fog, by now, Chu Yu could barely make out its shape, "Now, it's time for me to honor my words.".

Chu Yu stared ahead as he listened to the dainty, demure voice.

"You… are a woman?"

What a surprise.

He had no clue.

"Woman?" the figure looked surprised, "Well, I guess so, according to you guys.".

"You guess so…" Chu Yu looked puzzled.

He had no idea that he had spent millions of years with a female statue, a woman.

With a capturing voice.

Chu Yu felt disoriented.

"Are you in love with me? It's quite impossible between us…" the woman whispered charismatically again, she seemed cautious, as if she was afraid to hurt his feelings.

"Are you kidding me? I've always thought of you as a man!"

"Also… I am a married man."

Chu Yu rolled his eyes, "Why didn't you think of telling me all these years that you were a woman?".

"You've never asked!"

Chu Yu had nothing to say.

The person behind the statue who had been talking to him using brainwaves sounded too much like a bloke.

Now, a woman jumped out from there.

It was too much to take in at one go.

"Ok, it's not important anyway, we're good friends, aren't we?" the woman was giggling.

She sounded so different from the telepathic messages.

If he didn't see her jump out from the statue, Chu Yu wouldn't have believed her.


What good friends?

He spent centuries talking to her without knowing her gender…

And she called him "little guy"!

That's too much!

The lady fished out a command amulet and handed it over to him.

"This is a token from me, one day if you really… could leave this realm, use it to find me. Hm, this thing is sort of like a telephone for you guys. Anyways, you'll figure out how to use it by then. Of course, it might never come to use."

Then she gave him a small pouch.

"My magical form is in here, I'll fight for you three times. No more, remember three times. There're some small gifts in there as well, some garments for your wives."

"You've spent so much time accompanying me at the lake."

"And you are my savior."

"Thank you!"

"I'll see you around!"

The woman disappeared in a flash before Chu Yu could reply to her.

Without a trace, she was completely gone.

The giant statue was gone along with her.

Chu Yu stood in the virtual space, alone.

He looked lost, he felt a sense of loss…
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