Chapter 614: Ancestral Divine Judgement

Chapter 614: Ancestral Divine Judgement
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He gave a wry smile and shook his head, they had been accompanying each other for over a million years…

Even though time flowed differently, he did experience those million years.

Chu Yu had a strong sense of longing after she left.

He felt a bit low.

This was not love, it was friendship.

A million years… it was way too long!

It was hard to part.

Anyone would've felt the same way.

Even if they were silent most of the time, the stone statue was the one that interacted with Chu Yu the most across this period of time.

Perhaps he would ever see her again.

Above the vast universe, a dainty figure stood above the clouds, staring into space.

She was not carefree as Chu Yu had thought.

A towering stone statue stood by her side.

The stone statue was not as large as it was back at the Bastion of Stars.

This was the suppression of the laws.

Even though the statue was still huge, it was within comprehension.

It towered like a divine mountain.

The lady was beautiful!

She stood about 1.7metres tall and wore colourful clothes, she had crystal smooth skin and a slender figure.

Her hair glistened in the light as her sorrow-filled eyes stared beautifully into the distance.

Chu Yu might not have known that she was a woman before, but she knew!

Her feelings of longing were much stronger than his!

After a short while, she cusped her face with her hands and said, "What should I do? I think I'm… in love with him. But he's… no, we'll never be together.".

"He must be angry right? I lied to him for so long…".

"But… I couldn't tell him either!".

Her face was one with a lot of struggle.

A flight of steps appeared beneath her feet amidst the energy.

She hesitated before stepping down.

She wanted to go back to see him, just a glance would do.

Despite his talents, the reality was that he was born in a lower tier realm, he will never make it here.

Backward universes such as his might have one or two miraculous cases from time to time.

But was he that miraculous case?

She could only hope.

Even if he had a wife… it was fine!

She was willing to be the mistress.

How embarrassing!

Why would I think of something like that?

Forget it, forget it!

She took a deep breath as the calm in her eyes returned.

Daoist runes appeared in them.

I'll just treat them as beautiful memories in this journey.

The most beautiful one.

She thought to herself. Thereafter, she jumped into the stone statue's forehead.

Like a flying machine, the stone statue rise up and flew away.



Chu Yu took a deep breath and shook his head, he put the memory away after much thought.

His expression changed.

"Oh no!" he said.

The Qi around him dispersed suddenly!

Ancestral energy erupted!

A black lightning struck from above!

Heavenly thieves!

The parting with the stone statue made him forget about this.

Throughout these years, he had basically reached the peak of the ancestral realm.

Without divine judgement, he had reached the flying immortal stage.

This was unprecedented.

He had never experienced heavenly thieves of the ancestral realm either!

No one had told him what to do.

The bolt of black lightning carried with it a tremendous destructive force as it headed toward Chu Yu.


Chu Yu's body was shocked by the black lightning as it struck him.

Chu Yu's powerful body could barely withstand it!

These were not normal heavenly thieves of the ancestral realm.

With this strike, Chu Yu suddenly came to realise many things.

His understanding of the ancestral realm had reached an extremely high level.

Chu Yu got his act together and dished out the full force of his powers.

Following the black lightning, another bolt of white lightning now came.

There were many creatures lurking around here, and they took notice of Chu Yu.

But before they could decide what to do, the heavenly thieves rained down!

They were fearsome!

The creatures had never heard of heavenly thieves of this sort.

In the moment where the white lightning struck, the powerful creatures around all fled far away.

"Divine Judgement of Yin and Yang!".

A powerful creature of the lake shouted as it ran away.

The white lightning didn't seem to have done much to the being undergoing divine judgement.

A large number of creatures looked on.

They all had looks of fear on their faces.

The one who had just shouted was a giant mudskipper.

There were countless other creatures of the lake around it.

A giant black alligator shivered as it asked, "Grand Elder Skipper, who's that person undergoing divine judgement? The ripple effect is crazy!".

The black alligator was at the peaks of the Great Saint realm.

The Giant Mudskipper was already an ancestral!

Even though it was just at the first stage, it was already a remarkable feat!

"I don't know who that is, it should be an outsider who broke in through the borders.".

The mudskipper guessed.

It looked over and said, "This is divine judgement of the Yin and Yang, the legendary divine judgement that is said to be the most terrifying.".

"Yin and Yang?" the creatures all didn't know what it was talking about.

"One gives life, the other gives death. The point of intersection is the most terrifying! I've heard that this sort of heavenly thieves have only appeared a few times since the beginning of time. The one that is undergoing divine judgement is definitely not just a normal person!".

"And we're witnessing one ourselves?" another creature asked.

Another one suddenly said, "I know this man, he came out from the depths lake!".

"Cut the crap, creatures who live in there like us don't even dare to enter the depths, how could a human have come from there?".

"Yea, if he did, how could he have escaped our vision?".

"That's impossible!".

The creatures of the lake did not live in harmony, this event had banded them together.

Once this was over, they would disperse all over and begin their fighting again.

The one who had seen Chu Yu exit the lake knew very well what he had seen.

The mudskipper and black alligator had forgotten one thing.

Not long ago, a prominent being had appeared here in search of something.

That appearance killed off many innocent creatures of the lake.

Chu Yu stood in the sky with a serious expression.

He couldn't hear what the creatures were talking about, but he could tell that this was related to the Yin and the Yang.

One bolt was white, the other was black.

Two different bolts of lightning.

Each one of them carried an unimaginable amount of energy.

Chu Yu tried to control the lightning with his powers.

But it was futile!

The power of the Yin Yang was too fearsome.

Chu Yu could not harness it at all.

At that moment, the two blades flew out from his body.

Like two dragons, they surrounded Chu Yu and blocked the bolts of lightning.

But the bolts of lightning seemed to have their own consciousness- they did not care about the blades, they went straight for Chu Yu.

The black lightning carried massive destructive force, the white lightning carried a rich life force.

Whether is was life or destruction, the threat was unreal.

Especially when they touched, that was the most fearsome!

Chu Yu had suffered multiple wounds.

But this was just the beginning!

What lay ahead was even scarier!

100 bolts of lightning rained down, and then disappeared.

There was nothing in the sky.

Chu Yu had a sense of danger in his heart, it was an overwhelming feeling.

He felt like something dangerous was about to come.

True enough, a seven coloured lightning bolt rained down from the sky!

It was aimed at his vertical eye!

The bolt of lightning was beautiful!

It dazzled and shone!

The mudskipper and the group of creatures from the lake looked at it as they stood rooted to the ground in awe and shock.

"This is… the Seven Coloured Divine Thunder!" the mudskipper shouted as it rose from the waters and fled even further away.

After the bolt of lightning hit Chu Yu, a massive explosion erupted, like the clash of two planets.

A seven coloured light emerged that blinded the naked eye.

The bolt of lightning disintegrated!

It split into many pieces and fell into the lake.

Countless creatures rose from the waters.

Those that were a fraction of a second later were all turned to dust by the fragments of the lightning!
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