Chapter 617: Descendant Of A Powerful Being

Chapter 617: Descendant Of A Powerful Being
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Chu Yu did not want to think about that sort of thing, he only wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

His greatest mission now was to find the pathway to the Immortal Realm in the Bastion of Stars.

The plan was to break through any borders necessary to find it.

To clarify what kind of place that was, and then return to the eastern realm to bring the Limitless Sect back to the Immortal Realm…

Once he thought of the Limitless Sect, Chu Yu got a headache.

Even though he had lived for two million years, he still had a feeling of speechlessness.

The eastern realm was not that poor, but the population there was indeed too much!

Now that Chu Yu had attained ancestral cultivation, he knew how much resources they would need if the ancestral beings wanted to practice.

The matter was dire indeed.

If the ancestral beings did not train over long periods of time, their skills would continue to deteriorate.

If they were to lose their cultivation because of prolonged deterioration, it would be a laughing stock.

Even though that was an exaggeration for now, Chu Yu understood that he had to do things quickly.

The Bastion of Stars was way to complicated, not all borders were easy to break through.

A troublesome one would take very long.


Chu Yu sighed in his heart, he couldn't help it.

He still felt like he had been trapped by Feng Jian.

Otherwise his life would be so carefree now!

It would be better than now at least.

What a miserable fate!

Chu Yu suddenly furrowed his brows.

He used his divine sense to scout this divine mountain.

Everything above, below and on the mountain itself was within his control.

There were no special restrictions on this place, so any movement couldn't hide from Chu Yu's watchful eye.

Chu Yu stopped in his steps because the conversation between the prancing people caught his attention.

"That little thing, he knows how to hide indeed, if I catch him, I'll definitely teach him a lesson!".

"Who said he was that easy to catch?".

"Just you wait.".

They seemed to be in casual conversation, but they did not stop moving.

The entire process flowed like water, it was thorough.

"The ancestor had told us to catch the man alive. As long as he is alive, that'll do! He's escaped us so many times, I'll teach him a lesson once I catch him!".

"That little rabbit is too crafty, we nearly caught him on so many occasions, but he's managed to slip away…".

"Oh right, why do you think the ancestor wants a kid with low cultivation like him? He's only a Saint right?".

"It isn't exactly low cultivation, how many Saints have you seen at his age? Didn't we only attain sainthood after thousands of years?".

"The ancestor's plans are not within our comprehension. But I've heard that…".

"What have you heard?".

"Don't leave us in suspense, tell us!".

"The borders have ears…".

"This kind of place? What kind of person would be hear? Hurry, don't waste our time.".

"Alright, but don't tell anyone else!" the man seemed to be worried as he looked around with his divine sense.

For a great Saint to feel Chu Yu's presence, it was an impossible task.

"I've heard that our family has plunged into chaos! Many of our Sect's powerful beings in the mortal realms have died! Because of this, the ancestor was enraged!" the person whispered without much sadness.

The Bastion of Stars was not the Immortal realm, but it was an independent realm itself.

Even though they were of the same clan, there were virtually no feelings of kinship.

"What? How could it be? Our clanmates in the mortal realm, even though their cultivation levels aren't high, but there were many Saints there right? How could they not deal with people in the mortal realm?".

"God knows what happened, I only heard about it.".

The man sighed.

He continued saying, "The man we're about to catch is the descendant of a powerful being of the village of Dao. That powerful being had disappeared for many years. Following the ancestor's inspection, he may have died.".

"The descendant of this being is a supreme talent, he stepped into the Saint realm at a very young age. The ancestor didn't want to make his life difficult just because his ancestor was his enemy. But now that this has happened in the mortal realm, the ancestor has prepared…".

"Prepared what?" the group listening asked in unison.

He hesitated before saying, "The ancestor told me to capture him because he wanted to prepare this boy for soul cleansing, to make him one of us!".

"What? What kind of revenge is that?" the group thought in their hearts.

"Don't you get it? The ancestor wants to nurture him and use him to take revenge on his own clan!" he said with some delight.

"That's so scheming! The ancestor is great indeed, his way of thinking has always been different from us.".

"The ancestor is far sighted, how can we understand his plans?".

The group of them began praising the ancestor.

Their laughter echoed in this place.

This was a remote range of mountains.

Apart from that little rabbit, to them, it was impossible that there was another person here.

Chu Yu processed the information calmly after hearing their conversation.

What a coincidence.

He never thought that there would be such things happening at this place.

The ancestor of the group below came from outside of the village of Dao.

Since Chu Yu had heard about this matter, he had to do something about it.

At that moment, the little boy entered the cave like a lynx.

He began laying down magical formations as he recited incantations.

Chu Yu looked at the boy- he was only about 15 or 16 years old, but he was already a Saint.

The magical formation he laid down was powerful as well.

Within it lay a power that surpassed that of sainthood!

A young grandmaster of magical formations!

This was an incredible ability.

But Chu Yu shook his head in the dark.

For the group to have been talking so casually below, they must have had greater powers.

It wouldn't be easy for the boy to avoid them with this magical formation.

After finishing, the boy let out a long breath as he wiped his sweat, "A bunch of idiots!".

"You want to chase me? Dream on!".

He sat on a rock and shut his eyes as he said, "The ancestor has disappeared for too many years, no one knows if he's alive.".

A look of sadness appeared in his eyes.

"Ancestor, where in the world did you go?".

"What kind of company did you keep back in your day?".

"You left a bunch of kids behind, and now the clan's Daoist powers are virtually gone…".

"I'm the only reliable one left in the entire clan, and now people want to capture me for soul cleansing…".


Tears began rolling down his cheeks.

He could let his guard down now that no one was near him.

Chu Yu just stood at the side as he observed the teen.

This young man did not realise that Chu Yu was just beside him.

"It's a pity, I could've broken through that border in another 9 months! When that happens, I can bring mother and little sister away from this broken place. Any place would be better than here.".

His face suddenly tensed up, a sealing formation that he had laid down had been activated.

The group of men were rushing towards this cave.

"Impossible! How did they find me so quickly?" he gasped.

Far away, sounds of laughter could be heard, "Little rabbit, don't you think you're great? A young Saint thinking he can escape the clutches of great Saints?".

The voice suddenly became menacing, "F*ck!".

"Also, the ancestor has been kind enough not to kidnap your mother and sister to threaten you! How dare you disobey".

The man laughed coldly, "Didn't you know? The moment we reached your clan, they betrayed you immediately!".

"It's funny really, a bunch of trash in a useless clan, why do you guys insist on staying there?".

"If I were you, I would step out and give myself in to join us! You can bring your mother and sister with you, what do you think little boy?".

Within the cave, the boy cursed as the cusps of his eyes was tinted with red.

They were threatening him with his family.

"You bunch of b*stards!".

The boy growled.

He was like a hurt little tiger.

Chu Yu continued watching from the side, he didn't step out.

He wanted to see how the young boy would deal with this situation.
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