Chapter 626: The Qu Clan's Ancestor

Chapter 626: The Qu Clan's Ancestor
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The Qu Clan's territory spanned over the west of this place, and over a quarter of the land here was theirs.

Cities and buildings towered over this place.

Over here, the Qu Clan was like the royal family, their power was absolute.

Few people knew that beneath the ground, there was a hidden space that was like another world!

A world of fire.

On the surface, the lush greenery and mountains ruled.

But below, everything was ablaze.

Lakes of lava flowed.

The temperature was astounding, normal creatures would be burnt to a crisp.

At that moment, in one of the lava lakes, a black python lay down.

Its body was over thousands of miles long!

It immersed itself in the lava without moving its body at all.

It was like a black mountain.

Suddenly, the earth shook!

The black python raised its head and sensed the surroundings.

Its eyes were bloodshot!

There was a light in them that had the terrifying powers o the laws.

This was an ancestral python!

The ancestor of the Qu Clan!

An icy divine sense was sent out, "You piece of trash!".

In the next moment, he shapeshifted into the form of a young man in black robes as he drifted in mid-air.

Two figures flew over from the sky of this place.

They were the two ancestrals sent to take care of the Shang clan.

He looked over at the one who had his arm decapitated.

The ancestral kneeled down and begged, "Ancestor, I'm useless…".

The ancestor glared at his hand and said, "The Flying Immortal Stage!".

The fact that the enemy was of the same cultivation level as him stirred his emotions.

He was a very cautious person, his survival across all these years showed his abilities.

He reached out as countless runes appeared and flew around the ancestral's arm.

They circled around it intensely.

It was like a battle was going on between the runes!

Lightning crackled as sparks flew!

At a microscopic level, cultivation laws were constantly battling and devouring another. It resembled the divine judgement of an ancestral!

The ancestral let out shrieks of pain, he had never experienced such pain in his life.  

Even when he had his divine judgement, it was not this bad.

The ancestor looked at him coldly, which prompted him to buckle down and shut his mouth.

After a long time, blood flowed out of the mass surrounding his arm.

The mass looked like a mixture of flesh, it was irking.

The struggle between the laws of cultivation finally quietened down.

With his divine sense, the wound on the ancestral's arm disappeared and a new hand grew out.

The new hand was nowhere near as good as his old one.

It might have just been a hand, but he had lost a tenth of his power.

To an ancestral being, this was a tragedy.

A tenth of his power, god knows how long one needed to replenish it.

Hatred boiled in his heart, he had been shamed.  

But he did not dare to show any emotion now, he didn't want to affect the ancestor's judgement.

The enemy was an ancestral at the Flying Immortal Stage.

After a long time, the ancestor spoke, "The enemy is very powerful!".  

They were done for!

The ancestrals looked at one another with looks of disappointment.

They could not hide their emotions from the ancestor.

"What's the matter? Are you very disappointed?" the ancestor asked.

"We would not dare to be," the two ancestral replied respectfully.

The injured one said softly, "I harbour great hatred in my heart, but I'll follow your orders no matter what.".

"The enemy might be very powerful, but he isn't invincible. Our Daos are at the same level. If I face him by myself, the winner is unclear. But if I had some help…".

A look of joy appeared on the two ancestrals' faces.

The appearance of such a powerful figure bugged the ancestor.

If he didn't get rid of this man, this land might be plunged into danger.

"I'm going out, don't follow me. Stay here. If anything happens, stay here for the next 10,000 years!".

"What can happen if you decide to act on it yourself?" the uninjured ancestral said.

"What do you know? No matter what, we have to make sure we have after measures! If something happens, stay here and tell our clan that we can't seek trouble with the Shang clan any longer.".

The ancestor disappeared from this place.

Only the two ancestrals were left here as they looked at one another. There was an ominous feeling in their hearts.

At their level of cultivation, the sensitivity to danger was at its peak.

They could predict futures events based on this, but when it came to cultivators who were more powerful than themselves, the accuracy was lost.

The ancestor appeared at the Dong clan.

He didn't choose to visit the bestial clan first.

In order to face Chu Yu, he had to visit the Dong clan's ancestor.

When the Dong clan's ancestor felt his arrival, he immediately left his seclusion to meet him.

"There's an invader with a vast amount of cultivation resources. His existence threatens everyone here, I hope that we can join forces to get rid of him. We can split the resources after that!" the Qu Clan's ancestor said directly.  

"Why would I want to attack him? He didn't stir trouble with me," the Dong Clan's ancestor replied in an equally direct manner.

"That man's appearance is sudden, which means that he has broken through the Daoist borders. He's at the Flying Immortal Stage, there's more to him than just kindness for helping the Shang clan.".  

"He pillaged two of our ancestrals' resources."

"So what? To the victor goes the spoils," the Dong Clan's ancestor said.

"Are you sure you don't want to join us?".

The ancestor of the Qu clan looked at the ancestor and said, "I know that you understand what I mean. We're facing a huge crisis here. I'll ask you again, are you sure you don't want to join us?".

"Are you threatening me?" the ancestor of the Dong clan replied.

The atmosphere was tense.  

"What's the matter? You can't handle being threatened? Does this outsider make you cower in fear?" the Qu clan's ancestor laughed.

"Do you think there's a point in trying to provoke me? He's the enemy of your clan, this has nothing to do with me.".

"Forget it, I'll go to the bestial clan.".

After he said this, the Qu clan's ancestor turned around and left.

Before he exited the door, he suddenly turned around and said, "You won't help him instead will you?".

"What kind of person do you think I am? I won't add fuel to the fire," the Dong clan's ancestor replied.

"Remember what you've said, or the consequences will be severe," the Qu clan's ancestor gave a cold smile.

In his point of view, the Dong clan's ancestor was definitely interested in that outsider!

The reason was simple- resources!

At the Flying Immortal Stage, sooner or later, one had to leave this place.

Why? Because there were no longer enough resources to satisfy their needs!

In the short run, it was still okay, but over long durations, their cultivation would regress.

Until they die.

There were no beings in this world that didn't die.

At least until now. 

There were only those that had lived longer lives.

At the ancestral realm, a billion years was normal.

But they were all slowly walking to the eventual end.

The creatures in this world all walked this path.

No one wanted to die.

In order to survive, one had to possess the best cultivation resources.

Everything in this world depended on cultivation resources.

The Qu clan's ancestor went to the bestial clan.

Over here, naturally, he wouldn't receive the cold shoulder he did before.

The Qu and Bestial clans had a close relationship.

If the Qu clan fell, the bestial clan wouldn't have the ability to face the Dong clan.

The bestial clan's ancestor agreed to help the Qu clan's ancestor.  

"That old thing from the Dong clan, is he scheming to take advantage of the situation?" the bestial clan's ancestor asked.

"Definitely, want to get rid of him?" the Qu clan ancestor asked with a cold smile.

"Huh? Who? That old thing?".

The bestial clan's ancestor reacted to this with some shock, but he soon began to consider this proposition seriously.

"Including you, there are 4 ancestrals in your clan, you should leave two behind, I'm doing the same," the Qu clan's ancestor said.

"So we have 5 men? Me, you, and another three ancestrals?" the bestial clan's ancestor asked.

"The two of us will strike openly, the other three will remain in the shadows. Before our orders, even if we die, we won't allow them to strike. There are 7 ancestral beings in the Dong clan, if anything happens we have to be ready. Moreover, the ancestor would probably come alone.".

"Indeed, as long as we get rid of him, the rest are no threats. When that happens, this land is ours!" the bestial clan's ancestor said.

The Qu clan's ancestor laughed, "I've been waiting for this day for a long time!".

"What about that outsider then?" the bestial clan's ancestor said.  

"He's just a powerful being who snatched the resources of my ancestrals. If it comes down to it, we can always offer him a cut of the resources, do you think he will refuse?" the Qu clan's ancestor said.

"We're cooperating with the enemy?" the bestial clan's ancestor asked, a little stunned

"He's not exactly an enemy, he's just a passerby," the Qu clan's ancestor replied.

"If this plan succeeds… the Qu and Bestial Clans will be timeless!".

"To success!".

"To success!".
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