Chapter 627: Cooperative Ambush

Chapter 627: Cooperative Ambush
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"Master, where are we headed to now?".

Shang Guan Mu asked Chu Yu. He realised that Chu Yu did not seem to have a destination in mind.

He was curious as to what Chu Yu wanted to do.

"We're not going anywhere, we're just going to wait here.".

Chu Yu's reply made him scratch his head.

Were they waiting for the enemy to come up to them?


Did the master have his own acquaintances?

The battleship they were in was a large galactical craft, it was the size of three football fields and was extremely eye-catching.

Chu Yu didn't explicitly say it, Shang Guan Mu needed to learn by himself.

Cultivation was difficult, if one didn't focus, it was hard to reach the higher realms.

They didn't bother much about the human psychology, unlike those humans on earth.

This was why few cultivators could ever pull of successful schemes.

Chu Yu was no master at these schemes or plots, but he was well read.

Thanks to his period of youth where he couldn't cultivate.

Chu Yu had already learnt of many things about this place from Shang Guan Mu.

The Qu, Bestial and Dong clan were in a miraculous point of balance!

The alliance between the two former clans could match the Dong clan's power.

The two clans looked like best buddies, but in reality, it was all just an agreement.

If there wasn't the Dong clan, and if an opportunity to get rid of the other clan came by… they might be tempted.

News of Chu Yu's suppression of the two young ancestrals would spread like wildfire.

After all, here were many people in the Shang clan.

All he needed to do was wait.

To wait for the enemy to come to his door step.

Soon, a green bird sped towards their vessel at the speed of light.

Chu Yu smiled, "They're here.".

Shang Guan Mu was lost as he asked, "Who's here?".

"The emissary of the Dong clan's ancestor is here to seek an audience with our Daoist friend!".

A divine sense was sent out of the green bird.

Shang Guan Mu was stunned as he stared at Chu Yu with his jaw dropped.

Did Chu Yu know the Dong clan's ancestor?

Wasn't he from the outside? 

Moreover… master was from the village of Dao!

Why would he know someone from this area?

But why would the Dong clan's ancestor send an emissary?

A pile of questions appeared in his mind.

Chu Yu immediately invited the green bird in.

After it entered, it immediately transformed into a human and greeted Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled, "You're too polite my friend.".

The green bird was extremely polite.

"The ancestor has sent me here to remind my Daoist friend about something. The Qu and Bestial clans are scheming towards you, you have to be careful.".

"Oh really? Thank you," Chu Yu was polite as well.

"My ancestor has a suggestion- we can form a temporary alliance," the green bird looked at Chu Yu. 

He detailed the Dong clan's ancestor's suggestion- when the time came, Chu Yu could get a huge share of the resources.

The Shang clan's ancestor could have broken the balance that existed between the three clans, but he disappeared. 

Chu Yu's appearance was the key to breaking this balance!

After finding out about Chu Yu's level of cultivation, the Dong clan's ancestor immediately wanted him on his side.

Chu Yu looked at the green bird and said, "I'm just a passerby, I don't want to be involved in your politics.".

The green bird laughed, "You save this boy, you've already involved yourself.".

"Really? I can escape these borders at any moment, can they stop me then?" Chu Yu fired back.

The emissary looked at Chu Yu, "Does my Daoist friend not want their resources?".

"It doesn't matter if I want them or not, I'm not familiar with you people, what if this is a trap?" Chu Yu said simply.

The emissary said with a look of surprise, "Our ancestor as always been a man of his word. Your worry is unnecessary!".

"These words do not mean anything. If you really want to form a temporary alliance, show me some sincerity," Chu Yu smiled.

"What sincerity?" the emissary frowned.

He didn't expect this to be so hard.

"What else can there be? Cultivation resources of course! Weapons and magical equipment! Divine medicine…" Chu Yu said as he observed the emissary.

Shang Guan Mu was speechless at the side.

He had never seen such tactics before.

Would this actually work?

Didn't the master want to fight the Qu clan?

Why didn't the master agree to the alliance immediately?

The emissary's expression was dark.  

Chu Yu saw that he did not respond and smiled, "You have nothing? Forget it then. As for my grudge with the Qu clan, I don't need your concern. It's just a misunderstanding.".

Chu Yu looked at Shang Guan Mu and said, "My job here is done. If I take the kid to leave, who can stop me?"

The emissary looked at Chu Yu and said, "I can't be sure of that, I'm not the one who decides.".

"If you're not the one who decides then why are you here?" Chu Yu raged all of a sudden.

He immediately kicked the emissary out of the vessel.


He flocked away immediately, he didn't dare to stay here any longer, this man was too volatile.

He had to return to inform the ancestor that he had to come down personally!

Once he returned, he immediately looked for the ancestor.

The ancestor laughed after hearing his story.

"Why are you laughing ancestor?".

The green bird had a bright future, otherwise, he wouldn't have caught the ancestor's eye.

"That man is just pretending!".

The ancestor said with confidence as he smiled.

He said, "I never thought that things would change like this!".

"Ancestor, I don't understand, please explain," the green bird asked.

"If he were to agree just like that, it would show his greed and desire!" the ancestor said.

"Really?" the green bird was confused.

The ancestor replied, "It shows his honesty as well, think about it. He doesn't even know me, why would he agree to this alliance?".

The green bird was at a loss of words. He felt dumb.

"Him not agreeing to this alliance is the normal reaction, as for the resources… For an outsider, he wouldn't even understand what kind of people we are.".

The Dong clan's ancestor smiled, "This sort of people are courageous and not scheming. We have to treat him nicely!".

He looked at the green bird, "Take my decree and go to the storage room. Give him a tenth of our resources! We'll ask him to destroy the Qu clan!".

"What? Ancestor, a tenth of our resources?" the green bird was shocked!

A tenth of their resources was an astounding figure.

"What are you scared of? We'll get it back in due time," the ancestor said.

"But, what if he runs away with them once he gets them?" the green bird asked.

"Run away? No no no, he can't run away. Bring my decree and look for the fifth and sixth ancestors, tell them to reach out to the Qu clan to assist them in attacking him! It would be the best if we could get rid of that kid from the Shang clan as well," the ancestor said.

The green bird thought about it for a long time before taking the two decrees and saying, "The ancestor is great indeed!".

The ancestor said, "Get to work, I don't need your bootlicking.".
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