Chapter 632: The Finale

Chapter 632: The Finale
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The Bestial clan's ancestor would have never thought that he would be fooled by the seventy two shapeshifters.

Under normal circumstances, no one would pull a prank like this.

Why would a great being pretend to be someone else?

Moreover, each individual had a different aura that distinguished them from others.

But Chu Yu could overcome this!

He pretended to be the beaten up ancestral of the Qu clan and came over to the Bestial clan to beg.

The three clans all had their politics.

The seemingly weakest Bestial clan had a trump card.

The seemingly strongest Dong clan had always looked for opportunities to get rid of the other two clans.

All of these clans had great beings among them.

They all could tell that Chu Yu's appearance could break the deadlock that has been there for years.

They all wanted to make use of Chu Yu, but instead, Chu Yu was the one using them.

After pillaging a large amount of resources from the Bestial clan, Chu Yu went to see Shang Guan Mu.

He left a clone of himself at his original location.

Based on the resources that he had gotten so far, he could have already left.

But it wasn't enough for him.

The Qu and Bestial ancestors both charged towards where Chu Yu was hiding in rage.

Before this, when the two ancestors met, the Bestial ancestor was unhappy about the Qu ancestor acting as if nothing had happened.

You took so much of my resources, can't you be a little more polite?

The Qu ancestor had no response to this!

He acted as if nothing had happened!

Mr. Qu, is the Bestial clan a weak clan you look down upon?

Of course, these words were only kept in his heart.

The Qu ancestor said with a serious expression, "When we meet that outsider later on, we have to coordinate properly, otherwise, that old Dong will never fall for our act!".

"Of course. We've all suffered heavy losses this time, we have to get rid of the Dong clan!" the Bestial ancestor replied.

In his heart, the Qu ancestor thought to himself: What did the Bestial clan lose? Cut the crap! After the Dong clan, you will be next!

At the present moment, the Dong ancestor was also giving instructions to the other six ancestrals.

He looked at one of them and said, "You'll follow me, if I don't show myself, those two old farts will feel that something is amiss.".

"The other five of you will destroy the Bestial clan! Don't care about those small fry, just go for the powerful beings! Ignore the Qu clan and back us up after that, we'll kill the ancestor of the Bestial clan as well!".

"When the dust settles, I will renegotiate with the ancestor of the Qu clan.".

One of the ancestrals raised his hand and asked, "Ancestor, what about that outsider?".

The Dong ancestor laughed coldly, "We'll get rid of him too of course. To have the guts to take a tenth of my household's resources, he deserves death!".

"Understood!" the five ancestrals said in unison.

There was a look of anticipation on their faces.

It had been quiet for so many years, now, the time has come.

They would first swallow the Bestial clan, they had to accept the reality that they could not be greedy.

After getting rid of that outsider, this region would become a two way power struggle.

When that time comes… how great can the Qu clan be?

The era of the Dong clan was here!

The hearts of the powerful beings of the Dong clan were ignited with passion.

Deep into the night, Chu Yu's clone stood outside his hiding area, cooking a large bird.

The bird was about a meter long and was pierced through by a black spear as it sat atop a fire.

The Qu and Bestial ancestors were irritated by this sight.

This pesky fellow knows how to relax indeed.

He reaped all the benefits and he still had the guts to laze around here?

This was the 'first time' the Bestial ancestor and the ancestral with him had seen Chu Yu.

In the next moment, the Bestial ancestor frowned as he looked at the bird and said, "Why does that bird look so familiar?".

The Qu ancestor felt that something wasn't right either as the ancestral beside him suddenly gasped, "Isn't that the green bird?".

Even though it was featherless and naked, one could tell that it was indeed the green bird.

The green bird of the Dong clan!

This guy!

How cruel!

Even though the Qu and Bestial clans were at odds with the Dong clan, they would never dare to do something like this!

The green bird was sent by the ancestor to spy on Chu Yu.

It never expected to end up like this.

The Qu ancestor looked at Chu Yu as a sudden look of suspicion appeared in his eyes as he raged, "This bastard actually ran away! This is just a clone! How preposterous! Does he really think that I won't dare to get rid of the Shang clan?".

"Hey, you guys have come? Come over for a bite!" the clone invited.

"Didn't you guys mention that you always wanted to taste the flesh of the green bird? Come over and have a taste!" the clone beckoned.

The two ancestors nearly exploded!

Who wants to eat with you?

We came here to kill you!

Even if it was all just pretend, they had to act convincingly!

Who knew if the Dong ancestor was watching?

Who knew if he wasn't watching from the dark?

"You're begging for mercy now? Too late!" the Qu ancestor barked, his anger was not fake.

He raised a palm and thrust towards Chu Yu, "Die!".

This palm technique was genuinely fearsome.

Even without this outsider, they could take care of the Dong ancestor themselves!

Chu Yu huffed and ran away, leaving the green bird behind as he said, "Didn't we agree to work together…".  

The Bestial ancestor couldn't hold back either.

This outsider was clearly here to set a trap for them!

He must have been intending to expose them to the Dong ancestor!

That cannot happen, and so they thought they would kill Chu Yu.

A total of 5 ancestrals, two of whom were at the Flying Immortal stage, struck simultaneously.

The effects were staggering as the entire space shook.

A mushroom cloud blighted the sky.

Chu Yu yelled in the sky, "My grilled bird nearly got dirty! It's okay if you guys don't want it, why attack?".

The five ancestrals erupted with a stunning energy and charged at Chu Yu.

Far away, on a mountain, an old veteran looked on.

An ancestral by his side frowned, "What are they playing about for?".

The Dong ancestor smiled, "What else can it be? I think that outsider just pulled one over them!" 

"So, what do we do now? Our men should be at the Bestial clan by now," the young man said.

"We don't need to do anything, we just need to watch on and see how they continue their act," the ancestor replied.


Chu Yu continued running with his grilled green bird.

Although this was just a clone, it was still a powerful one.

He was running in the direction of the Dong ancestor's hiding place.

Just at this moment, Chu Yu tossed a pill into the air as it exploded and shrouded a mountain with a cloud of smoke.

"The Dong ancestor is up there! Let's get him!".
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