Chapter 640: A Terrifying Arrow

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Then, Chu Yu grabbed the arrow shot toward him.

He then kept it.

Chu Yu then pointed his arrow at Diwu Liuyun.

His red bow brimmed with a strong killing intent.

Notched in the red bow was the arrow with which Diwu Liuyun had tried to kill Chu Yu with.

Diwu Liuyun's face changed.

In fact, when she saw the bow in Chu Yu's hand, she knew that she was finished!

She had been lying about many things.

However, for this matter, she had been telling the truth.

With these 12 arrows on the red bow, one could only imagine how terrifying it was!

Simply put, in the hands of a Great Sage, this bow and arrow would be devastating!

Without saying, at this moment, this bow and arrow were in the hands of the powerful Chu Yu.

An intense feeling of regret rose in Diwu Liuyun's heart. Instantly, countless images flashed before her.

She thought, "If I have been honest with Chu Yu from the moment I saw him, could this result have been avoided!"


Chu Yu fired his arrow!

However, he did not aim it at Diwu Liuyun!

It was not that his heart had softened. Instead, he saw a look of release on Diwu Liuyun's face.

He was also surprised at how no one really cared for Diwu Liuyun.

Hence, Chu Yu did not shoot her with this arrow. Instead, he fired it at Zhou Xu, who was attempting to escape!

The arrow pierced through the space.

Even a perfect place like the Bastion of the Stars could not handle the power of this arrow.

It penetrated Zhou Xu's back and exited from his chest.

Then, it made a U-turn and pierced through Zhou Xu's body again.

In the blink of an eye, it pierced through Zhou Xu's body thousands of times!

The physical body of someone in the Ancestral Realm was riddled with countless holes by Chu Yu's arrow!

Even Chu Yu did not expect this result.

When he looked at the red bow in his hand, he suddenly thought of how terrifying Xu Xiaoxian would be if he got this arrow after ascending into the Ancestral Realm.

After all, he did not even have the relevant legacy technique and he could use it to such a devastating effect.

Diwu Liuyun, who did not die, opened her eyes when she heard Zhou Xu's cries of pain. This scene shocked her utterly.

The ten potent arrows in her hands could be used to such a devastating effect after they came into contact with that bow!

Its power was unimaginably chilling.

While Zhou Xu had become a Great Being only recently, he was still a Great Being.

Before this arrow, he was as weak as a paper curtain.

His entire body was riddled with holes like a piece of cheddar cheese!

What a wonderful weapon!

Chu Yu's hand still held the arrow he had just grabbed.

Without hesitating, he notched his second arrow… and pointed it at the next Ancestral Realm Great Being!


That Ancestral Realm Great Being immediately took out an ancient magic equipment.

This was a huge soul leg bone!

No one knew how long ago did its master die. However, this soul leg bone brimmed with a powerful suppressive energy!

It was as if… it was more powerful than an Ancestral Realm Great Being. It felt as if a Powerful Being was here.


Chu Yu's second arrow exploded into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors in the air.

It actually pierced through the huge leg bone and hit the Ancestral Realm Great Being holding it.

Psk! Psk! Psk!

This Ancestral Realm Great Being too was riddled with holes.

In the depths of Diwu Liuyun's eyes, a strong ray of hope shone.

She roared and bellowed, "Don't be too brazen. Watch me as I shoot you!"

She then notched an arrow on her bow.

This time, she shot ten arrows at Chu Yu!

In total, she only had 12. Now, she had none!

These ten arrows seemed ferocious but in terms of strength, they were much weaker than the two arrows Chu Yu shot out just now.

They did not seem as if they were out to kill him. Instead, they seemed to be providing him with more ammunition…

Evidently, one of the Great Being saw that something was wrong as he cursed, "Wretch! Do you dare to betray us?"

He fired a secret art toward Diwu Liuyun.

Diwu Liuyun countered with a more powerful secret art back at him.

This instantly shattered his body into pieces.

"Who do you think you are? Do you think I really won't kill you?" Diwu Liuyun shouted.

From afar, an ancient and cold voice rang out, "Diwu Liuyun, do you really want to die?"

"Kill me. If you can, kill me utterly and destroy my Divine Form! I want to see how you will make it through today! I have already brought the target over for you to ambush, now kill him!"

At this moment, Diwu Liuyun revealed her true emotions. When she watched Chu Yu embark on his killing spree, she could not help but laugh.

She said coldly, "You lot from the Ji Clan have lost all of your morals. You embarrass your forefathers and destroy my entire clan and you left a Life Death Talisman in my body. Today, your time has come. If you want to kill, kill me! Hahaha, right, I forgot to mention that if you want to activate my Life Death Talisman, three Ancestral Realm cultivators must do it at the same time without any interruption…"

Chu Yu chopped the leg off another Ancestral Realm Great Being with his sword, sending him tumbling. Then, he kicked him aside.

He took all ten arrows. Then, he sheathed his Sword of the Yellow Emperor and shot all ten arrows out.

Instantly, cries of pain could be heard from the sky.

These arrows were too terrifying. They pierced through the bodies of these Ancestral Realm Great Beings like a knife cutting through tofu.

They flew about in the air, killing their targets.

The top half of Zhou Xu's body had been reduced to almost nothing by that arrow!

He only had one breath left and could die at any moment.

Chu Yu kept his red bow and walked over to Zhou Xu bare-handed.

Zhou Xu, whose head was intact, looked at his almost-decimated upper body. Chu Yu chuckled.

"Love rival, how have you been?"

"Motherf*cker…" Zhou Xu's eyes shone with a venomous light.

He stared intently at Chu Yu as if he wanted to remember how he looked like. In his next life, he would settle this debt.

He could only wait for his next life.

Chu Yu raised his fist.

On his fist, one could see the countless patterns of the Technique of the Three Realms.


Zhou Xu's head was shattered by Chu Yu's punch. He died straightaway.

Then, Chu Yu began his merciless killing spree.

This oasis in the desert turned into a slaughterhouse.

Great Beings died one after the other, causing strange things to happen in the sky.

Layers and layers of inky-black clouds appeared in the sky, swirling and rolling.

There seemed to be an eye inside these clouds which looked emotionlessly at the killing.

After he killed the last Great Being, Chu Yu took back his 12 arrows.

Then, he looked at Diwu Liuyun, whose entire body was covered with blood.

Diwu Liuyun lowered her eyes and her hands and said, "You killed all of the powerful cultivators of the Ji Clan. I have gotten my revenge. For tricking you just now, you can kill me. I'll die without any regret!"

"By luring me here, are you tricking them or tricking me?"

"If you're powerful enough, them. If you aren't, you," said Diwu Liuyun plainly.

Chu Yu looked at her for a long while. Then, he shook his head and turned to leave.

"Wait…" Diwu Liuyun cried out.

"Is there anything else?" Chu Yu turned to look at her.

Diwu Liuyun asked, "Don't you hate me?"

"I'm kind of angry but no, I don't hate you. Because I won," said Chu Yu with a smile as he looked at her.

"Today, you're free. You can go and do what you want."

Diwu Liuyun looked with hatred toward the oasis.

Over there, there were more members of the Ji Clan.

At this moment, the entire oasis was silent!

Not a single member of the Ji Clan dared to step out. All of them were scared witless.

A group of Ancestral Realm Great Beings was killed just like this.

Earlier, they did not know what had happened. Everything was dictated by their forefather.

Now that every powerful member of their clan was dead, who dared to reveal himself?

Diwu Liuyun mumbled, "With my hatred for them, I'll exterminate them all! However, how many of them are innocent? The culprits are dead. This hatred… can end!"

As she said that, she looked at Chu Yu and said, "I'll make a move. Now that the Life Death Talisman in my body is out of their control, I believe I can dissolve it in one hundred years. Chu Yu, thank you for helping to avenge me. Thank you for not killing me too. The Jianghu is vast, may we meet again!"

Chu Yu nodded his head.

Diwu Liuyun paused for a moment and said, "My surname is really Diwu and my name is really Liuyun. Yi and my ancestor were friends and the twelve arrows were made for my ancestor. Combined with the red bow, they will be a lot more powerful with Yi's legacy techniques. When you become a Great Being, you can even kill a Heavenly Immortal!"

Then, Diwu Liuyun said, "Zhou Xu's ancestor brought him from the mortal realm to here by sacrificing his entire lifespan as he tried to find out your secret. However, they did not get far. You can be assured that after they die, no one will know what they uncovered. Their secret dies with them."

"As for me, I know nothing," said Diwu Liuyun with a smile.

With that, she walked away. She did not go after those in the oasis.

As Chu Yu looked at Diwu Liuyun's disappearing figure, he said nothing. Likewise, he turned to leave this place.

It was very coincidental for him to meet Zhou Xu here.

If Zhou Xu could have let go of his hatred, Chu Yu would have forgotten that he had such an enemy.

As he walked, he destroyed every wall he saw with his bare hands.

Just like this, ten years passed.

In this period of time, Chu Yu would return to his pocket dimension to stay from time to time. Sometimes, he would even bring those in his pocket dimension out to admire the view.

He was slightly sorry to his parents for not giving them a grandchild.

In fact, the higher the cultivation of a being, the harder it was for the being to reproduce.

Like a dragon.

Why were there so many beings descended from dragons, but so few actual dragons?

This was because the cultivation level of a dragon was too high!

It was extremely difficult for two dragons to have an offspring.

With no choice, the dragons could only reproduce with other beings using their avatars. This allowed some of them to possess the blood of the dragons.

Then, they hoped that one of their descendants could activate the bloodline of the dragons and turn into a real dragon.

This was their way of ensuring their continuity.

In the world of cultivation, it was extremely difficult for a Sage to have offspring.

When they became Great Sages, it was even more difficult.

For someone like Chu Yu, who was almost a Heavenly Immortal, it was even more difficult.

If not for a special twist of Fate, which would help him make a woman pregnant, it was nearly impossible.

Both Xu Xiaoxian and Lin Shi were helpless in this regard…

They both did their best…

In the past ten years, Xu Xiaoxian was able to become a Great Sage.

When that happened, the increase in her cultivation level meant that pregnancy was… even more difficult.

The next person to become a Great Sage was Ancestor Ming Hui.

Lin Shi was on the brink too. She could experience the tribulations at any time.

However, she was carefree most of the time and did not worry about these things. Chu Yu once predicted that she could even advance to the Ancestral Realm in one go.

When the time was ripe, what would happen would happen…

There was one oddity in the pocket dimension who had advanced into the Ancestral Realm.

That was Chu Dahua.
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