Chapter 642: A New Life?

Chapter 642: A New Life?
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There was a poem which went like this, "A beautiful girl of thirteen is in her prime. All 10 li of the streets of Yangzhou does not have anyone who can compare to her."

(Translator's Note: In pre-modern China, as with many societies, girls marry at a very young age. This poem was written during the Tang Dynasty.)

These were two extremely beautiful women. Every single smile on their faces was capable of seducing a man's heart.

They were fashionable and not plain at all.

Beauties like these were difficult to find in the world.

Their names were 'Yi Hong' and 'Wei Cui'. After they came in, they sat on the left and right of the man in white.

F*ck me!

"Why don't I have such luck?" Chu Yu thought.

Chu Yu felt a beast racing in his heart.

He pondered for a long while. Just now, he felt content with what he had. Now, when he looked at the two girls feeding and pouring wine for the man in white, he did not know what to think.

What… decadence!

The man in white looked at Chu Yu and laughed, "Young man, these two are mine. If you want, I'll call two for you. I promise…"

Chu Yu waved his hands reluctantly and said, "Thanks, but it's fine. I'm fine with being alone."

Then, a servant came bearing wine and delicacies.

The maiden called Yi Hong sauntered over to the guqin and sat down. With her ten slender fingers, she started to play it.

The music from the guqin was heavenly and intoxicating.

Wei Cui stood up and poured alcohol for Chu Yu and the man in white.

"Come, let us drink!" The man in white raised his glass and gestured to Chu Yu before finishing it in one gulp.

Chu Yu looked at the alcohol in the cup and was shocked.

Was this even alcohol? This was evidently spirit fluid!

It was of a very high quality too.

Chu Yu raised his glass and sipped. A powerful energy went down from his mouth to his throat and spread to all four of his limbs.

"That's not enough, finish it!" The man in white said.

Helpless, Chu Yu could only down in one gulp.

A warm sensation started to spread.

The feeling of drinking one mouthful and one whole cup was evidently different!

Even at Chu Yu's level, he felt that it was hugely beneficial in increasing his strength.

"So how was it? I didn't trick you, right?" The man in white laughed.

Wei Cui said gently, "Normally, master doesn't drink this because it's too dear. You're evidently an important guest."

"An important guest? He's more than just 'important'!" The man in white smiled and said. "Pour more! Pour more!"

Just like this, Chu Yu started to compete with this alcoholic 'God of Poetry' to see who could drink more.

In the end, he became slightly drunk.

He did not know what was the alcohol to spirit fluid ratio but he knew that he had never tasted an alcohol this tasty.

He could not even remember how many cups did he drink.

Definitely not a thousand, but definitely more than three hundred cups.

He remembered the man in white using chopsticks to hit a bowl, harmonizing with the music from Yi Hong's guqin. Then, he recited loudly, "From whence can I see the water of the Yellow River fall from the heaven…"

Chu Yu was drunk and he fell asleep there and then.

Based on what he had experienced, he should not have let his guard down so easily.

Particularly in a place like the Bastion of the Stars.

However, before this person, Chu Yu sensed no danger.

Toward the end, he did not know why but he started to recite a poem by Du Fu. Facing the man in white, he recited poetry with him.

"Oh, great Mount Tai, who stretches into the land of Qi and Lu."

"The Creator gives you all that is delightful in the world, and your peaks divide the North and South into day and night."

"As I watch the clouds rise and fall around you, and the birds returning to their nests, my heart is warm."

"One day, I shall ascend to the top of your peaks and look at other mountains."

As the two of them recited the poem together, their voices turned into a single musical note that enveloped the entire godly mountain.

An unbelievably powerful energy appeared in the godly peak which made it grow by three thousand more meters.

The beings here all thought that their master had gone crazy as he wanted to bring this mountain straight into the heaven…

However, Chu Yu knew naught of this.

He was already asleep.

The man in white was half-drunk and as he looked at Chu Yu, who was sleeping on the floor, he chuckled, "No matter how strong the tempest blows, hoist your sails and continue on your course."

With that, he collapsed on the soft carpeted floor and started to snore.

Yi Hong and Wei Cui, the two beauties, quietly took out two blankets and covered them with it. Then, they quietly walked out.

The next day, when Chu Yu woke up, he realized that glasses were still on the table. However, he was alone in the room.

He did not have a hangover but instead, he felt as if he had ascended to a new level.

At his level, any more progress was immensely difficult.

This was just like what the 'God of Poetry' once wrote, "The path to Shu is more difficult than ascending the heaven…"

Did he really 'ascend the heaven' with just one night of alcohol?

As he thought about this, Chu Yu stood up and walked out of the room.

The pavilion was very quiet as if the hustle and bustle of yesterday was a fantasy.

Chu Yu walked down the building and saw no one. Then, as he looked at the streets outside, he realized it was bustling with people.

At this moment, Chu Yu felt as if his spirit had gone back in time to the Tang Dynasty and witnessed its prosperity.

He was slightly disorientated before he regained sobriety.

Then, he had a strong urge to… breakthrough!

It was as if his spirit had received an inspiration and was hinting at him.

It was a huge realization.

The aura on Chu Yu's body rose continually.

A man in white stood by the window and looked down at him.

Yi Hong and Wei Cui were next to him, accompanying him.

Yi Hong said in softly, "Indeed a valuable guest."

Wei Cui mumbled, "Unbelievably valuable."

The man in white smiled.

Chu Yu leaped into the air.

He flew toward the sky and there, he saw a bolt of lightning coming toward him.

It looked like an ordinary bolt of lightning.

It shone with an eye-dazzling light.

It was very long.

He did not know where it came from but it pierced through his body.

Then, Chu Yu's body split into pieces!

Blood and bones flew everywhere.

Even his godly soul was injured.

The man in white, Yi Hong, and Wei Cui stood on top of the building.

The two women exclaimed.

"Oh my heaven… what's going on?"

"Is he dead?"

The two women had pale faces. Their levels were not low and they were both in the Ancestral Realm.

They could clearly see what happened to Chu Yu in mid-air and they were shocked.

The man in white frowned and said, "This is a huge heavenly tribulation. He's growing too fast! While his foundation is powerful, his physical body is still weak. This is his biggest weakness."

"What can we do? Will he die?" Yi Hong said worriedly.

Wei Cui looked on anxiously too.

The man in white said, "Since Pan Gu opened the heaven until now, too many beings died as they tried to break through this level. This is too difficult to say."

"Is this why you did not try this too?" Yi Hong asked quietly.

The man in white looked at her adoringly and said with a smile, "I don't try to break through this level because of you two!"

"Ah!" The two women exclaimed together. Their faces were red and they looked at him with teary eyes.

"I'm not confident too, especially for this level…" The man in white sighed.

He lifted his head to look into the sky and thought, "I'm not sure if it's right or wrong of me to push you like this. However, for us to meet here, it's Fate too."

In the sky, Chu Yu's godly soul was struck by that bolt of lightning.

He could no longer regenerate.

The second bolt of lightning did not come for a long while.

It seemed to be waiting for him, giving him a chance of a breather. Then… it would deal a damage which he could not get back from!

Chu Yu pieced his body back with much difficulty and then, from the depths of space, another bolt of lightning came down.

This time, the lightning was of a similar color.

It was an eye-catching white.

The man in white below narrowed his eyes and solemn look crossed his face.

Then, he said, "This bolt of heavenly thunder…. Rebirth…"

Chu Yu felt as if his entire was gone.

All that was left were his memories of his soul.

He could not speak or move.

His soul floated through the dimensions and disappeared into the Bastion of the Stars.

An Ancestral Realm Great Being could not even resist this bolt of heavenly thunder.

This weakness was unimaginable. How could a cultivator like this be called a 'Great Being'?

'Great': the limit of everything. 'Being': One who was capable.

A 'Great Being' should reach the limits of everything!

Someone in the Ancestral Realm was definitely not at the limit of cultivation. Strictly speaking, he or she could not be called a 'Great Being'.

It was but a rather solid ceiling on the path of cultivation. A powerful being could still break it.

Fishes were limited by water.

No matter how strong a fish was, it could not fly into the air.

However, since ancient times, some fishes leaped over the dragon gate after much difficulty and became dragons!

Like this, they overcame their limitations and broke through the ceiling.

However, like dragons, they would experience a limitation they could not overcome too.

Cultivation was about breaking all these limits.

Searching for more powerful realms of existence.

Hence, the Ancestral Realm was just a pit-stop on the road of cultivation.

It was definitely not the end.

He thought about the rock statue that came from 'outside'. Perhaps at the dawn of creation, a Primitive Sovereign… could not be said to be true Great Being!

Chu Yu's soul flew through the infinite universe.

He never had this feeling before.

At the peak of the Ancestral Realm, his speed would be a few times faster than light.

However, it was not as fast as him right now.

With just one thought, he could jump from one end of the universe to the other end.

While he could not move or speak, this feeling made him unbelievably fast.

"I want to go home!"

Chu Yu thought.

It was just a thought.

However, in the next moment, Chu Yu saw his home.

In the north of China, the building, nested around an ancient forest, was still there!

Chu Yi even saw his own mother!

"Wait," he thought, "Isn't my mother in my pocket dimension?"

That was right?

"What's my state now?"

"Did I die after failing this tribulation?"

"Where are my family and friends in my pocket dimension?"

Chu Yu suddenly felt an endless sadness.

Then, he was sucked by a huge attractive force and dragged into a mysterious, unknown space.

It… was completely dark but also warm

"Was… this my mother's body?"

"Is time flowing backward?"

"Am I reborn?"

Chu Yu had a wild thought in his mind.

He did not experience the six paths of rebirth but his soul, which had his memory, was given a new lease of life?

Was this real or illusory?

Even for Chu Yu, he could not differentiate.

He could sense what was going on outside.

However, his range was limited. He could only sense everything a few dozen meters away.

This sensation was rather blurry too. Even his mother's dialogue with others sounded choppy.

Gradually, Chu Yu felt more and more trapped. He became more and more blurry.

The thousands of memories in his brain were slowly being sealed.

This made him panic.

Would an Ancestral Realm cultivator turn into a small baby and live out a brand new life?
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