Chapter 645: Still Undergoing Tribulation

Chapter 645: Still Undergoing Tribulation
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"You…" Chu Yu looked at them and asked, "Did you feel nothing after you enter the Ancestral Realm?"

Everyone looked at him and said, "Of course not! If we did, we won't feel so disorientated!"

Old Huang pushed his glasses up his noses. A bespectacled weasel was very strange.

"I suddenly realize that the books I read became fewer," said Old Huang.

Everyone could not understand how did they enter this realm just like this.

Chu Yu thought about it and then looked at Xu Xiaoxian and said, "Come, shoot an arrow at me at full strength."

Xu Xiaoxian was stunned and said, "Are you sure?"

Chu Yu nodded his head and said, "Yes."

Xu Xiaoxian hesitated and said, "With my current strength, any arrow I shoot out… will be fatal."

Chu Yu glared at her and said, "Trust me!"

"Then…. Fine," said Xu Xiaoxian. She could not sway him so she took out her red bow.

Then, she pulled it and a ray of light appeared, which took the shape of an arrow.

Chu Yu's body froze as he looked at Xu Xiaoxian and said, "Where's your arrow?"

"Ah? What arrow?" Xu Xiaoxian stopped and looked at Chu Yu confusedly.

Chu Yu's eyes revealed an expression of shock as he mumbled, "Am I still undergoing the tribulation?"

"What? Didn't you succeed and become a Primordial Powerful Being?" Xu Xiaoxian said as she looked at him in shock.

"Don't talk, let me think," said Chu Yu as he sighed and sat down.

He looked into the distance.

Everything here looked real.

Mountain, water, flower, grass, people.

Everything was undeniably real!

Hence, from his perspective, there was nothing out of place!

After he was struck by the second heavenly tribulation, his soul went back to the past with all his memories.

Through his hard work, he was able to elevate everyone to the highest state possible in three hundred years.

Even his parents, who were hopeless, entered the Ancestral Realm! Wait a moment!

Chu Yu appeared to have thought of something. He looked at Chu Tianbei and Song Yu.

With their foundation and intelligence, there was no way they could progress to a higher realm!

Every being in the world had a ceiling.

It was nearly impossible to break through the ceiling.

Chu Yu now tried to remember what did he do over three hundred years in that lifetime. Did his parents' innate qualities undergo a fundamental change? Could their foundation and wisdom really allow them to enter the Ancestral Realm?

It was as if… he had forgotten something.

How could this be possible?

How could a Powerful Being… forget stuff?

He could not even recall.

"That's right! I'm not a Powerful Being yet. I'm still undergoing the tribulation!"

Chu Yu chuckled bitterly. He finally understood why did he become a Powerful Being but did not experience the strong sensation of a breakthrough.

So… right now, he was still undergoing the tribulation.

Did this mean that everything he had experienced since his breakthrough until now was… false?

All of the ancients from Earth and everything he heard about the Immortal Door… were false?

Chu Yu felt as if he was about to collapse.

He looked at everyone and said, "Wait here."

With that, he disappeared.

He rushed toward the Immortal Door.

No matter whether it was real or fake, he unleashed the full power of a Powerful Being at this moment.

He was impossibly fast!

With one thought, he flew from one end of the sky to another.

His target was the Immortal Door.

If it were fake, he just needed to charge through it once!

Then, he would see what had happened.

Quickly, he arrived at the center of the Bastion of the Stars where the legendary Immortal Door was.

Mountains and valleys appeared in front of him.

Every single ridge in the mountains shone with an intense light.

All of them were different.

From the patterns of these lights, he could sense the many beings who were there.

At the same time, this place was a slaughterhouse filled with magical formations.

Chu Yu did not care about these as he charged forward.

He charged mindlessly toward the Immortal Door.


A roar rang out and an ancient being walked out from the mountain.

His beard and hair were white and his body emitted the aura of the Great Dao. Countless symbols flew around his body.

Each of his symbols was like a pocket dimension which changed endlessly.

Chu Yu raised his hand!


He sent him flying.

This person landed on a protective magical formation on another mountain.

A shockingly loud sound could be heard.

The magic formation on the mountain was instantly shattered.

And that person almost died there.

Chu Yu did not stop as he continued charging forth.

He met with a large amount of resistance but he sent them all flying.

This was the peripheral of the core region of the Bastion of the Stars.

None of the beings here was below the level of an Ancestral Realm cultivator.

Every one of them was terrifying.

However, before Chu Yu, they were nothing.

One-by-one, they were sent flying.

He was less than 30 000 li from the Immortal Door.

Three big mountains stood between him and it.

Each mountain was 10 000 li wide.

At this time, Chu Yu sensed that something was different.

These three mountains were rather far from those behind them.

The three mountains appeared to have stood there for eons. They did not emit any Dao aura but instead, an ancient aura.

Behind Chu Yu, many cultivators pursued him!

They had fought over these places for countless eons and before finally establishing this arrangement.

None of them could tolerate a change to the current status quo.

There was no way he should be allowed to charge through them into the Immortal Door!

However, when Chu Yu appeared in front of the three mountains, all of his pursuers… stopped.

They remained at a spot and none of them dared to come after him. Many of them looked with jest and malevolence at Chu Yu as they thought that he was a goner for sure.

"Which brazen fool is this? Get out!"

A terrifying thought suddenly rang out from the top of the three mountains.

Someone roared and then, from the top of the huge mountain, a hand came out and swatted Chu Yu.

This hand appeared to be formed from the nearby energy. Its suppressive strength was too strong!

This energy and Dao were beyond the Ancestral Realm… this was a true Powerful Being!

Chu Yu snorted coldly and punched toward the sky.

A bright light shone from his fist. This was an impossibly powerful energy.


Chu Yu's fist hit the palm from the mountain.

The very heaven and earth trembled.

Chu Yu broke that hand!

All of the beings afar were shocked!

They could never imagine that a being which had suddenly barged into this place could break the hand of the being on this mountain.

This piece of news would shock the entire Bastion of the Stars.

On top of the third mountains, one could hear a roar of anger.


With that, the mountain actually collapsed!

A huge figure rushed out from inside.

It clashed into Chu Yu straightaway.

The two of them started to fight.

This was a terrifying being. He had been there for hundreds of thousands of years.

Many years ago, he fought his way in and occupied the third mountain. After hundreds of thousand years, no one could move him.

He was a legend in the Bastion of the Stars. Everyone thought that he would quickly enter the Immortal Realm the next time the Immortal Door opened and become a Heavenly Immortal.

No one thought that before the Immortal Door had opened, someone already came to challenge him.

Chu Yu's understanding of the Dao was not as deep as his and his level was not as high as his. After all, he had just become a Powerful Being a while ago.

Chu Yu's Technique of the Three Realms was too scary!

In this world, this was a supreme mental cultivation method, which could defeat all others!


Chu Yu's fist landed on that person's chest which sent him flying.

His opponent's palm landed on Chu Yu but he did not even break through… Chu Yu's defenses.

This disparity in strength made it impossible for him to defeat Chu Yu.

After a while, he admitted defeat.

"I yield!"

He roared, "Where did you come from?"

Chu Yu ignored him and advanced toward the second mountain.

That person was stunned. He could not help but warn, "When the Immortal Door opens, the first, second, and third will definitely enter!"

Chu Yu did not reply to him as he continued on his way.

An awkward expression crossed his face. At the same time, he appeared terrified.

"This guy is either insane… or he is too confident in himself!"

"For him to reach this level… can he be crazy?"

"Is he confident enough to… challenge the two beings in front?"

As he thought, he looked at Chu Yu's disappearing figure with confusion.

10 000 li, to powerful cultivators, was just a matter of a single thought. Over here, however, one had to spend more time traversing the 10 000 li.

This was because the energy here was much stronger.

The stronger the energy, the greater the suppression a being would face.

However, Chu Yu still walked quickly.

After a minute, he arrived in front of the second mountain.

The second mountain was silent.

What did this mean? Did he not want to fight? Was he admitting defeat?

Everyone looked in shock at this scene. They did not know why did the master of the second mountain refuse to show himself.

"I'm not your opponent."

Just when everyone was in shock, this thought rang out from the second mountain, making them even more dumbfounded.

The one from the third mountain, who Chu Yu fought, was even more dumbstruck.

The master of the second mountain… said that he was not Chu Yu's opponent?

How could this be possible?

Everyone knew that he had fought with the Primitive Sovereigns of ancient times!

In that age of creation, there were too many powerful beings.

There were the Primitive Sovereigns of the Twelve Zodiac, the founders of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism… who were all Primitive Sovereigns!

The other Primordial Powerful Beings were slightly weaker than these Primitive Sovereigns and hence, they normally would not fight them.

However, the one on the second mountain was different.

He actually fought with the Primitive Sovereigns!

Could this new challenger be more terrifying than a Primitive Sovereign?

Could he even be Pan Gu?

Other than the first god, who cleaved open the heavens, no one else… could make the second one submit so readily.

Chu Yu was stunned and then he said to him, "What? Are you unwilling to fight me… in this illusory world?"

"Aiyoh, so you know that you're in an illusory world? Not bad… many years ago, I was kept in the dark for 1 206 800 years! Tell me, how long had you been kept in the dark?" The voice from the second mountain exclaimed in surprise.

"300 years," said Chu Yu.

The second mountain was silent.

For a long time.

"Screw off."

Then, it said these two words.
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