Chapter 647: Doctor in the Way

Chapter 647: Doctor in the Way
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Chu Yu looked at the two words in a stunned silence. As the rooster looked at the couplets, tears trickled down its face.

Chu Yu looked at it and felt that this was a premonition. Then, he stepped inside.

The cave was clean and spotless.

There was a statue of a god.

Chu Yu looked at the statue and froze. Then, he realized that it seemed familiar.

He asked, "Little chicken, is this your master?"

"I'm a phoenix," corrected the rooster. Then, it said, "This is the god my master worshipped!"

"Who is he?" Chu Yu asked.

The rooster looked at him as if he was dumb and said, "This is the God of Medicines, Shennong!"




Chu Yu looked at it again and again and realized that he had seen him in the place where Zi had brought him last time. However, the sculpture looked different from his actual self. The only reason he found it familiar was because the statue gave off a similar aura.

There were quite a lot of Primitive Sovereigns from the ancient times.

There were the Primitive Sovereigns of the twelve zodiacs, the twelve Primitive Sovereigns, and other Primitive Sovereigns.

Zi brought Chu Yu to see the statues of the twelve Primitive Sovereigns. However, there were not a lot of Primitive Sovereigns of the twelve zodiacs.

The Bodhisattva and the Founder of Daoism were there.

However, Chu Yu did not know their exact ranking.

However, he could be sure that any being which could become a Primitive Sovereign in the ancient times was powerful indeed!

For them to be ranked… it was even harder!

Chu Yu thought that this statue was just the master of this mountain.

Evidently, he was wrong.

"What's your master's Daoist title?" Chu Yu asked.

The rooster looked at Chu Yu. An Ancestral Realm rooster was at its prime, in terms of both cultivation and intellect.

Hence, Chu Yu knew why it was so arrogant.

Furthermore, its aura told him to listen carefully to it.

"My master's Daoist title is the Perfected Person Hua!"

Chu Yu was stunned, "Your master is… Hua Tuo?"

"That's right!"

"The godly doctor Hua Tuo?"

"That's right!"

The rooster became more and more gleeful.

At this moment, Chu Yu was lazy to compete with the rooster to see who had a more powerful boss. It was normal for it to be this arrogant if it really had such a powerful master.

"Bring me to see him," said Chu Yu.

Tears fell from the rooster's face as it said, "I want to see him more than you, but… he's no longer here!"

"No longer here?" Chu Yu frowned.

The rooster said, "A long time ago, he felt that he should not spend his entire life on cultivation and hence, he decided to stop this pursuit and went back…"

"What?" Chu Yu's eyes bulged.

He could not believe it.

He asked the rooster, "How many years ago was that?"

The rooster looked at him and said, "How do you define a 'year'?"

Chu Yu thought for a while and summoned a watch, which ticked on and on.

"Sixty seconds form one minute, sixty minutes form one hour, twenty-four hours form one day, and three hundred and sixty-five days form one year," said Chu Yu. Then, he looked at the rooster and asked, "How many years?"

The rooster thought for a while and said, "About 2000 years ago?"

Chu Yu's mouth twitched and a bitter smile crossed his face. He thought, "Could the godly doctor from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty be one of his avatars? What if he went back via rebirth? If that's the case… it will be difficult to find him."

Even until today, no one managed to master the Six Daos of Rebirth.

Even the Powerful Beings of ancient times continued to search for the secrets of heaven and earth.

"Before master left, he said something," said the rooster. "He said that one day, if a rowdy brat who threatens to eat me come, he was the fated one… and one of his lot!"

Chu Yu said, "…"

The rooster had an unwilling look on his face as he said, "I don't know when would master return. The Immortal Door has opened thrice already! However, his magical formations concealed it and those behind could not see…"

The old Daoist was sly indeed!

Chu Yu could not help but delight.

With the size of the first mountain and the vast energy that concealed it, those behind it could not see anything and sensed nothing.

After he went back through rebirth, there was no point in the Immortal Door opening!

However, if one gave more thought to it, Huo Tuo did it for a reason!

It undermined one of the conspiracies of the Immortal Realm.

Open and close the door as you please!

We won't enter no matter what!

Like this, the Immortal Realm's plan of controlling the beings through the Immortal Door by forcing them to kill each other was ruined.

Could this… be his true objective?

The rooster promised Chu Yu that when he came the next time, he would show him a way.

"I want to see the Immortal Door," said Chu Yu.

The rooster thought for a while, "Master did say he is one of them. I should show him."

With that, the rooster brought Chu Yu to the back of the mountain.

Through a high mountain, through the chaos.

It faded in and out of sight.

The door was not really tall. It was as most as few hundred zhang tall.

However, it emitted a very powerful Dao!

It made those around it feel as if it was millions of zhang tall!

Even a Powerful Being would realize how small he was next to the door.

Chu Yu's vertical eye suddenly brimmed with a powerful intent.

This intent filled Chu Yu's heart.

His sense of smallness, in the face of this mountain, disappeared instantly.

Chu Yu's gaze was calm as he looked at this mountain. In his heart, he thought about his chances of blasting it open.

After he blasted it open, could he beat the dog and the rabbit?

He did not think so.

If he wanted to know his chance of success, he should fight with the rat.

Many years ago, it even turned itself into human weapons. Hence, who was better for him to challenge than it?

Chu Yu thought for a while and turned around. He bade the rooster farewell and left.

Before he left, he could not refuse the rooster's request and handed the recipe for mushroom-stewed chicken to it.

Chu Yu wanted to know what the rooster would think when it ate this dish.

The Immortal Door was nothing more than a Dao door.

If not for the mountain there, every time it opened, it would cause bloodshed and turned this place into a living hell.

When the entire group saw Chu Yu, they subconsciously made way for him as they looked at him respectfully.

In their eyes, Chu Yu defeated the third master of the mountain and headed over to the second mountain. While they did not know what had happened, something was not right when Chu Yu could come out in one piece.

"Could this person… possess the strength of the top three?"

"Why… did he leave?"

No one understood.

Among them, they were able to see Chu Yu's face and their faces turned serious. Some of them even looked astounded!

They recognized Chu Yu as the terrifying existence who dominated the human world.

He was the one who defeated their descendants in the human world so… decisively!

Their faces changed for a reason. "How long ago was that?" They thought. "As a young man who had just caused a storm in the human world… can he already traverse through the Bastion of the Stars?"

"How… how is this possible?"

All of them were at the peak of their Ancestral Realm.

Without talking about their other attributes, their memory and eyesight were good.

In their eyes… Chu Yu was the nemesis of their descendants… in the human world!


If they really went after him, they would die terrible deaths!

He was a Powerful Being!

Hence, there was a difference. Their understanding was slightly inaccurate.

In the human world, no matter whether they were from the village of Dao, or other universes in it, they all felt that the two of them were enemies in the Bastion of the Stars. The two sides were mortal enemies. In the final battle, blood would run like rivers…

However, while these things did take place, they were much rarer in areas near the Immortal Door.

They were more common in places such as where the God of Poetry lived.

For areas which were near the peripheral of the center zone, beings would break through Dao levels and reach every day.

Once they appeared… they would fight.

Hence, the true locations where blood ran like rivers were like where the God of Poetry lived.

Chu Yu was slightly suspicious too. The God of Poetry was a glutton too!

If not, why would he camp there? Reciting his poetry and killing other beings?

When he saw how skilfully he lifted that snake, it was clear… that he was very familiar with this course of action.

It appeared that food was more important than anything else for all beings. It was even more important than cultivation!

The God of Poetry camped there and waited for his prey to come.

The rooster would not even spare itself for food!

On this mountain, Chu Yu saw no other chicken.

If it wanted to eat the mushroom-stewed chicken, it would have to eat itself.

Chu Yu traveled onward toward the direction of the God of Poetry.

The beginning of the path of Dao was also its end.

No matter how years passed, he could not remain in this illusory realm forever.

After that heavenly tribulation, he only got a tiny release in this world.

From this moment on, he was like a fish in the ocean or a bird in the air.

In front, a figure blocked him.

Chu Yu stopped and fell silent when he saw who it was.

All of his opponents a long time ago were defeated by him.

On this path, there was no one he could not defeat.

Except for this one.


He never expected Zi to find him after so long.

At this moment, Zi took the shape of a young man. When he saw him, he was shocked too.

"Are you experiencing a tribulation?"

He asked.

Chu Yu nodded his head.

"Such strength, you realized it so soon," Zi could not help but admire him.

Then, he looked at Chu Yu and said, "Go, let's go."

"What… can we talk about?" Chu Yu asked, frowning.

"Many things!" Zi said as he looked at him. "The pre-condition is that you must already be on this path. If not, there's nothing for us to talk."

So practical!

However, he was right.

Chu Yu nodded his head and followed Zi into a cave.

The cave was ancient but it was well-furnished. However, this seemed to be a cave for a woman. Chu Yu looked at Zi strangely.

Zi shook his head and said, "It's the cave of a female friend of mine. I borrowed it."

"Oh…" Chu Yu sighed and nodded his head.

Zi glared at him and said, "The human world is in danger. The beings of the Netherworld have invaded."

Chu Yu was shocked as he looked at Zi. "Do they dare to do it even with you there?"

"Hur… the Netherworld has the Cow Demon King, Horse Face, and the Goat God. They are not much weaker than the Immortal Realm. Do you think they're afraid of me?" Zi said.

"You twelve zodiacs are the gods of the totems for all China since ancient times. Aren't you supposed to work together" Chu Yu asked Zi this question which had bugged him for a long while.

Since he was young, the legends he heard about the ancient times were similar. The twelve zodiacs did not have any dispute.

The cat was their object of detest.

However, after he embarked on this mythical path, he realized that the Primitive Sovereigns of the twelve zodiacs were not as united as he had thought.

The rabbit and the dog guarded the Immortal Realm, preventing people they did not know from entering. Even those they knew… could not enter!

The Immortal Realm was ours. All of you could scram!

The Cow Demon King, Horse Face, and the Goat God were all murderous and belligerent. All they wanted to do was to invade other worlds.

The monkey and the pig had good ties but they were nowhere to be found.

Chen could hardly be seen. Yin guarded the West. You guarded the South. Si guarded the North… These gods did not seem to interact with each other much.

Zi laughed and said, "If an ordinary mortal asks this, it's fine. But for you to ask this, isn't it quite childish?"
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