Chapter 648: The Ancient Times

Chapter 648: The Ancient Times
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After he said, Zi could not help but laugh. He stood up and paced the cave. As he walked, he said, "In ancient times, the spiritual energy between the heaven and earth was the most bountiful and hence, it formed many powerful beings. At that time, these beings were all incredibly huge and much bigger than the beings of today. They were able to fight against nature itself, as well as each other."

"Hence, in ancient times, there were many rankings and many sects. The many religions of the world have their roots in the ancient times."

"The ranking of the ancient times was derived by fighting."

Zi looked at Chu Yu and said, "Each of them was blood-soaked."

Chu Yu shivered.

Zi said, "Do you why is Earth special?"

Chu Yu shook his head.

Zi said, "It's a microcosm of the universe!"

Zi said softly, "The rankings of the twelve zodiacs were derived as such. We fought it out."

"As the first, you're the most powerful one?" Chu Yu asked.

Zi thought for a while and said, "In terms of experience and knowledge, I'm undoubtedly ranked number one!"

He looked proudly at Chu Yu and said, "If not, how did I get this ranking?"

"Pan Gu is no doubt the most powerful being of the ancient times. This is indisputable. He was the one who opened the heavens! Without him, the world today will be in a state of chaos."

Zi looked at Chu Yu and continued, "However, the most powerful being in the world is Ancestor Hongjun!"

The Founder of Dao!

Ancestor Hongjun's aura then split into three, which formed the Three Pure Ones.

To say that he was the most powerful being in the universe was no exaggeration.

"Then, there was the Buddha and Confucius…"

Zi said slowly, "However, no matter who they were, they all relied on the Dao of Ancestor Hongjun. All of the major religions can trace their roots to the Dao."

Chu Yu nodded his head.

"We thought that we were the most powerful beings in the world, until the invasion of the Otherworldly Heavenly Demons."

"They contaminated the entire ancient times and made some of the supreme existences fall."

Zi then said, "Or perhaps they already thought that way, so I can't really say that they had fallen."

"Otherworldly Heavenly Demons… do they come from the outside of this universe?" Chu Yu asked.

Zi nodded his head and said, "Do you know why I want to turn you into a human-shaped godly soldier?"

Chu Yu's mouth twitched. He looked at him but said nothing.

Zi sighed and said, "Your body was indeed made by me! If not… how could you be so blessed? How could you improve faster than everybody else? And significantly faster too? Without my Dao… as your foundation, what can you do?"

"From ancient times until now, how many genii like you have you seen?"

"All genii follow the path of someone more powerful. They did not achieve their successes alone!"

Zi was calm and said all these seriously.

"However, I never expect you to become completely independent. Can you even understand how I feel?"

Zi looked at Chu Yu and said plainly, "Like one of my fingers…"

He opened his palms and extended his five fingers. Then, he said, "I can use one of my five fingers and turn them something living. Using it to form…"

With that, one of Zi's fingers fell onto the ground and instantly turned into a handsome man. His aura was incomparable.

This finger was a Powerful Being!

"Go and die!"

Zi said to the being formed from his finger.

The young man did not hesitate. He smashed his head and killed himself.

Then, he turned back into a finger, which attached itself back onto Zi's hand.

"Did you see that? He's mine."

Zi then said, "However, you're different. You possess your own independent personality. To me, at that time, who knew nothing, I wanted to take you back and turn you into a human-shaped godly weapon to fight the Otherworldly Heavenly Demons. Was that wrong?"

"If… it's like what you say, then it's fine," said Chu Yu.

"Why will I play tricks with you?" Zi said, laughing. He shook his head and continued, "Everything I say is true! However, the reason I'm saying all these now is just to tell you the truth. I hope that you won't continue wasting time. If you can't let this go, there's no way you can leave this illusory world!"

Chu Yu was stunned. Then, he understood!

He finally realized why was it so difficult for him to go through this tribulation.

No matter how difficult it was, he knew he would go crazy if he had to spend 1 208 000 years in this.

To Chu Yu, this tribulation was both real and fake. It was hard to say.

This was the reason.

His godly soul came from Zi. He was just a thought of Zi, which had been sent into rebirth, come to life and dying many times.

In this life, he was able to be awakened.

This awakening exceeded Zi's expectations.

Hence, he became an independent cultivator.

His relationship with Zi was similar to what Zi had shown him earlier on. With one finger, he could form a life. Unlike the finger, however, he had his own personality and did not like being ordered around by Zi.

"I come to you today in your dreams because I want to return you your freedom!" Zi said with a chuckle. "If I don't say it, and I'm not exaggerating, even Ancestor Hongjun can't help you!"

"After you survive this tribulation, you will truly become you. You'll be as free as a fish in the ocean or a bird in the sky."

Zi then looked at Chu Yu and said, "Don't forget, however, that the Otherworldly Heavenly Demons can come at any moment. Our world may just be a playground for more powerful beings. If you don't want to be trapped here forever, find a way to escape!"

"For beings like us, no matter how powerful we are, our fates have been written in the stars and it's difficult to change."

"You are different. You are a truly independent variable!"

"You awakened under the eyes of a Primitive Sovereign from ancient times and can even escape from a Primitive Sovereign. Your future potential is truly unlimited."

After Zi said that, he gradually faded away.

Chu Yu realized that the world around him started to disintegrate!

Something which was fake could never become real.

This was an illusory world.

Countless beings entered my dream!

Chu Yu blinked.

The bolt of thunder in the sky above his head had disappeared.

He looked down.

The man in white and the two beautiful women were looking at him very worriedly.

Evidently, they were afraid that he did not pass this tribulation.

His soul was placed in his vertical eye, like his pocket dimension.

With one thought, Chu Yu re-formed his physical body.

Then, he appeared in front of the man in white and bowed. "Thank you, senior!"

"Congratulations my friend! Hahaha, I've witnessed the formation of a Powerful Being. Come come come, let us drink until we're merry!"

Chu Yu thought, "To him, the only things in life are wine and poetry."

"But is this truly living?"

He drank with the man in white. From him, Chu Yu realized that he too felt disorientated at the start too. He felt as if Chu Yu had successfully passed the tribulation and that he already congratulated him…

The two women felt the same thing. However, to them, their impressions were fainter and their memories were more incomplete.

Indeed, the more powerful one was, the more one could sense.

Evidently, the beings which could congregate around the Immortal Door were really the most powerful ones.

Chu Yu called everyone from his pocket dimension out to introduce them to the man in white.

This God of Poetry's fame endured even until today. Everything looked at him in awe.

Their cultivation levels did not change much.

They did not sense much. Only Chu Dahua frowned slightly as she looked at Chu Yu and said, "Why do I feel as if I just had a dream… where I saw you breaking through?"

"That's just a dream," said Chu Yu with a smile.

At his level, he finally understood the significance of what Zi said to him.

He looked at this world differently.

When he saw the Bastion of the Stars earlier, he realized that it brimmed with spiritual energy and seemed endless.

However, right now, it just seemed like a world pieced together by shattered shards of glass.

A Powerful Being could see through the ages and across all dimensions.

He could look at the human world and the Netherworld.

When Zi looked at the Netherworld, two gazes looked back at him.

They were icy and impatient as if they were warning him about something.

Chu Yu retracted his gaze.

He would not want to pick a fight, for now.

Zi did not explicitly talk state who were the fallen Primitive Sovereigns from the fight in the ancient times against the Otherworldly Heavenly Demons. However, it was not wise to provoke those in the Netherworld.

As he looked at the human world, Chu Yu felt a sense of nostalgia.

He saw so many of his former friends and family.

His hometown's technological advancements were rapid. Even an ordinary person could ride a flying machine and cross the skies.

He saw his brother, Chu Liang, and his sister, Chu Xi, as well as his old friends.

They were all fine.

They could not sense his presence and they definitely did not know that their relative was watching them from a very far place.

He retracted his gaze and smiled, "Hence, I have to tell my family about my successes…"

He gulped down an entire bowl of wine. Chu Yu then brought some of his family members to bid the man in white farewell. He prepared to leave the Bastion of the Stars and return to the Eastern Heaven.

The man in white danced with his sword in his honor. Chu Yu waved his robes to bid him goodbye.

For a Powerful Being, he could ignore the existence of Dao levels.

The Dao levels which he spent a lot of time to break last time now appeared extremely simple to him.

With just one thought, they shattered.

Hence, he faced no opposition.

However, there were still no-go zones in the Bastion of the Stars.

Even if you were a Powerful Being!

Chu Yu found that his hiding place earlier on was known as the Cold Pond.

Even a Powerful Being could not go there easily.

When he was there, he saw the stone states and after 2 000 000 years of interaction, he let them go.

Many places in the Bastion of the Stars were forbidden likewise.

However, Chu Yu was in no mood to explore.

He left the Bastion of the Stars.

He re-appeared at the barrier of the human world.

He looked into the human world and talked to Zi.

Then, Chu Yu's gaze flashed and just like this, without any avatar, he went through the barrier and entered the human world.

Then, he appeared on earth.

He finally returned to the Floating City.

Nothing happened in the human world because of him!

This was because Zi helped to divert some of Earth's energy to Chu Yu.

In other words, Chu Yu, like Zi, was a god in the human world!

He could use all of the energy here.

He released everyone from the pocket dimension.

When they saw this familiar scene, they were instantly stunned.

Many of them could not help but sob.

No matter how powerful they were, no matter what level they were in, their hometown… was always the most perfect place for them.

In fact, nothing could be better.

No one could take their hometown away from them.
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