Chapter 649: Back to Earth

Chapter 649: Back to Earth
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The Floating City still looked the same as if nothing had changed.

It was still the core region of the human world.

Today, those in charge of the Floating City were Zhao Mantian, Snow Demon Sage, and Song Qing.

Chu Liang and Chu Xi did not take part in its management. They kept a very low profile in the past few years, a bit too low. They would rarely appear for any activity.

The people who lived in the Floating City were mainly from the Chu Clan.

In the Floating City, the Chu Clan was like royalty.

In the entire human world, their prestige was impeccable.

Even though Chu Yu had left, their prestige did not take a blow.

However, recently, there were voices of dissent from within the Floating City.

They felt that the Chu Clan's position was too extraordinary and that they used up too many resources.

This was not true.

When Chu Yu left, the number of resources he provided the Chu Clan with was astronomical!

However, after he had left, people's impression of him started to fade.

This was inevitable.

This was also why Chu Liang and Chu Xi did not want to participate in the management of the city.

They did not want to see this scenario or arouse the jealousy of others. They wanted to keep a low profile as if they had never existed.

However, their efforts were in vain. There were many who sought to undermine them.

When Chu Yu was still around, no one dared to say anything.

However, Chu Yu had already left for quite some time.

Those who were not so close to Chu Yu had entered important departments in the Floating City. This gave them a certain amount of voice and hence, caused them to be slightly disobedient.

They thought that the Chu Clan should no longer reside in the Floating City.

This was because the Floating City was the political center of the human world.

This place was a workplace… and the Chu Clan still resided there like royalty!

Hence, someone proposed a few days ago for the Chu Clan to leave the Floating City.

To this proposal, the Snow Demon Sage kept silent and Zhao Mantian agreed.

However, Song Qing… burst out in rage unexpectedly.

He hit the table.

"What is this? Why must the Chu Clan move? Do you know how did this city come about? This is Chu Yu's personal property! After he leaves, the only rightful inheritor of it is his family!"

"If you don't respect them, you can leave, go where you want! However, how dare you propose this?"

"You, Zhao Mantian, you are Chu Yu's sworn brother. After he left, he handed his family matters to you. Is this your way of helping his family?"

Zhao Mantian had an ugly expression on his face. Right now, he held a high position and in the human world, his word was gold. He was unsatisfied with Song Qing's criticism of him.

He said solemnly, "Elder Song, your words are overboard. We have to differentiate between public and private matters. I'll naturally take care of the Chu Clan. Right now, however, the human world has new rules. We all have to obey these rules and no one can be above the law."

Song Qing chuckled coldly, "Who is above the law? Not a single person from the Chu Clan has come to take part in this meeting, right? Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan also resigned from their posts as elders as they wanted to keep a lower profile!"

"It's also because of their abilities," said one of the elders.

Song Qing looked at Yue Ying.

Yue Ying chuckled with a cold look and said, "Indeed, no matter when, one's interest will always be paramount. It's fine. Since that's the case, I propose that we all move our meeting place away from the Floating City! I feel that Elder Song's words are right. This Floating City belongs to the Chu Clan. No one has the right to move it!"

"However… the Floating City is someone recognized universally by the universe… this is a holy city!" Some of them were unwilling.

Yue Ying glared at the speaker and said, "You still remember that this is a holy city? Do you know how it came about? Was it through your efforts?"

This meeting ended unhappily.

However, Yue Ying and Song Qing understood that with the passage of time, more and more people would join that clan.

The Chu Clan without Chu Yu could not sustain for long.

This was why Chu Liang and Chu Xi cultivated intensely so that at crucial moments, they could stand out and protect this family.

They did not leave with Chu Yu all those years ago for this reason.

Someone needed to look after this big family.

Chu Yu's return startled no one. He stood quietly on top of the Floating City and unleashed his sensory abilities.

No one realized his presence.

He wanted to find out what happened after he had left.

After a while, his face was ugly.

How many years had passed?

From him leaving the Earth until the moment where he entered the Bastion of the Stars.

Until his return.

In Earth, only ten years passed, if he rounded it up.

It had been just ten years… what if 30 years, 50 years, 100 years had passed?

At that time, without a strong figure, would the Chu Clan be trampled over?

By then, under the control of a few 'major personalities', how many people would still remember how was peace on Earth achieved?

He feared that the next time someone remembered the Chu Clan would be during the next big war.

He could not blame anyone, but his heart grew cold.

Fortunately, Song Qing and Yue Ying were firm supporters of his family. Also, Ji Jianjia and his other friends also took care of his family. In this period of time, nothing would happen to the Chu Clan.

However, Zhao Mantian, his sworn brother… actually…

From Zhao Mantian's perspective, Chu Yu brought everything he cared about away.

Hence, there was nothing Chu Yu cared about in the human world.

Hence, suppressing the prestige of the Chu Clan was the natural thing to do.

Furthermore, the leaders of the other ancient sects never had a good relationship with Chu Yu, to begin with.

They submitted because they feared him.

Now that he was gone, why would they submit to the Chu Clan?

It was already magnanimous of them not to betray them!

At this moment, Chu Yu heard about too many things from this meeting.

He even saw some secret documents.

From these documents, Chu Yu noticed that there were people monitoring each and every action of his family.

While they had not done anything to them, this… was already unacceptable.


Chu Yu inhaled and gently roused his brother, Chu Liang, and his sister, Chu Xi.

Chu Liang and Chu Xi were doing closed-door cultivation.

They did not cultivate in the Floating City.

Instead, they did it on Earth.

They hid among ruins where no one would be able to find them.

Chu Xi's level shocked Chu Yu slightly. She was very close to being a Great Sage!

This probably had something to do with all the resources Chu Yu left behind for her. With Chu Xi's talent, this was very difficult.

Chu Liang had just become a Sage. He was slowly stabilizing.

When they heard his voice, they were both shocked. They thought they were dreaming.

They opened their eyes and looked at each other.

Then, Chu Yu appeared in front of them.

"Brother!" Chu Xi stood up immediately and wanted to rush over. However, she stopped and hesitated.

To her surprise, she could not believe what was going on!

Chu Yu had left the world for almost a decade. Why was he back suddenly?

Even if he did come back, how did he find this place so quickly?

Chu Xi felt that she was more probably than not hallucinating.

Chu Liang looked at Chu Yu warily and was prepared to attack him at any moment.

Chu Yu smiled and sat down. He waved his hand and everyone appeared in front of them.

"Dad! Mom!"

Chu Xi and Chu Liang were instantly stunned. They looked at the group of people and Chu Xi shed a tear immediately. Even Chu Liang, who was a 'stable middle-aged man', was also red in the eyes.

"Is this an illusion" Chu Xi mumbled.

"My beloved daughter, I miss you so much!"

Song Yu did not care about all these. She walked over and hugged Chu Xi straightaway.

Nothing was warmer than a mother's touch. This could not be fake.

Chu Xi burst out in tears.

After a while, the two of them finally cleared their heads.

They looked at Chu Yu in shock. They could not believe it.

Primordial Powerful Being…

What rank was that?

More powerful than a Great Sage, more powerful than an Ancestral Realm being, and even comparable to a god from the ancient times… It was at the same level as a god!

Chu Xi smiled coldly, "Good, now that brother is back, let's see how those people will react."

Chu Liang shook his head. He did not want to mention these unhappy things.

Lord Thief and Old Huang were unwilling to take this in like this. After so many years, they were de facto in the Chu Clan.

Now that the Chu Clan was being bullied and treated unfairly, how could they just watch?

Quickly, Lord Thief chuckled coldly and said, "Interesting!"

Xiaoyue bit her lips and had a terrible expression on her face.

She knew that Zhao Mantian was ambitious and she also knew why he did not want to leave with Chu Yu.

However, she did not expect him to be such a traitor.

Had they not returned, the Chu Clan's predicament would have been worse after a few more years.

"I'll look for him!" Xiaoyue said as she turned to leave.

Instantly, she exited the ancient ruins.

Their cultivation as so high and these ancient ruins were not hard to navigate for them.

Chu Yu did not stop Xiaoyue. He allowed her to take care of this matter.

If he appeared, it would be like declaring war.

This time, Chu Yu intended to bring his entire family away.

Since he was about to leave, he did not want to squabble over these petty things.

However, news of Chu Yu's return… almost ripped the Floating City apart.
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