Chapter 650: Powerful Beings in the Human World

Chapter 650: Powerful Beings in the Human World
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Chu Yu was back?

Was this real or fake?

Surely it had to be false news?

Who was so vicious? To spread such false news to scare others?

Had he not left the mortal realm? How could it be so easy for him to return? What was this mortal realm? Was it the city gate?

Practically no one believed that this was real news.

Even those who hoped for Chu Yu to return didn't believe this news.

However, it was soon verified.

This was because the picture of Xiaoyue revealing herself instantly spread across the Cosmic Network.

It was the headline news of every website.

Almost the entire Cosmic Network was propagating this news.

As one of those who left the mortal realm with Chu Yu, Xiaoyue had always been very notable.

Now that she had suddenly appeared, everyone could link her appearance with something.

Chu Yu was back!

Zhao Mantian was holding a cigarette. From the start, he only took one puff after he lit it up. He didn't smoke it since then, and it had already burned down until the stub of it was left.

He pressed the stub on an ashtray before lifting his head. He was furious as he looked at Xiaoyue, gently saying, "Little girl, are you done scolding?"

"What do you mean? Are you still not repentant?" Xiaoyue was furious as she glared at Zhao Mantian. "Do you think what you've done is right?"

"It doesn't matter. Even if you're finding me, he has to be the one doing so. What's the point of saying all these to me?" Zhao Mantian calmly said.

Xiaoyue was stunned and was in disbelief as she looked at Zhao Mantian.

Was he really the indomitable hero from the fox species in her heart then?

Why did he feel so unfamiliar now? He had completely changed!

"Er...he doesn't think it's worth to find me talk about this matter, right?" Zhao Mantian took out another cigarette and flicked his fingers before a fire lit up his cigarette. He took in a deep puff before blowing it out.

His face also turned subtle as smoke covered it.

"Why do you think so?" Xiaoyue was a little hurt as she looked at him.

"See, even you talk to me with such confidence right now. Do you know I really detest this feeling?" Zhao Mantian said.

He looked at Xiaoyue, "I, Zhao Mantian, have always been honest in everything I've done! It's true that those propositions against the Chu Clan were indeed fueled by me, but have you seen who's left in that family? Do you think they are easy to deal with?"

He was a little frustrated, "Especially those from the main family of the Chu Clan, do you know how overboard they've gone? If we don't suppress them, we'll only be the slaves of the Chu Clan!"

He took in a deep puff before saying, "Why should we?"

Xiaoyue looked at him, "It seems like what you're saying is different from what I'm saying?"

"How is it not the same? You are my younger sister, just like my biological younger sister. Even if I hide a lot of things from Chu Yu, I won't hide them from you." Zhao Mantian sighed as he said. "The situation in the mortal realm isn't what it used to be anymore. If Chu Yu returns and never leaves again, we'll always be under his command no matter how unwilling we are!"

"However, if he still leaves, the Chu Clan will still be a barrier to all the rich and powerful families!"

"They are blocking the paths of all the families trying to gain power. Think about it, won't something happen soon?"

"Your argument is fallacious." Xiaoyue looked at Zhao Mantian and revealed a disappointed look on her face. She muttered, "Elder brother, you've changed too much. Have you ever thought what will happen if you protect them? You've never understood that there are some geniuses in this world that can never be chased by others."

"This has nothing to do with me. I only want to live my own life." Zhao Mantian was expressionless as he looked at Xiaoyue. "No matter how outstanding Chu Yu is, I'll never bow down to him."

"Alright, I understand." Xiaoyue nodded her head. She stood up and smiled at Zhai Mantian, "I believe second elder brother won't lower himself to the same level as you. He'll bring all our family members away."

"That's great. Everyone will be happy." Zhao Mantian was still resentful that Chu Yu didn't come to see him.

Even if Chu Yu was a genius, what realm could he break through into in slightly more than ten years?

It was already good enough if he could be a Sage!

However, Zhao Mantian was already a Sage now!

Chu Yu became the savior of the mortal realm because he was lucky, but did this mean that he would always remain the savior of this mortal realm?

Neither Zhao Mantian nor Chu Yu was inferior to each other, and Zhao Mantian was even Chu Yu's elder brother? Why couldn't he come to see him? Did Zhao Mantian have to go and find him on his own? Zhao Mantian was determined not to go!

Xiaoyue looked at Zhao Mantian and laughed. She softly said, "He's giving you face by not coming to see you. Forget it, I've said too much. I'm going now!"

"Wait a minute..." Zhao Mantian stopped Xiaoyue. "What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing. Think about it yourself!" Xiaoyue's body flashed and she disappeared.

Zhao Mantian slightly furrowed his brow and muttered, "Little wretch, is she not going to leave some face for me...oh?"

Suddenly, he stalled for a moment and felt that something was amiss.

Since when was Xiaoyue in such a high realm?

She seemed to avoid all surveillance in the Floating City as she appeared suddenly. There was also no trace of her after she disappeared too.

"Don't tell me...her realm has already surpassed mine? What about Chu Yu?" Zhao Mantian muttered to himself. He couldn't help but twist his lips, "Don't tell me...he's already in the Ancestral Realm?"

News about Chu Yu's return was like a storm!

Before he even revealed himself, he had already turned the entire mortal realm upside down.

Those who came up with the unfavorable propositions to the Chu Clan were all frightened now.

They all lamented the fact that Chu Yu scammed them.

He even scammed them without thinking!

Since you're already gone, why are you back?

Those who did their best to protect the Chu Clan earlier, such as Song Qing and Yue Ying, were delighted at this point.

Chu Yu's name was indeed too powerful!

Just news of his return was enough to shock the entire world into chaos.

The Chu Clan was naturally the most delighted when they found out about this.

In fact, Zhao Mantian's attitude towards the Chu Clan was still a little biased.

Even for the main family of the Chu Clan, they didn't really do anything that was overboard.

Occasionally, there would be some good-for-nothings who would try to act powerful as they rode on the name of the Chu Clan. However, the Chu Clan couldn't be blamed for this.

There wasn't really anyone who committed misdeeds using Chu Yu's name.

Chu Yu's departure made the Chu Clan felt as if they had lost a huge support. Why would they act more arrogant? It was impossible.

Chu Yu didn't make those who missed him wait for too long. When he descended in the Floating City…...

The entire world went silent.

Behind him were Chu Tianbei, Song Yu, Chu Liang, Chu Xi, Lord Thief, Old Huang, Fatty...

All of them revealed themselves one by one.

They seemed like immortals that had descended in the mortal realm.

This scene was simply too astonishing!

Instantly, news of their appearance spread to all corners of the universe.

Zhao Mantian, the Snow Demon Sage, Song Qing, Yue Ying and the rest all came forward to welcome them.

When they saw Chu Tian, all of them were shocked.

"What...realm is he actually in?"

Everyone was guessing right now.

This was because Chu Yu appeared like an ordinary person and there wasn't any aura unleashed from his body.

He wore a slight smile on his face as he stood there. He seemed very friendly right now.

However, everyone was clear that Chu Yu was already a Sage when he left the mortal realm.

How could he not have improved after all these years?

Zhao Mantian was supposed to be the most sensitive towards Chu Yu.

Given that he was also a Sage, his feeling regarding Chu Yu should be the clearest.

However, he wasn't able to sense any undulation coming from Chu Yu's body.

It felt as if he was overrating himself by attempting to sense Chu Yu's cultivation.

There wasn't any result even if he tried his best.

Because of this, Zhao Mantian was in low spirits. He lifted his head to look at the heavens above him. The principles in the heaven and earth were still stable, which made him feel much more balanced.

Since the principles were still stable, it meant that Chu Yu hadn't reached the Ancestral Realm yet.

Otherwise, the heaven and earth wouldn't be able to contain him!

There were those who were delighted and those who were frustrated after seeing him after ten years.

However, Chu Yu didn't have any feelings regarding this.

Initially, he returned because he wanted to leave with Chu Liang, Chu Xi, and maybe Chu Wang.

However, he changed his plans.

He wanted to bring the entire Chu Clan out of this place.

He was now confident enough to support and raise his entire family.

He didn't have to place them anywhere else before his pocket dimension was already sufficient enough!

No one from the Chu Clan rejected Chu Yu's suggestion this time!

Many of those who didn't agree to him in the past had already regretted their decision after he left.

They felt that there wasn't any stability if they followed Chu Yu. It was better that they remained in the mortal realm. At least they could still enjoy being respected. Right now, they realized that they no one respected them without Chu Yu!

In addition, those who followed Chu Yu had all experienced great improvements.

Chu Yu extended his invitation to Song Qing and Yue Ying once again.

They were still hesitating, but Yuwen Xiaoxiao had already charged over, begging Chu Yu to take him along!

When Chu Yu left the last time, his bunch of students wasn't here. This time, they rushed over and wouldn't let this opportunity slip.

Finally, Song Qing and Yue Ying also nodded their heads in agreement.

They were especially disappointed with many of the people over here.

Chu Yu didn't conceal anything, and he extended his invitation openly.

He even extended his invitation to Black Dragon, Qu Ni and Ji Jianjia.

His pocket dimension could no longer be known as a pocket dimension anymore. There was also a vast world inside it!

There was even a sun, a moon and stars inside this world!

Chu Yu even managed to simulate an entire solar system!

The edges of his pocket dimension formed the thick hull of his solar system, and he projected the stars of the outside world onto this hull...

This helped him to recreate an entire solar system.

However, what was more impressive than the solar system he created were the livable places on all the planets in this pocket dimension of his.

There were too little people living in his pocket dimension!

This time, those who were invited by Chu Yu didn't reject his offer.

They included Lin Yue and Lin Rou; a pair of siblings that he knew very early on, Cai Xue; a university classmate who approached him, Shen Xing, Fei Xue and Shen Siyu; a couple and their daughter, Xue Xue and Wang Dong; who were both from Mars, as well as the entire Thief Sect...Club of the Supreme Rulers.

Eventually, even Zhao Mantian, who couldn't wait for Chu Yu to quickly leave, wasn't able to take it anymore.

He rushed over to ask Chu Yu, "Second brother, are you trying to move everyone from this world over?"

Chu Yu laughed, "Elder brother, you are exaggerating things. There are many talents in the mortal realm. I'm only bringing my close family and friends over. Their departure won't affect this world."

Zhao Mantian shook his head, "How can you say so? So many descendants of saints have been poached by you."

Chu Yu thought to himself – isn't this what you wanted?

At this point, Zhao Mantian suddenly looked at Chu Yu and asked, "Second brother, have you blamed me before?"

Chu Yu laughed, "It's normal to have some displeasure, but I don't blame you."

Zhao Mantian nodded his head. He knew that Chu Yu was telling the truth. After this, he asked, "What realm...are you in right now?"

Chu Yu looked at him, "Do you really want to know?"

Zhao Man remained silent for a moment before he laughed, "Congratulations second brother for reaching the Ancestral Realm. You've become a true ancestral being!"

He thought that Chu Yu must have had reached the Ancestral Realm given that he asked such a question.

Chu Yu laughed but didn't say anything.

"Are you not going to return anymore after leaving this time?" Zhao Mantian asked.

"Who knows..." Chu Yu sighed slightly. It was very difficult to tell. He might actually come back another day.

He looked at Zhao Mantian, "Elder brother, I've got to go. There's something I must warn you about."

"Oh?" Zhao Mantian looked at Chu Yu.

"There are Powerful Beings in this world." Chu Yu eventually still warned Zhao Mantian.

The mortal realm belongs to me!

Given Zhao Mantian's ambitions, he might actually get into huge trouble one day.

Whatever it was, they were still brothers.

"Powerful Beings?" Zhao Mantian slightly furrowed his brow. He had never heard of such a realm.

Chu Yu looked at him and said, "They are existences beyond the Ancestral Realm."
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