Chapter 656: Knocking the Immortal Door

Chapter 656: Knocking the Immortal Door
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This huge rooster was in low spirits as he didn't obtain any other recipes apart from chicken recipes from Chu Yu.

It felt as if Chu Yu was targeting it, that Chu Yu was very unfriendly towards chickens!

However, it didn't burst out in anger because Chu Yu had become more powerful!

He was already very terrifying, but he was even more terrifying now.

Furthermore, he wasn't alone. There was a bunch of cultivators with him now.

Everyone looked at him with a weird look in their eyes, which left it very displeased. So what if I like to eat chickens? Is that illegal?

It led Chu Yu and the rest to that immortal door.

That immortal door was surrounded by chaotic gases. As it stood there, it felt as if it had existed for thousands of years.

Chu Yu took big steps as he walked towards the door.

The rooster shouted behind him, "Hey, are you really going to knock on that immortal door?"

Chu Yu turned around and said, "Why not?"

"It's dangerous." The rooster replied.

Chu Yu laughed and turned around before he walked towards the door again.

The rooster muttered softly, "People can die..."

It subconsciously retreated back.

There were people who had knocked on that immortal door before, but all of them suffered from bad endings.

One couldn't be too over-confident!

The rooster was a little sympathetic as it looked at Chu Yu's back figure. This person isn't that bad. Even though he doesn't have any other recipes, he still gave me many chicken recipes. He's a good guy. It's a pity that he's going to die soon.

The sense of suppression became even stronger when they came to the immortal door.

This sense of suppression came from two door flaps. There wasn't any terrifying thing behind these two door flaps.

There are only two door flaps...but it's so already so oppressive?

Chu Yu suddenly released a strong aura from his body.

His body didn't experience any changes, but this aura became much stronger instantly!

The suppression that came from the immortal door suddenly disappeared!

It was like a dog that had been scared off. It grabbed onto its tail as it fled.

Chu Yu wasn't the only one had this feeling. The cultivators behind him all could feel it too!

This included the rooster who had already retreated far away.

It was shocked as it looked at this scene. It muttered, "This fellow…is astonishing!"

Chu Yu lifted his head and knocked on the immortal door.




Three loud, depressing sounds seemed to come from eternity.

They reverberated across the entire Bastion of the Stars.

Many people were astonished as they lifted their heads up to look at the sky. They didn't know what had happened.

Only a few living creatures appeared very serious.

A few Powerful Beings exited from their closed-door retreats. They shot out mysterious lights from their eyes and peered towards the core region of the Bastion of the Stars.

"Did someone knock the immortal door?"

"Nothing like this happened for years."

"Reckless. This person is courting death." Someone snorted before mocking.

However, all these Powerful Beings crossed the Daoist border and proceeded towards the core region immediately.

Whether the person who knocked the immortal door was courting death or whether he was being reckless, they had to see the spectacle now that the immortal door was knocked.

What if he succeeded?

Perhaps they could exploit this opportunity to enter the immortal realm?

Even though not many of them carried such a hope, they all still had this thought in their mind – what if he succeeded?

After Chu Yu knocked the immortal door three times, he waited quietly.

There wasn't any movement from the immortal door, but an uproar could be heard behind Chu Yu.

There were Powerful Beings that started to appear.

There were even those who fought with the living creature on the third mountain.

"I have been guarding this place since forever. What do all of you take this place as? Do you think you can come and go as you wish?"

This living creature on the third mountain unleashed his dominant aura even though he didn't reveal himself. He was completely different from when he faced Chu Yu earlier.

While many Powerful Beings rushed over, they didn't dare to directly cross this third mountain.

"Comrade, why do you have act in such a manner? This isn't any ordinary opening of the immortal door. We just want to join in the spectacle." A Powerful Being wore a grim look on his face and said in displeasure.

Powerful Beings were almost not afraid of one another.

At such a level, they knew too many secrets about the living realm.

However, not everyone chose to fight.

To some Powerful Beings, they were already contented to be a powerful living spirit!

As for things outside of this huge universe, they weren't very concerned and weren't willing to participate.

While the Sword Scholar and Chu Yu said that this was the responsibility and duty of every Powerful Being, there were many living creatures that didn't play by the rules.

They wouldn't feel the pain unless their enemies came knocking on their doors.

Just like now, they were only slightly more interested when someone knocked the immortal door.

Comparatively, entering the immortal realm tempted them more than going outside to resist the enemies.

Naturally, they didn't want to knock on the immortal doors themselves. If they riled that two Sovereigns in the immortal realm, they were doomed.

Now that someone took the initiative to knock the immortal door, they were contented just to follow behind.

After the Powerful Being on the third mountain forced another Powerful Being that tried to trespass back, he stopped.

This was because the words of the Powerful Being that reasoned with him were logical. This wasn't a normal opening of the immortal door; someone knocked on it!

Finally, the Powerful Beings on the second and third mountains didn't continue to intercept them.

They let all the Powerful Beings cross.

However, they weren't that nice to the cultivators in the Ancestral Realm that tried to exploit this opportunity.

These cultivators were blocked by an aura.

"All of you won't be able to pass." The Powerful Being on the third mountain sounded very cold.

This bunch of cultivators were helpless and could only watch from the third mountain.

However, they couldn't see anything.

While all the Powerful Beings crossed the second and third mountains, they were still stopped at the first mountain.

They couldn't see past the formation that the heavenly doctor set up.

At this point, a Powerful Being couldn't help it anymore and tried to break this formation.

However, he didn't expect this formation to be quite terrifying in terms of its backlash!

That Powerful Being who tried to overcome the formation was in fact quite skilled in terms of formations. However, he suffered a terrifying backlash the moment he made his move.

A streak of light was unleashed from that formation and struck him.

The body of this Powerful Being was penetrated, and fresh blood started to flow.

Every drop of his blood was considered a piece of treasure!

It contained the essence of Heaven and Earth that he had accumulated for a long time!

However, a large amount of it flowed out from his body at this moment.

This Powerful Being pressed on his word and was horrified as he retreated.

More than ten Powerful Beings were intercepted over here.

They couldn't help but roar furiously. They were indignant.

At this moment, the huge rooster appeared at the peak of the first mountain. He wore a cold look in his eyes and said, "Why don't all of you retreat? What's the point of coming here?"

"Comrade, aren't you too overboard? If we team up together to break this formation, do you really think you can stop us?" A Powerful Being said coldly.

The rooster laughed, "Just with the few of you? Team up to break this formation? Come on then!"

This bunch of Powerful Beings practically all came from other planes of the mortal realm. They were also living creatures that attained the Dao after the prehistoric era.

They didn't have any friendship with one another, and there were even a few of them who were enemies with each other.

Given the failure of the earlier Powerful Being, how would any of them dare to make a move easily?

Indeed, all of them kept silent after they were mocked by the rooster.

After a brief moment, a Powerful Being said, "Someone is knocking on the immortal door. Can't we just go and take a look?"

The rooster laughed coldly, "For what? What's there to look? There's nothing to see. Are of all you trying to exploit this opportunity? Forget it, kill that thought. Go back and do what all of you were supposed to do! All of you don't dare to fight enemies on the outside, but always arrive first when there's some kind of benefit to be reaped."

"Comrade, why do you have to act in this way? Give some leeway in case we meet again!" Someone said.

The rooster rolled his eyes, "Stop talking crap with me. Either you try to break this formation, or you scram!"

The rooster was hard-headed and wasn't willing to negotiate with these Powerful Beings.

These Powerful Beings instantly turned livid.

However, the formation was indeed too terrifying!

They didn't dare to recklessly try.

At this moment, someone among these Powerful Beings laughed coldly, "The person who's knocking on the immortal door is likely to fail. Forget it, let's just wait here for him to fail!"

"That's right, those who have knocked on the immortal door have had no good endings."

"It's always futile."

In fact, this was what the rooster thought. However, it was unhappy hearing how they were pouring cold water on Chu Yu. It mocked them, "At least he's better than you people who don't even dare to knock the immortal door!

"You are only a chicken. Do you really think we won't dare to kill you?" A Powerful Being looked at it coldly, "We might not be able to break the formation, but we're still able to kill you!"

"Screw you!" The rooster was instantly infuriated, but it still left the peak of the mountain with a wary look on its face.

There was no need for him to bother with this bunch of unreasonable people!

These Powerful Beings felt as if they were on the verge of vomiting blood.

Especially the one who tried to break the formation earlier. His injuries were quite critical, and he appeared extremely dismal. He developed a deep hatred for the master of the first mountain.

However, it was a pity that no one dared to try breaking the formation anymore.

They could only wait for news of failure.

When that happened, they would be relieved.

They weren't worried that they didn't benefit from anything, but worried that they were missing out.

This was the same everywhere.



Chu Yu stood in front of the immortal door and silently wait.

There wasn't any movement from the immortal door.

But he wasn't anxious either.

Just like this, he waited for a few hours.

After this, he knocked the immortal door again.




Another three sounds were heard.

Following this, it was another long period of wait again.

A few hours passed but nothing happened.

Chu Yu lifted his hand and knocked the door for the third time.

It was another three sounds.

Three days passed.

Chu Yu had already knocked the immortal door nine times.

Every knock produced three sounds, thus a total of twenty-seven sounds were already heard.

The dreary sounds reverberated across the entire Bastion of the Stars.

The Bastion of the Stars turned unprecedentedly quiet.

The fights that ensued in the bloody battlefields also stopped.

All the living creatures in the Bastion of the Stars were all waiting.

Those Powerful Beings who were blocked at the first mountain all heaved a sigh of relief after Chu Yu knocked the immortal door for the ninth time and nothing happened.

They also revealed relaxed smiles on their faces.

"The immortal realm is ignoring his knocks. Hehe, he's in luck!"

"Yes, if they really open the door, he might really be directly killed!"

"That's right, he's lucky that the immortal door isn't opening..."

At this moment, a shocking boom suddenly resonated from the immortal door behind the first mountain.

This tremendous boom interrupted their conversation and caused all the living creatures in the Bastion of the Stars to be astonished.

"This was..." The expression of a Powerful Being changed and he lost his voice, "Is he trying to barge in?"

"He's crazy!" Another Powerful Being shouted.

Someone laughed coldly, "He's tired of living!"

The tremendous boom that they heard was too astonishing!

Everyone was frightened.

At the immortal door.

Chu Yu launched a heavy attack on the immortal door.

The huge immortal door suddenly shook tremendously.

Following this, Chu Yu was expressionless as he attacked the door again!

All the grandmasters behind him were all shocked.

They even felt very uncomfortable!


Their sect leader indeed had quite a temper!
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